Videos: Powerhouse Engines Saves Hemi Six Engine From Scrap Heap

The guys at Powerhouse Engines bring this Hemi Six engine back to life in this two-part article. The engine suffered from a crushed cylinder, but they worked their magic to turn it into a useful powerplant. Read More


Tech: Boost And Vacuum – Finding Hidden Horsepower

Got a supercharged or turbocharged racecar and need a performance advantage? Look no further than improving your engine's crankcase with a vacuum control system. Read More


Report: Renault Studying Production of 2-stroke, 2-cylinder Diesel

With the potential of lower costs and appealing to emerging markets, Renault is studying ways to produce a version of its 2-stroke, 2-cylinder concept diesel engine. What do you think of 2-stroke oil burners? Read More

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Homegrown Horsepower: Doug Roope’s Purpose-built Diesel Killer

In this week's edition of Homegrown Horsepower, Doug Roope shares his stroked-and-poked big-block Ford engine - and the interesting story behind its creation - with us. He's out to quiet the diesel boys down. Read More


MSD Expands Support Of Street Fire Late Model Coil Packs

Got a V8 you want taken to the next level? You're in luck. MSD has just expanded its Street Fire coils for late model eight-cylinder motors from any of the Big Three. Check 'em out! Read More


Video: Beautiful Ford SOHC Engine Rumbles on Ed Pink’s Dyno

The Ford SOHC engine in this award-winning Fairlane from Pure Vision is a visual stunner, but wait until you hear it run on the dyno at Ed Pink Racing Engines! Read More


Video Animation Shows Nissan Cummins 2-stage Turbo Operation

Want to learn more about the 2-stage turbocharger that will be on the new 5.0-liter Cummins diesel in the next-generation Nissan Titan pickup? Check out this story and animation video! Read More


An Inside Look At ROUSH/Ford Racing’s 2015 Mustang TVS Supercharger

The 2015 Mustang's debut has Ford Racing Performance Parts and Roush Performance teaming up to offer a TVS supercharger system for the car. We have inside information on its development. Read More


Video: Prestige Motorsports Builds Sweet 8-Stack Injected SBF Engine

Prestige Motorsports set up this sweet stroked and injected small-block Ford with a Borla 8-Stack induction system. Solid horsepower and lots of custom touches on this bad boy. Dyno video ahead! Read More


Valvetrain Tech: Lash Is Much More Than Just A Little Gap

While setting valve lash may seem like a tedious chore, that little gap between the rocker and valve tip plays a critical role in engine durability, performance and design. Learn more in this deep-dive tech article. Read More


Hall of Famer Butch Leal Talks About Engines

Butch Leal is going into the International Drag Racing Hall of Fame. EngineLabs had a few questions for him about his days running Super Stock and Pro Stock. Check out this chat! Read More

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Videos: Tin Indian Performance-Built 690 HP Pump Gas 535 Cube Poncho

The team at Tin Indian Performance screwed together this 535 cubic inch, near 700-horsepower pump gas Pontiac engine for an Australian customer. Come on in and check out the videos of it on the dyno! Read More


Race & Performance Expo Returns To St. Charles, Ill. Feb 14-15

The annual Race & Performance Expo is headed back to St. Charlies, Illinois for its eighth rendition the weekend of February 14th and 15th at the sprawling Pheasant Run Resort Read More


Video: Look Inside The Hendrick Motorsports Engine Builder Showdown

The 13th Annual Hendrick Motorsports Randy Dorton Engine Builder Challenge winners are Elmer Javier and Van Nguyen. They assembled a 358 CID race engine in under 22 minutes. Inside video of the action is here! Read More


Fragola Performance Systems’ Male EFI Adaptors

These male EFI Adaptors from Fragola Performance are here to suit your LS1 for use with AN style hose ends, and they're available now for purchase. 6061 aluminum, black finish, multiple sizes–what's not to like? Read More


Video: Inside GM’s Tonawanda Plant To Build The 650-Horse LT4 Engine

Check out this sweet behind-the-scenes look at GM's Tonawanda engine plant, where the Corvette's LT4 engine is machined and assembled. The video takes us through the entire machining and assembly process. Read More

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Video: Billy Briggs Turns Out Insane Naturally Aspirated LSX

Building nearly 1,000 naturally-aspirated horsepower from a small-block LS engine is no easy feat, but Billy Briggs has the science down pat. Check out this monster inside! Read More


Holley Offers Carbon Black Ceramic Coating On Intake Manifolds

Tired of the same old manifold? Holley is pleased to announce that its new Carbon Black coating is now available for certain intakes, and it's as good as yours with a phone call or online order. Check it out! Read More


2JZ-Equipped Chrysler Conquest Pumps 1,035 WHP, Wins Dyno Wars III

Fonse Performance/K&S Race Cars' Dyno Wars III - Business Never Personal is complete, with Matthew Ayres' sweet turbocharged, 2JZ-powered Dodge Conquest taking the top spot. All of the details are inside! Read More


Video: Quarter Mile Performance Builds 550 HP Pump Gas SBF

Check out this sweet pump-gas small block Ford cranking out 550+hp on the QMP Racing dyno. It's destined to find a home in a 1963.5 Falcon Sprint. Nothing like stacks! Read More