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Heatshield Products Debuts Glove Armor For Weld Burn Protection

When it comes to welding, you need a steady hand. Resting your hand or finger on your work can and will get hot. Not now thanks to Heatshield Products, who have just released Glove Armor. Check it out! Read More


Mr. Gasket Releases Headlock Header Bolts

Exhaust leaks are everyone's enemy. New from Mr. Gasket are Headlock Header Bolts, eliminating lock washers and header exhaust leaks. Headlock Bolts feature 24 sharp teeth locking the bolt to your header flange. Read More


Design Engineering Inc. Debuts Titanium Spark Plug Wire Covers

DEI has released its V8 Titanium Protect-A-Wire Kit to save your spark plug wires from the heat. It's made from titanium to protect your wires from high temps. Details inside. Read More


AFR’S New Big Block Ford “Bullitt” CNC Ported Cylinder Heads

No V8 should be restricted in its time of need for fuel and air. It's time to open your Big Block Ford up and put some Air Flow Research CNC Ported heads on. They're flow tested and ready to run. Check 'em out! Read More


Help Your Engine Breathe With Wilson Manifolds’ New Throttle Body

Don't let your throttle body slow you down. New from Wilson Manifolds: high flow throttle bodies, designed to help your build breathe better. Improve your throttle response with one today. Read More


MSD Expands Support Of Street Fire Late Model Coil Packs

Got a V8 you want taken to the next level? You're in luck. MSD has just expanded its Street Fire coils for late model eight-cylinder motors from any of the Big Three. Check 'em out! Read More


Fragola Performance Systems’ Male EFI Adaptors

These male EFI Adaptors from Fragola Performance are here to suit your LS1 for use with AN style hose ends, and they're available now for purchase. 6061 aluminum, black finish, multiple sizes–what's not to like? Read More


Holley Offers Carbon Black Ceramic Coating On Intake Manifolds

Tired of the same old manifold? Holley is pleased to announce that its new Carbon Black coating is now available for certain intakes, and it's as good as yours with a phone call or online order. Check it out! Read More


Dynatech Debuts Modified Stainless Steel 604 Crate Engine Headers

Don't settle for less when it comes to headers. Dynatech's new stainless steel units feature IMCA-approved collectors, laser cut flanges, TIG welded construction, and much more. Check 'em out! Read More


AAM Competition Introduces Twin Turbo System For Nissans, Infinitis

AAM Competition isn't about to let your Nissan or Infiniti performance coupe run stock at the next event. Its new twin-turbo system uses BorgWarner turbochargers for massive gains to power and torque. Check it out! Read More


Trick-Tools Announces Icengineworks Header Fabrication System

New from Trick-Tools, it's the Icengineworks header fabrication system. It allows users to construct and test a prototype set of headers that will translate perfectly when it comes time to fabricate. Read More


Holley Refines Street Demon Carbs With Shadow Black Ceramic Coating

Holley has improved upon the Street Demon carburetor line with a fresh finish called Shadow Black. It's a ceramic-based coating, and will guard against oxidation and heat like never before. Check it out! Read More


Edelbrock Releases Super Victor Intake Manifold for LS3s

The LS3 just got a sweet offering from Edelbrock, capable of running on 700+ horsepower applications without breaking a sweat. Nitrous and forced induction are welcome, of course. Check it out! Read More


SCE Releases High-Temp Graph Form Exhaust Gaskets

When you ask a lot of your motor, whatever is left stock will likely underperform. SCE's new high-temp graph form exhaust gaskets are up to the task, however, with state-of-the-art composite construction. Read More

Aeromotive X1 series

Aeromotive Announces New X1 Fuel Pressure Regulator

The Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator X1 is one of the most innovative regulator designs to hit market in recent years. Your vehicle can benefit from several important features with it. Read More


DeatschWerks Releases 1500cc DV2 Fuel Injectors To The Public

Deatschwerks and Bosch's collaboration in fuel system parts has been one that continues to bear terrific fruit. Here is the latest piece, the 1500cc DV2 fuel injector, rated to flow 1500cc per minute. Read More


Edelbrock Debuts Super Victor II Intake Manifolds For BBCs

Edelbrock has the goods for enthusiasts of the big block Chevy V8s. The new Super Victor II intake runners offer an additional 25 horsepower thanks to improvements to casting and overall design. Read More


Lingenfelter Launches GT9 HYD Roller Camshaft for LS Series Motors

The new GT9 HYD roller camshaft from Lingenfelter works on popular LS series engines to deliver powerful performance with a smooth idle. Read up on its stats here. Read More


RTS Tooling’s Positive Supportive Ring Squaring Tool Saves Time

RTS Tooling introduces its new Positive Supportive Ring Squaring Tool to help simplify the ring gapping process. Across multiple makes and bore sizes, this tool does what you need, when you need it. Read More

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