Dyno shot 1

Video: 940 Horsepower Whipple’d Steve Morris LS

This Steve Morris LS powerplant makes 939 hp and 834 lb-ft of torque on 93 octane pump gas with the option of running race gas to break the thousand mark. Read More

Bullitt intake manifold

Air Flow Research Releases Ford 429/460 Big Block Heads And Manifold

Check out Air Flow Research's new BULLITT line-up of high-performance products, such as big block heads and manifolds specifically for the Ford 429/460 engine family. Read More

1500 11

Introduction Of The Revolutionary 1500 Billet Atomizer 4 Injector

The Atomizer 4 injector plans to pick up where the Atomizer 3 left off, taking fuel injection the next level and change the landscape of heads-up racing. Read More

Roller Lifters

Video: Comp Cams – Hydraulic Roller Lifters Do’s And Don’ts

Comp Cams' Billy Godbold goes over the basics of handling and inspecting your hydraulic roller lifters before and during the install process. Read More

Machine for seals

Tech: Rebuild Or Buy New, The Great Cylinder Head Debate

When it comes to engine breathing, the cylinder heads are the "switch" that allow it to inhale and exhale. When the heads need rebuilt, should you rebuild or get a set of aftermarket units. We breakdown the choices. Read More

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Video: FAST LSX Interchangeable Runner Dyno Testing

FAST is changing the game for LSX intake manifolds with interchangeable runners. Now you can tune your powerband with 3 lengths of runner, or mix and match! Read More


ARP Expands Starter Bolt Applications

ARP has just expanded starter bolts that help with precise bolt length, shank knurl diameter and location, and proper thread engagement. Check 'em out! Read More


Video: Understanding The Basics Of Engine Braking

We look at the different ways of controlling the air flow through the engine to activate engine braking. From exhaust brakes to Jake brakes. Read More


Pump Gas Pontiac Pushes 2 Hp Per Inch!

This DCI Automotive Pontiac 455 makes nearly 2 horsepower per cubic inch, naturally aspirated on pump gas. With some more tweaking we hope for even more! Read More


Proform Parts Releases New Slant-Edge Air Cleaners With Smooth Style

Proform Parts lends its design resources to Chevrolet Performance to introduce these officially licensed slant-edge air cleaners. You'll love the clean look and sharp design on top of your carburetor. Read More


Video: Aftermarket Engine Sleeve Basics

Tring to get the most strength and displacement out of any engine combination? Aftermarket engine sleeves are the answer to increasing block rigidity. Read More

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Video: Rotary Engine Tuning – Fueling And Ignition Tips

To give you a better idea of how a rotary engine is tuned, Scott Hilzinger from the Australian aftermarket ECU manufacturer Haltech has posted a video to their YouTube channel covering the basic fueling and ignition Read More


Valve Spring Tech: Overview Of Valve Spring Design, Dynamics

Valve springs operate in an extremely violent environment. We take a look at the designs available for valvetrain control, advancements in material, and the importance of natural frequency. All the latest tech here! Read More


BMW Reveals Outrageous Quad-turbo Designed Diesel

BMW's newest engine, codenamed the B57 TOP, is built on the principles that more is always better, at least when it comes to how many turbos need to reside in one engine bay. Read More


Pro Stock’s Allen Johnson And Wilson Manifolds Join Forces

2012 NHRA Pro Stock champion Allen johnson and Wilson Manifolds have inked a new partnership that's certain to pay dividends for the J&J Mopar Hemi engine program in 2016. Read More

cometict5 - 1

TECH5: Cometic Offers Gasket Tips & Tricks

Preventing leaks is always a concern for engine builders. Cometic's Kevyn Kistner sheds light on MLS gaskets and other sealing issues in this TECH5 report. Read More

Second-generation 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine

Ford’s Gen II 3.5L EcoBoost Set For 2017 F-150

We first saw Ford's second-generation 3.5-liter EcoBoost at the track and in the new GT. Now this fully upgraded engine is going into the 2017 F-150. Read More


New Ford Engine Design Virtually Increases Displacement

This new technology could be utilized in Ford Ecoboost engine combinations, with the three- and larger four-cylinder engines being the target platforms. Read More


Reminder Ping: Don’t Forget The Edelbrock Car Show Is Tomorrow

The 11th Annual Edelbrock car show is a free event where you can check out hundreds of entries from all makes and models. It's going on this Saturday, so be sure to check it out and be a part of the party. Read More

katech - 3

Katech Builds 700-horsepower, 427ci LT1

Katech's new 427ci LT1 street engine makes 700 naturally aspirated horsepower. Watch it run simulation laps around Daytona on the dyno. Read More