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Mike Magda

Mike Magda is a veteran automotive writer with credits in publications such as Racecar Engineering, Hot Rod, Engine Technology International, Motor Trend, Automobile, Automotive Testing Technology and Professional Motorsport World. He was the editor of four national automotive magazines, including Chevy High Performance, and he has authored hundreds of automotive technical briefings. In covering nearly every type of motorsport, Magda has collaborated with many of racing's top engine builders and factory engineers.


GM Builds 4 Millionth Ecotec Engine At Spring Hill

GM says the 4 millionth Ecotec engine was assembled this week at its Spring Hill, Tennessee, plant, just two after engine number 3,000,000 was assembled. Read More


TECH5: Billy Godbold of COMP Cams Explains Conical Springs

There's some serious technology behind the new conical spring design from COMP Cams, and Billy Godbold has all the inside details in the latest TECH5 column. Read More


Ford EcoBoost Race Engine On Hot Winning Streak

Following a poor debut at the Daytona 24-hour race, Ford EcoBoost-powered Daytona Prototype cars won the next two races. Here's the inside story on the turnaround. Read More


Mazda’s SkyActiv-D Engine Performing Well Despite On-track Woes

Despite some early-season struggles with the new LMP2 cars, Mazda's SkyActiv-D compound turbo diesel engine is performing well. Here's an update on Mazda's move to the prototype class. Read More


Toyota Employing Atkinson Cycle on New Gas Engine Line

Toyota says it will have 14 new engine variations by 2015, including some based on a 1.3-liter 4-cylinder that utilizes Atkinson-cycle technology. There's also a new 1.0-liter. Read More


Comp Cams Engine Builder Duel Set For Hot Rod Power Tour

Comp Cams, along with Snap-On Tools, is sponsoring the Engine Builder Duel at two locations on the Hot Rod Power Tour in June. Check out the story for all the details. Read More


Blown Big-block Built for the Street Pulls 1,000-Plus Horsepower

There are numerous ways to get 1,000 horsepower in a street engine, but here's the most imposing -- a big-block Chevy. Check out the dyno results of this Rat from Precision Race Engines! Read More


MyClassicGarage Inviting Votes To Pick Engine For Mustang Project

Want to help MyClassicGarage help select an engine for its latest Mustang project car? Check out the story to find out how, and you may also win this cool car!! Read More

1-The Finished Product

Blown Z: LME Assembles Super-stout 400ci LSX For New ProCharger

Part of a winter rebuild for Blown Z included a new 400ci LSX engine built by Late Model Engines to support a bigger ProCharger supercharger. Check out all the details that make up this very stout engine. Read More


LME Introduces Large-plenum, Short-runner LS7 Billet Intake

Composite intake manifolds can be fragile under high boost levels. This new billet intake from Late Model Engines is designed to give LS7 engines plenty of air through a big plenum and short runners. Read More


Buzzards’ Racing Builds Old-style Hemi To Go 200+ MPH

Richard Clelland wants to go 200-plus mph at Bonneville in a '34 Ford, so he's building a 360ci Hemi with a nostalgic theme and plenty of power. Watch an early dyno test and learn more about this trick bullet. Read More


Paul Rosche, Father of BMW’s 1,400 HP F1 Engine, Turns 80 Today

BMW is paying tribute to Paul Rosche, the father of the 1.5-liter 4-cylinder turbo engine that made 1,400 horsepower and carried Nelson Piquet to his Formula 1 world title. Rosche turns 80 today. Read More


Charlie Garrett Still Building Winning Engines at 73

Even at 73 years old, Charlie Garrett continues to build winning engines out of his one-man shop. Thanks to Diamond Pistons, he offers some advice to maintaining consistency on the track. Read More


Mahle/WardsAuto Produces Chart Detailing All North American Engines

Mahle and WardsAuto have teamed to produced a chart that provides considerable data on all the engines currently offered in North American production cars and trucks. Check out the details inside! Read More


Watch a ’70s Ferrari Formula 1 Flat-12 Engine Belch Fire on the Dyno

No downsized turbo here! Just 12 cylinders of Ferrari power screaming and belching fire on the dyno. Check out the details of this vintage 180-degree 12-cylinder Formula 1 engine that's still racing! Read More


Honda Unveils 2014 V6 Twin-turbo IndyCar Engine

Honda went from a single turbo to twin turbos for the 2014 IndyCar season. Here's a closer look at the updated V6 engine! Read More


GM Unveils New Line of Ecotec 3- and 4-cylinder Engines

GM unveiled its newest family of engines -- a line of 3- and 4-cylinder Ecotec powerplants for use in small cars and crossovers. Some models are turbocharged, and GM expects to build 2.5 million units annually. Read More


Video: Dyno Testing the Wicked-looking Carbon XR Intake Manifold

Performance Design has released a video of its unique Carbon XR cross-ram intake manifold on the dyno at Lingenfelter Performance. Check the story details on the manifold and the power numbers. Read More


Strange New Sounds Expected in Formula 1 Opener

Formula 1 starts this weekend in Australia, and the new sounds from the turbocharged/hybrid powerplants are causing quite a sensation. Listen to the videos and tell us what you think! Read More