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Video: DeltaHawk Engines Bringing a New Diesel for Aviation!

DeltaHawk Engines diesel V4 is a new certified option for the general aviation community. Ranging from 160-200 hp, these engines will be quite versatile. Read More


Scat Crankshafts Offers SCAT PACK Modern Muscle Rotating Assemblies

The new SCAT PACK engine kits from Scat Enterprises provide one-stop-shopping for Hemi, LSX, and Ford 4.6/5.0L racers to upgrade their engine's internals. They offer forged crankshafts, rods, and pistons in one box. Read More


Want To Help Direct The Future Of EngineLabs? Survey Here!

Each year, EngineLabs polls its readers to determine the important topics that for the articles we produce. There's a survey here--come in and fill it out! Read More


Dan Gurney Patents Engine w/ Counter-rotating Cranks

Dan Gurney just received a patent for a 'moment-canceling' 4-stroke engine that is designed around counter-rotating crankshafts. Here are some of the details. Read More


CNC Motorsports Launches Steel Balancer Spacer For FE Engines

CNC-Motorsports delivers high quality performance parts for performance enthusiasts. The company has just released new Ford FE Balancer Spacer for internal balance crankshaft, featuring billet steel construction. Read More

Video: Hypnotizing 106 Year Old 10 Horsepower Blackstone Oil Engine

The internal combustion engine has proven more efficient than many other forms of motive power. Check out this ancient 106 year old oil engine in operation. Read More


Video: Wild GE GEnx-1B 3D-Printed B787 Electric Jet Engine

The 3D printing process is taken to the extreme in this video--how about a 787 jet engine, built entirely from plastic? And it works with an electric motor. This is state-of-the-art stuff right here. Check it out! Read More


Videos: Moroso Explains Oil Pan Selection

A little confused on all the options in design, construction and materials for today's performance oil pans? Check out these videos from Moroso and get all the tech information you need to find the right oil pan. Read More

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TECH QUICKIE: What is a ‘3/4 Race’ Camshaft?

The term "3/4 race" camshaft was introduced in the '50s and is a forerunner to today's multitude of street-performance grinds. Learn more about this iconic expression. Read More

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New Aluminum Alloy Material For Diesel Pistons From Federal Mogul

Federal Mogul has developed a new alloy--called DuraForm G91--that's lighter and stronger than other materials on the market. More information is inside. Read More


TIKT Performance Uses ERL’s Superdeck System To Win European Event

ERL Performance's Superdeck LS engine block makes use of a wide range of internal and external modifications to provide race-winning performance. More here! Read More

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Honda HR35TT Twin-Turbo V6 engine

Honda Adapting Daytona Prototype Twin-turbo V6 To Off Road Racing

Honda is returning to the dirt by adapting the HPD-developed 3.5-liter twin-turbo engine to an off-road chassis. Few details are available, but it could involve the next generation Ridgeline. Read More


Heatshield Products Introduces Header And Exhaust Wraps

Heatshield Products adds new Header and Exhaust Wraps to its current available line-up. Available in eight design options, all include wrap kits in different lengths to suit a wide variety of applications. Read More

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Warren Johnson Selling Historic Carbs; Also Talks EFI in Pro Stock

Pro Stock legend Warren Johnson says he plans to sell off his extensive carburetor collection as he transitions to EFI. There's a lot of history in those carbs, and we've got details. Read More

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Video: ‘Ferrari’ of Rocket Engines Pumps Out 12 Million Horsepower

Helping send man to Mars will be four RS-25 rocket engines, each capable of delivering 512,000 pounds of thrust, or about 12 million horsepower. More details inside. Read More

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Ilmor 396 Sweeping ARCA Series So Far This Year

The Ilmor 396 is optional for the first time this year in the ARCA series, and so far has won 13 of 13 races. See what racers have to say about this spec engine. Read More


Video: Arrington & Holley Tune Up 2015 Hellcat Engine To 773 HP

The Dodge Hellcat's Hemi is the most powerful engine in the company's arsenal. Holley and Arrington have figured out the details to using standalone engine tuning, and in the process pump out big power on the dyno. Read More


Is An Electric Turbo Coming Soon?

Do you think that an electric turbo can benefit you? They might not be quite ready for prime time, but step inside and take a look at the technology of the future that is coming to a car near you. Read More

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VP Racing Fuels Is Expanding Into Retail Gasoline Locations

VP Racing Fuels was recently touted by Convenience Store Magazine as a "Chain to watch"--the company has plans to continue expanding the VP brand globally. Read More

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Engine Theft Suspect Ronnie Dale Pollard Arrested In Tulsa

Tulsa Sheriff's deputies just arrested Ronnie Dale Pollard, Jr., who is wanted in connection with the theft of nearly $500,000 worth of race engines and parts in North Carolina. This story is developing. Read More