Video: Steve Morris Tunes Up Wild Bill’s 2,500+HP SBF On The Dyno

Wild Bill Devine is poised to make his racing return with a new twin-turbocharged bullet from Steve Morris Engines. The engine is currently in development at SME, where Morris is developing a new camshaft and more. Read More


Audi e-diesel Fuel Made From Water And Air In Limited Production

A synthetic diesel fuel made from water and carbon dioxide called Audi e-diesel is now in production in a pilot plant in Germany. Learn more about this unique fuel that allow is produced using only renewable energy. Read More


Celebrate 4/26 Hemi Day With Record-setting Monster Truck Engine

It's 4/26 or National Hemi Day, so EngineLabs looks inside one of the year's record-setting elephant motors: a 565ci beast that powers the worlds fastest monster truck! Read More


Driven Racing Oil Discusses Proper Oil Selection For Your Engine

Discussion of proper oil application in an engine, whether it's for a street car or race car, is usually enough to start a war even between family members. Driven Racing Oil explains what's important to know. Read More


Danzio Performance Baselines Gen V LT1 Crate Engine, And Wow!

GM rates the Gen V LT1 crate engine at 460 horsepower. Want to know what it can really make right out of the box on pump gas with just a high-end ECU and headers? Check out this revealing story! Read More


Engine Pro Launches New Line of Performance Roller Valve Lifters

Engine Pro has released a new line of American made performance roller valve lifters that are built to last in the most demanding applications. Check them out here! Read More


Military May Adapt Unique LiquidPiston Rotary Engine On JP-8 Fuel

LiquidPiston is working with a million dollars to prove to the military that its unique and very small rotary engine will run on jet fuel. We've got the details inside! Read More


Acura Details Twin-turbo V6 Powertrain Design On Upcoming 2016 NSX

Acura released more information on the upcoming 2016 flagship NSX vehicle today, including some of the engine specifications and how the hybrid drive system works. Check it out inside! Read More


Mark Luton’s Twin-turbo Outlaw Car Cooled With Davies Craig Pump

It may be compact but the Davies Craig EBP25 electric water pump keeps the twin-turbo 351ci Mod motor in Mark Luton's Outlaw car cool just by passing water through the cylinder heads. Check out the details here. Read More


Proposed Restriction Would Make It Illegal To Modify Your Own Car

A lobbying group that's working on behalf of some of the biggest names in the auto industry wants to remove the ability for you to access your car's ECU, saying that such access "leads to disastrous consequences". Read More


Video: Time Lapse Kohler XKE Go-Kart Engine Teardown And Rebuild

Who remembers the go-karts from their youth? This guy certainly does, as it appears he never grew up. Or maybe the kart is built for his son. Either way, check out the time-lapse engine build here! Read More

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Scat Crankshafts Releases 2015 Catalog Full Of Common And Rare Apps

Scat Crankshafts recently released their new 78-page 2015 catalog. It's full of engine parts that will support mild to wild builds. Check out the details inside. Read More


VP Racing Fuels Introduces New “CHP+” Race Fuel

Providing more power and versatility for the oval track racer, VP Racing Fuels introduces CHP+. Designed for naturally aspirated motors, CHP+ provides significant gains in both horsepower and torque. Check it out! Read More


COMP Cams Offers Telephone Tech Support Even On Saturdays!

How many times have you been working away on your musclecar, sports car, hot rod, race car, or truck on a Saturday and needed some quick advice from an expert? There is help just a phone call away! Read More


Video: 638-cube Big-Block Ford Hammers 1,100hp On The Dyno

A three year engine build for Kenny Thomas culminated in the wicked Boss Nine-headed bullet you can hear on the Terry Walters Precision Engines dyno - if you come in and check it out! Read More


Photo Gallery: 125 Hot Engines From Knott’s Berry Fabulous Ford Show

Whether you're looking for detailing ideas or engine-swap possibilities, check out this huge 125-pic engine gallery from the Fabulous Fords Forever Show at Knott's Berry Farm. Read More

Comp Cams Conical Springs

Comp Cams Launches New Conical Valve Springs

Comp Cams launched their new Conical Valve Springs with a decreasing diameter shape that increases RPM limit and allows for a more aggressive camshaft, among other performance benefits. Check it out! Read More


ARP Expands Stainless Steel “Bulk” Fastener Lineup

ARP is now proud to offer "bulk" fasteners in handy 5-packs for those applications where custom components are needed. Check them out here! Read More


Flathead Rebuild Will Power Classic Graduation Present

Follow along the rebuild of an early '50s Ford Flathead that will eventually find a home under the hood of an F-100 pickup and surprise some lucky high school graduate. Check out the details. Read More


Video: Awe-Inspiring Lane And Bodley Corliss Scale Steam Engine

In a nod to days gone by, this scale version of a Lane and Bodley Corliss steam engine showcases meticulous craftsmanship and smooth operation. The engine in operation is fascinating - check it out! Read More