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DeatschWerks’ New EV14 1200cc DV2 Fuel Injectors

Wouldn't it be nice to have flow-matched fuel injectors that are tested throughout their dynamic range? Now you can, using these new DV2 injectors from DeatschWerks. Read More


Crane Cams Offers High-End Hydraulic Roller Camshafts

Raise your hand if you want improved valvetrain reliability and performance for your older engine! If yours is up, It's time to check out the Crane Cams hydraulic roller camshaft lineup at Summit Racing. Read More


Design Engineering Introduces Silicone Protect-A-Wire Kit

If you keep burning up spark plug wires, then this Protect-A-Wire kit from Design Engineering is for you. The silicone-coated fiberglass sleeve kit covers eight wires and is resistant to punctures and abrasions. Read More


AEM’s Infinity ECU Available for Ford Coyote Race Engines

The Coyote engine begs for aftermarket control to allow tuners the ability to tweak the factory parameters for more horsepower and torque. That controller is finally here with the AEM Electronics Infinity ECU. Read More


Radium Engineering’s Multi-Pump Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator

This slick new adjustable fuel pressure regulator from Radium Engineering works with multiple fuel pumps, offers great flexibility for mounting, and can be used in return-style or returnless fuel systems. Read More


Beat The Heat With ACCEL Ceramic Boot Spark Plug Wires

Spark plug wires are not all created equal - these ceramic boot plug wires from ACCEL can handle underhood temperatures that would make other wires wilt from the heat. Check 'em out! Read More


Edelbrock’s Pro-Flo 14″ Round Air Cleaners And Filters Now Shipping

More flow and good looks--that's the theory behind Edelbrock's new Pro-Flo lineup of round air cleaners. The open element top aids in airflow, and they're shipping now. Read More


25th Anniversary Good Vibrations Catalog Now Available

The guys at Good Vibrations Motorsports are experts in supercharging and mechanical fuel injection. They've recently released their 25th Anniversary catalog, and you can get it for free. Details in here! Read More


PRW’s PQx High Flow Billet Aluminum Electric Racing Water Pump

Is it time for you to step up to an electric water pump for its cooling consistency and ease of use? Check out this sweet new pump design from the folks at PRW Industries! Read More


Edelbrock’s Pontiac Performer RPM CNC Cylinder Heads for 455 Engines

Looking for more performance out of your 455 Pontiac? Check out these new CNC-machined Performer RPM cylinder heads from Edelbrock. They're delivered complete and ready to bolt on. Read More


Nitrous Express Pre-Plumbed Intake Manifolds For LS Engines

There's nothing like a bit of juice to go with your LS engine--so check out these pre-plumbed LS intake manifolds now available form Nitrous Express. The direct-port systems arrive ready-to-install. Read More


Is The Clarke-Brayton Engine The Future?

Completely new engine concept that could revolutionize the way we power our vehicles. 10 to 20 percent more efficient, ¼ the size of a conventional engine of same power, less noise, vibration, check it out! Read More


Ultimate Headers’ New Center Dump Block Hugger Headers for SBC

In many street rods and roadsters, block-hugger headers are a necessity due to space constraints. Check out this sweet new set available from Ultimate Headers available for the small-block Chevy engine! Read More


Summit Racing Offers Scorpion Endurance Series Shaft Mount Rockers

Summit Racing has just released these new Endurance Series rockers from Scorpion Performance. Heat-treated, lightweight, and precision-machined, these rocker arms come ready to carry out your performance demands. Read More


Quick Fuel Technology Introduces New Black Diamond Intake Manifold

Quick Fuel Technology's new Black Diamond coating gives parts a stealthy look. Since looks aren't everything, they recently introduced a brand-new Black Diamond small-block Chevrolet manifold to complete the package Read More

Trans Dapt Unlocks Reliability and Power From Your Carbureted Engine - Plastic Phenolic Spacers

Trans Dapt’s Swirl-Torque Carburetor Spacers Improve Atomization

Keeping the heat out of your carburetor is one of the most important things you can do for a performance engine. These new carburetor spacers from Trans Dapt fight the heat and provide better atomization. Read More


Swap Cams With Ease on Your Gen IV LS Motor

Finally, changing camshafts on a Gen IV LS engine has become a process that doesn't require the removal of a kidney and a few toes. Check out this sweet two-piece billet timing cover from Hamburger's Performance! Read More


AEM Electronics Releases New Pencil Coil Design

Interested in converting to coil-on-plug ignition? With these new Pencil Coils from AEM Electronics, making the change just got a whole lot easier. Read More


Prolong’s Ultra Cut 1 Water Soluble Cutting Fluid

Engine builders and folks working in industrial metalworking can make use of Prolong's new Ultra Cut 1, a coolant lubricant designed to eliminate uneven cuts and increase tool life. Read More

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