LSPI Cylinder Pressure

Video: How Lugging Will Destroy Your Engine

Every human behind the wheel of a vehicle propelled by an internal combustion engine has experienced some form of engine lugging at one time or another.Read More

Project 428 Ponyjet Dyno

Quick Lift – What It Is And How It Works With Crane Cams

We spoke with Allan Bechtloff of Crane Cams to get a quick history on their "Quick-Lift" Gold Race series rocker arms and how it was discovered.Read More


Clearing Up Mod Motor Misconceptions With John Mihovetz

John Mihovetz's racing portfolio makes him the ideal candidate to rifle through the common misconceptions that surround the coveted mod motor platform.Read More

DOHC Engine Phaser

Spooling Up – Tuning DOHC Variable Valve Timing For Boost

Variable valve timing and its relationship to turbo performance is generally misunderstood. We cover VVT's key effects and the benefits on a turbo engine, using Mitsubishi's MIVEC Turbo 4B11T engine as an example.Read More

CS1160 Front

TECH5: Insight Into Timing Gear Sets With Nornda

This week we had the opportunity to sit down with Marty Staggs, the U.S. representative of Norada. Today's topic is the focused on timing components and different ways to dial in your timing.Read More


Polopolus Engines – Deconstructing The Flat Six

Dean Polopolus has been transforming the overhead-cam design of the classic Porsche 911 flat-six into a four-cylinder package for decades. These exotic engines require special engineering, and power some mean cars. Read More

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Compounding Boost In A Hayabusa Land Speed Engine

Building a land speed motorcycle is a scary prospect at any speed, add compound turbochargers and over 560 horsepower and you have a Hayabusa monster.Read More


The 427ci Big-Block: Comparing L88, ZL1, ZZ427 Engines

The 427 cubic-inch big-block has been an icon of Chevrolet power since 1967. We take a closer look at its history, and compare the L88, ZL1, and the modern day ZZ427. Check out part one of three right here!Read More


Video: Pushing A 540 ci BBC To Its Limit With Steve Morris Engines

This BBC build was for a long time customer of Steve Morris who got accustomed to the power and was looking tighten his harnesses some more.Read More


Pump Gas Pontiac Pushes 2 Hp Per Inch!

This DCI Automotive Pontiac 455 makes nearly 2 horsepower per cubic inch, naturally aspirated on pump gas. With some more tweaking we hope for even more!Read More

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TECH5: Cometic Offers Gasket Tips & Tricks

Preventing leaks is always a concern for engine builders. Cometic's Kevyn Kistner sheds light on MLS gaskets and other sealing issues in this TECH5 report.Read More

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King Engine Bearings’ High-Tech Approach To Bearing Design

The Israel based engineering team at King Engine Bearings has a unique and high-tech approach to how they begin the development of their engine bearings.Read More

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Improving Cylinder Head Flow With SuperFlow

Getting the best flow characteristics out of cylinder heads takes know-how. With the P-D valve from RTS Tooling SuperFlow helps us take out the guesswork.Read More


Performance Exhaust System Design And Theory

Exhaust system design is more complicated than running a few tubes. Look into the fluid dynamics involved in generating scavenging and avoiding restriction. Read More


Superchargers In The Desert – LT4 Trophy Truck At Danzio Performance

Danzio Performance is a key player in the desert racing engine world. Building engines for everything from Trophy Trucks to limited buggies they always have something interesting in the shop. Read More


Armstrong Race Engineering Casts New Customizable Dry Sump Oil Tanks

Get the details on Armstrong Race Engineering's new cast aluminum dry sump oil tanks. We cover all the features including ports and height options with some input from ARE's Gary Armstrong. Pics and details here!Read More


Hemi For The Water: Amphibious Motorsports

Building a Hemi for a Lucas Oil Drag Boat series Pro-Mod is a serious task. We had a look into the evolution of one teams powerplant program.Read More


Developing Porsche’s Greatest F1 Engine

In the mid-'80s, Porsche and McLaren partnered to produce an F1 car powered by a compact, 1.5-liter turbo V6 that led to three drivers' titles and 25 wins with a mix of power, economy and reliability on its side.Read More


Video: The Secret to Mercedes’ F1 Dominance

By changing the location of the turbo, the Mercedes W05 F1 benefited from lower engine temperatures and several related performance gains that made it a star.Read More

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