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Induction Solutions Spark Plug Cutting Tool

Induction Solutions Releases New Spark Plug Cutting Tool

Induction Solutions has released its new Spark Plug Cutting Tool that fastens to the frame of a trailer, acts as a vise, and can hold up to eight spark plugs making it easy to cut the threads off. Read More

Precision Turbo 2

Precision Turbo & Engine Launches 1,300HP GEN2 CEA Turbocharger

Greatly enhance your vehicle's performance with Precision's new long-awaited GEN2 PT7675 CEA turbocharger rated to support 1,300 horsepower. Check it out! Read More

010115 Speed Sleeve Shadow blk tan

DEI Introduces Speed Sleeves For Header Protection

DEI has introduces its new Speed Sleeves to help protect headers and exhaust manifolds from excess temperature buildup. They fit piping up to 2.5 inches in diameter. Check it out! Read More


Holley Releases New Tall LS Valve Covers

Holley's new tall LS valve covers are designed to clear valvetrain components in high-horsepower applications. Check them out here! Read More

Meziere Launches 55 GPM Electric Water Pumps for LSx Applications

New from Meziere – 55 GPM electric water pumps for LSx applications. These pumps are designed for high-horsepower applications, offering a superb flow rate and coming in either a clear or black anodized finish. Read More


Phenix Releases New AN Vice Jaws

Phenix Industries just released its Vise Jaws (PN M1001-3). These won't have you running for that permanent marker to cover up unsightly markings under the hood. Check it out! Read More


AEM Debuts X-Series Wideband UEGO Air/Fuel Ratio Sensor Controllers

New from AEM – the X-Series Wideband UEGO Air/Fuel Ratio Sensor Controllers. These devices boast some of the fastest-responding speeds on the market and come in a slim yet attention-grabbing package. Check 'em out Read More


Good Vibrations Motorsports Debuts Spark Plug T-Handle Torque Wrench

New from Good Vibrations Motorsports – a spark plug T-handle torque wrench. It's made from premium steel, and has an internal rubber boot to keep spark plugs secured during assembly and removal. Check it out! Read More


Throttle Works Releases Dyno Tuning Laptop Mount

New from Throttle Works – a Dyno Tuning Laptop Mount. This mount has a heavy duty suction cup bracket that holds up 110 pounds and pivots in six different places to offer utility in a multitude of applications. Read More


Wilson Manifolds Releases New Billet High Performance Intake Elbows

Wilson Manifold's new billet intake elbows are available in popular Ford and Chevy throttle body bolt patterns and flow more air for more power. Check them out here! Read More

Eastwood Versa Cut Plasma Cutter

Eastwood Launches Versa Cut 2.0 Plasma Cutter

Eastwood just released their Versa Cut 2.0 Plasma Cutter perfect for cleanly and quickly cutting out body panels, rusted floors, etc. It's great for trimming new panels and cutting up to 1/8-inch thick stock. Read More

Dart Block

Dart Launches LS NEXT Fully Skirted Aluminum Block

Dart has just launched its LS NEXT Aluminum block perfectly designed for drag racing, circle track, off-road, hot rod, and high-performance marine applications. Check it out! Read More


Precision Turbo Introduces HPL with Boosted Technology Synthetic Oil

Precision Turbo and Engine is proud to introduce a new line of lubricants specifically designed for high performance engines, including turbocharged and supercharged engines. Check it out here! Read More


AEM Introduces X-Series Wideband UEGO Air/Fuel Ratio Controllers

New from AEM – X-Series Wideband UEGO air/fuel ratio controllers. These devices promise rapid response times when put to the test as you tune your motor. Check 'em out! Read More


BluePrint Engines Launches 400ci Engine Line With Cast Iron Block

New from BluePrint Engines – 400ci V8 engines with new cast iron blocks. These motors take up where GM left off in 1980 by using precision CNC-machined iron blocks as a foundation. Check 'em out! Read More


DeatschWerks Releases HDEV1700 High Flow Fuel Injector

New from DeatschWerks – the HDEV1700 high flow fuel injector. It has drop-in fitment for many applications using the Bosch HDEV5 injector platform, including the Ford EcoBoost engines. Check it out! Read More

Summit Racing Trick Flow

Summit Racing’s New Trick Flow PowerPort 325 Cylinders For Ford

Summit Racing now offers Trick Flow's PowerPort 325 Cylinder Heads perfect for high-horsepower (600-750 HP) street and race applications. Check 'em out! Read More


Easy Run Introduces New Fully Adjustable Engine Dolly

The new Easy Run Engine Dolly can be adjusted to accommodate almost any engine and is the perfect tool for an engine builder looking to mount whatever they are working on. Check it out here! Read More


Summit Racing Offers Trick Flow’s PowerPort 240 Heads for BB Mopar

Summit Racing has Trick Flow's new PowerPort 240 cylinder heads for Big Block Mopar applications. Fix some of the problems with the factory heads while yielding huge horsepower and torque gains. Check 'em out here! Read More

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