Homegrown Horsepower: 4-hole Pontiac Mill Is Half An Eight

Vincent Farquhar's garage built four-cylinder Pontiac engine for his '63 Tempest. The 195 cubic engine is half of the 389 V-8 and features a four barrel carb. Check out the unique look of this 195 cubic inch relic! Read More


Vintage V8s Headline Amsoil Engine Masters Challenge Today

Three Ford Y-blocks, a Packard and a pair of Mopar 318 Polys hit the dyno today as the Amsoil Engine Masters Challenge enters Day Four. It should be interesting. Check out the earlier results inside! Read More

Design Engineering Jeep

Design Engineering New Thermal Jeep Fuel Rain and Injector Cover Kit

Design Engineering has just released a thermal Jeep Fuel Rain and Injector kit that protects certain Wranglers and Cherokee models from heat related fuel system problems. Check it out! Read More


611 Cubes Of Big-block Ford Fury From Straub Technologies

Pulling truck engines require development in different areas from a traditional drag race build. Scott Foxwell of Straub Technologies explains the thought process behind this 611-cube big-block Ford. Read More

DSC_0992 (Custom)

The Head To Toe Billet LS Next2 Engine Build With Late Model Engines

The latest and greatest in LS race engine development is on full display in this in-depth article on the state-of-the-art Dart LS Next2 billet engine block buildup. Come on in for the full details! Read More


Dart Machinery Expanding; New 82,000 Sq. Ft. Facility Purchased

Dart Machinery's just-purchased, 82,000-square-foot facility will allow them to consolidate operations under one roof. President Richard Maskin explains what this means to the company. Read More


“New” 405 Horsepower ZZ6 Small-Block Chevy V8

The small-block Chevy has been a staple of hot rods and project cars for nearly five decades, and GM is now offering its most powerful iteration yet. Check out the all-new 350 cubic-inch small-block! Read More


SCE Builds Custom Head Gaskets For 1949 V-12 Seagrave Pumper Truck

Outfitting a V-12 flathead engine with new head gaskets isn't as simple as it sounds. Check out how the guys at SCE Gaskets made it happen inside. Read More


Video: SAM Engine Masters Challenge Chrysler Poly 402ci On The Dyno!

The School of Automotive Machinists has built a Chrysler Poly-head V8 for the Vintage class in the Engine Masters Challenge. We've got more details from SAM instructor Jud Massingil. Listen to it spin up the dyno! Read More

boxer engine 1200 x 564 proper ratio

Understanding The Basic Theory Behind Subaru’s Stout Boxer Engines

Subaru has been designing flat, Boxer engines since the 1960s. Check out the theory behind Boxer engines, their benefits, tuning advantages, and why Subaru continues to evolve these reliable hard-hitting engines. Read More


Video: CNC-Motorsports Builds ProCharged BBC And Crushes The Dyno

Big power available on the dyno from this blow-through ProCharged big-block Chevrolet engine built by CNC-Motorsports. Check inside to find out the details. Read More

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Joe Gibbs Driven Oil - HR

Performance Engine Oil: Knowing the Evolving API Regulations

Choosing the correct high performance engine oil and deciphering API regulations that are constantly changing to meet EPA requirements is key to selecting the right oil and protecting your high performance engine. Read More

bisi - 5

First Look at Bisimoto Building 700 HP Hyundai For SEMA

Don't think that Bisimoto Engineering is cloning last year's 2.4-liter Theta II for this year's new Hyundai SEMA project. We've the details on just how different this turbo-4 is being set up. Read More


ATK Introduces New Line of SBC Performance Cylinder Heads

ATK's new line of SBC High Performance Cylinder Heads feature great flow for maximum efficiency and increased power. Check them out here! Read More


Video: Holden Red Six Nearly Doubles HP Output On Powerhouse Dyno

Powerhouse Engines in Australia has a habit of making more horsepower for their customers. Check out what they did with this Holden Red straight six! Read More


Holley Acquires MSD In Blockbuster Industry Deal

Holley has announced the acquisition of the MSD Group - and with it Racepak and Mr. Gasket among others. Many of the industry's most well-known brands are now consolidated. More here! Read More


Peterson Fluid Systems Underhood With Tom Bailey On Drag Week Win

Tom Bailey took home the 2015 Drag Week Unlimited title, using engine oiling components from Peterson Fluid Systems. More details inside on the products mounted to the engine of Sick Seconds 2.0. Read More

ferrarivid - 2

Video: Ferrari Offers Peek At 488 Spider’s Twin-turbo V8 Assembly

The 3.9-liter V8 in the new 488 Spider is one of Ferrari's rare turbo engines. A new video out of Maranello offers an insider look at the precise assembly and testing of these 661-horsepower bullets! Read More


Tech: Piston Material Selection With Mahle Motorsports

Different strokes for different folks—Mahle Motorsports covers the details of picking the piston material for an engine build. 4032 and 2618 alloy do different things well, and each one has its place. Check it out Read More


Video: CNC Billet Steel Pulling Tractor Connecting Rods Come To Life

Have you ever seen billet connecting rods come to life in a CNC mill? No? You need to check out this hypnotizing video. Watch as the mill turns a piece of billet plate into six connecting rods worthy of competition. Read More

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