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EFR Series: BorgWarner’s Latest in Turbo Technology

When one of the world’s largest turbocharger manufacturers decides to start with a clean sheet and design a turbocharger for the aftermarket; you end up with one of the most dynamic turbocharger offers available. Read More

How It’s Made: Lunati Crankshafts

The crankshaft is the centerpiece of any high-performance engine build. Learn what sets a true performance crank apart from factory components. Read More


GM Adds More Boost To Cadillac’s 2.0-liter 4-cylinder

GM bumped up the torque significantly on the 2.0-liter turbo-4 in the 2015 Cadillac ATS by recalibrating the ECU. We've got all the numbers! Read More


Check Out Canton Racing’s New Billet Spin-On Oil Filter Design

Want to inspect your oil at the track, or after a hard night at the local cruise? Check out this serviceable billet oil filter from Canton Racing Products! We put one on BlownZ and it's the bee's knees. Read More


Video: 442-Cube Small-block Chevy Built For Ski Boat Racing

The engines required to power a boat to the big speeds required for endurance ski boat racing while maintaining some semblance of durability are state-of-the-art. Kanaris Engines shows off this 442-cube monster. Read More


SRT Engineer Explains How Hellcat Hemi Pulls 707 Horsepower

Just how did the Challenger SRT squeeze 707 horsepower out of a 6.2-liter Hemi engine? We asked that very question to the car's chief engineer, Gregg Black. Check out his answers! Read More


Video: Measuring Piston Rings With MAHLE Motorsports

Check out this quick tech video with Bill McKnight of MAHLE Motorsports on how to measure the critical dimensions of your piston rings when it's time for replacement. Read More

Trans Dapt Unlocks Reliability and Power From Your Carbureted Engine - Plastic Phenolic Spacers (1)

Trans Dapt’s Swirl-Torque Carburetor Spacers Unlock Power

Keep your fuel cool with these Swirl-Torque carburetor spacers from Trans Dapt. They not only isolate your carburetor from the hot intake manifold, but also add to low-end torque and performance. Read More

Edlebrock Top It Off Thumb

Fuel Up With Edelbrock’s “Top It Off” Carburetor Promo

Edelbrock is running a promotion until the end of October, 2014 on Performer and Thunder AVS carburetors. Buy one and get some induction accessories and a t-shirt for free! Read More


DeatschWerks’ New EV14 1200cc DV2 Fuel Injectors

Wouldn't it be nice to have flow-matched fuel injectors that are tested throughout their dynamic range? Now you can, using these new DV2 injectors from DeatschWerks. Read More


Koul Tools Simplifies Installation of Hose Fittings

Plumbing a performance vehicle can be a serious pain in the fingertips. Thanks to the guys at Koul Tools you can say goodbye to the band-aids! Read More

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Crane Cams Offers High-End Hydraulic Roller Camshafts

Raise your hand if you want improved valvetrain reliability and performance for your older engine! If yours is up, It's time to check out the Crane Cams hydraulic roller camshaft lineup at Summit Racing. Read More


Tech: Inside Peterson Fluid Systems’ Remote Primer And Filter Mount

In addition to an in-depth look at Peterson Fluid Systems' Remote Filter Mount and Primer unit, we discuss all of the advantages of priming your engine before start-up, whether it's a street car or a race car. Read More


Carb’d Coyote Engine Project Goes Fuel Injected With AEM Infinity

We're blazing a path down new roads with our naturally-aspirated Coyote engine, and that means we get to test it at CPR Engine's dyno with AEM's Infinity engine management system as we look to break 600 hp NA. Read More


Video: SS/AAA Cobra Jet Engine On Dyno

Accufab Racing built this bad-nasty Ford Cobra Jet engine for a customer - check out the sights and sounds of it on the dyno! Read More


Quick Chat With Nitrous Fanatic Joe Lepone Jr.

Joe Lepone Jr. will squeeze almost 10 pounds of nitrous oxide through his big Pat Musi mountain motor on a single run. Learn more about this Pro Mod racer's love of the spray! Read More


Homegrown Horsepower: Craig And Rebecca Sperry’s 600-Horse Big Block

The family that plays together stays together; Craig and Rebecca Sperry built this sweet big-block Chevrolet engine for Rebecca's Sanger V-Drive Mini Day Cruiser. Well over 600 horsepower from this garage build! Read More


Design Engineering Introduces Silicone Protect-A-Wire Kit

If you keep burning up spark plug wires, then this Protect-A-Wire kit from Design Engineering is for you. The silicone-coated fiberglass sleeve kit covers eight wires and is resistant to punctures and abrasions. Read More


Lunati Explains Camshaft Profile Terms

Ever scratch your head wondering what all those camshaft terms mean? Lunati makes it easy to understand with a dedicated guide now available to view on their website. Read More


Ford Racing Now Shipping Upgraded Coyote Cylinder Block

A new, stronger cylinder block for 5.0-liter Coyote applications is now available from Ford Racing. Check out all the details here! Read More