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Infrared Camera Shows F1 Engine Heat In Glorious Psychedelic Colors!

A FLIR thermal-imaging camera catches the heat signatures from a Formula 1engine during a burnout, and the colorful show is spectacular as well as interesting. Check out the video! Read More


10 Useful Engine & Shop Tools From ProForm

Right tool for the right job is common but faithful maxim often quoted when something goes wrong in the shop. Here are 10 tools from Profrom that keep the work flowing smooth and productive! Read More


ProCharger Variable Ratio i-1 Supercharger on Our Project 5th Gen

ProCharger's i-1 programmable-ratio supercharger technology is changing the performance industry with power on demand. We install one on our 5th Gen Camaro and head to the track. Read More


Turbosmart Working to Combat Known Counterfeiters

Research and development is expensive, and that's why counterfeit products exist - because they let the counterfeiter piggyback on someone else's hard work. Fight the problem - look inside! Read More

dodge 400

Video: Hood Performance Builds Big Torque 504 Cube Chrysler

504 cubic inches, 501.6 horsepower, and 590 lb-ft of torque are the results of this small-block Chrysler build from Hood Performance. It's built for Rod Hamby's daily-driver 1970 Challenger. Check it out! Read More


Edelbrock Intake Manifolds with Direct Port Nitrous System

Check out the sweet pre-installed direct-port nitrous systems by Edelbrock for the small- and big-block Chevrolet. Installation is a snap, and added performance is just a button-push away. Read More


Project 428 Pony Jet: Squeezing High Revs From a Street Windsor

Project 428 Pony Jet strives to answer that enduring question of what makes a great street engine. Follow along this big-inch Ford Windsor build and see our high-revving, high-powered response! Read More


Cloyes’ Hex-A-Just Timing Set Install On A 2-valve Modular Engine

MPR Racing Engines installs a full Cloyes Hex-A-Just timing set on this Ford 2-valve Modular engine. Tips and tricks inside, as well as a full product rundown! Read More


BOSS 302 Upgrades: Ford Racing Cobra Jet Manifold Kit and Cams

Ford Racing takes naturally aspirated BOSS 302 horsepower to the next level with a cam and intake upgrade. Strong power gains while retaining the BOSS' attitude and street manners make these parts hard to beat. Read More


Engine Questions for Automotive Artist Steve Stanford

The works of acclaimed automotive artist Steve Stanford were recently recognized in a showing at the Petersen Automotive Museum. EngineLabs dropped by to say hello and ask Stanford a few questions about engines. Read More


MSD Performance Introduces Performance Iridium Spark Plugs

Check out these brand-new Iridium spark plugs from the gang at MSD Performance. They've designed the plugs to perform as a result of the input they receive from racers across all forms of motorsports. Read More

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CFD Analysis Helps Ford Design ‘Cobra Head’ Downpipe on Power Stroke

When Ford added a larger turbo on the second-generation 6.7-liter Power Stroke, engineers also enhanced the 'cobra head' downpipe to the aftertreatment system. Check out the new look! Read More


Video: Arrington’s 528ci ProCharger F-2 Blown Hemi For SEMA

Check out the unique throttle body on this insane 528-cube Gen II Hemi engine from Arrington Performance - it's a SEMA project and makes big power on the dyno! Read More

HPD Supercharged CR-Z

HPD Offers Supercharger for Honda CR-Z

Honda Performance Development is now offering an emissions-legal supercharger kit for the CR-Z, giving a little grocery getter almost 200 horsepower. Check out the details! Read More


Video: Livernois Builds World’s Highest HP EcoBoost Taurus SHO

The Ford Taurus 3.5L EcoBoost platform is formidable right out of the factory, and even more so when a company like Livernois Motorsports has a chance to upgrade it for ultimate performance. Read More


Testing The First Big-Block Chevy, An Interview With Bill Howell

Peek inside as we take a step back in time, interviewing Bill Howell who worked on the very first big-block Chevy engines. See how Chevrolet tested and designed the motors, and what problems they had to overcome! Read More


ECR, RoushYates Discussion at AETC Underscores NASCAR Engine Tests

Reducing horsepower in NASCAR engines is a hot issue again following recent tests at Michigan. EngineLabs dug up a previous discussion with ECR Engines and RoushYates Engines that underscores the situation. Read More


Mr. Gasket Introduces New Dead Soft Aluminum Exhaust Gaskets

No more exhaust leaks--that's the promise of Mr. Gasket's all-new dead-soft aluminum gasket line. Check 'em out! Read More


Hybrid Turbo Reveals Innovative New Breed of Turbocharger

As you can see in this video, with their new turbo system there is no backpressure, no exhaust heat, no complicated drive mechanism - just clean, environmentally-friendly power. Read More


The Anatomy of a Full Race Radial 275 Induction System

Follow along as veteran 275 Drag Radial racer D.J. Reid builds a LSX engine for his '68 supercharged Camaro. Here he sets up the Mozez heads from Mast Motorsports with Pettis Performance. Read More