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Bullitt intake manifold

Air Flow Research Releases Ford 429/460 Big Block Heads And Manifold

Check out Air Flow Research's new BULLITT line-up of high-performance products, such as big block heads and manifolds specifically for the Ford 429/460 engine family. Read More


ARP Expands Starter Bolt Applications

ARP has just expanded starter bolts that help with precise bolt length, shank knurl diameter and location, and proper thread engagement. Check 'em out! Read More


Accufab Releases New SBC Throttle Bodies for Edelbrock EFI Intakes

Accufab's new throttle bodies for your SBC equipped with Edelbrock EFI are for those that just want more performance for their street car to pro racers demanding ultimate performance and reliability. Check it out! Read More


Edelbrock’s New Power Package Top End Kit For 426-528ci Hemi Engines

New from Edelbrock – the Power Package Top End kit for Chrysler 426-528ci Hemi engines. These kits take a potent combination of components that will give your Mopar V8 a big edge. Check 'em out! Read More

Mail Attachment

ARE Launches Dry Sump Pan For Use With LS Next Engines

New from ARE – dry sump oil pans for the LS NEXT engines. These pans allow mounting directly to the billet rails and block of the engine, and come with up to six scavenge outlets. Check 'em out! Read More

Precision Turbo 1300 HP

Precision Turbo Launches 1,300 Horsepower GEN2 PT7675 CEA Turbo

Precision Turbo And Engine has just released its much anticipated GEN2 PT7675 CEA turbocharger that is capable of supporting up to 1,300 horsepower. Check it out! Read More


DeatschWerks Launches DWR1000 Adjustable Fuel Regulator

DeatschWerks now offers the DWR1000 adjustable fuel pressure regulator. It's designed mainly for ethanol compatibility, and uses materials suited for E85 like stainless steel, anodized aluminum, and nitrile. Read More

Holley 2

Thompson Performance Releases Powerblast Plate For Carburetors

New from Thompson Performance – the Powerblast Plate. This product atomizes the fuel shot from the accelerator pump nozzle sprayer, offering improved throttle response for carbureted applications. Check it out! Read More


Brodix Launches BR X Engine Heads

New from Brodix – the BR X heads. These heads tout compatibility with all existing 20° Brodix components and have an efficient 100cc CNC ported chamber. Check 'em out! Read More

World ProductsSBCblock

World Products Releases New Lightweight Small-Block Chevy Block

World Products' new SBC block weighs much less than typical aftermarket blocks while retaining strength and reliability. Check it out here! Read More


Edelbrock’s New Rollin’ Thunder Camshaft For The Chrysler GEN 2 HEMI

Edelbrock has released its new aggressive Rollin' Thunder camshaft designed specifically for Chryslers with a 426-572 HEMI under the hood. Check it out! Read More


Proform Introduces Black Series Carburetors

New from Proform – Black Series Carburetors. These units come with a Black Diamond PTFE coating that combats vapor lock, and use top-tier materials for the metering blocks, baseplates, fuel bowls, and main bodies. Read More

Muck Daddy Wipes

Muck Daddy Releases Scrubbing Wipes To Remove Oil, Grime And Grease

Muck Daddy has released scrubbing wipes that feature a dual-textured wipe that feature a scrubby side and a smooth side. Perfect for removing oil, grease and grime from hands, but also great for cleaning surfaces. Read More


Turbosmart Launches ProGate-50 Lite HP Wastegate

Turbosmart has launched the brand new ProGate-50 Lite HP as the largest wastegate and is perfect for a heavily boosted turbo diesel and drag racing applications. Check it out! Read More


ATI Debuts Water Aluminum Plugs For LS Motors

New from ATI – aluminum water jacket and oil plugs for LS motors. These pieces look great and also save you up to two pounds over steel units. Check 'em out! Read More

Holley Oil Pan Kit

Holley Introduces New Weiand Oil Pan Kits

Holley announced the release of its new all-aluminum Weiand fabricated oil pan kits that keep the weight off of the nose of the car and are perfect for any type of driving situation. Check 'em out! Read More

unnamed (36)

DEI Introduces New EXO Series Protect-A-Boot

DEI is proud to release their new EXO Series Protect-A-Boot that provides maximum spark plug boot and wire heat protection. Check it out here! Read More


Nitrous Express Releases VXL Nozzle Direct Port Nitrous System

Nitrous Express has introduces their new VXL Nozzle Direct Port Nitrous System that maximizes nitrous horsepower while being easy to install. Check it out here! Read More


Melling’s New Billet Aluminum Oil Pumps with Shark Tooth Technology

Melling's new billet aluminum oil pumps with shark tooth technology provide engines with an improved flow of oil without the usual pulsing found in traditional gear pumps. Check them out here! Read More

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