“We have 255 new products,” boasts Chris Raschke of ARP. “Most are expanded applications of dedicated bolt kits.”

The new bolt kits range from head-stud kits for the new Dart LS Next block to an esoteric application like a Ford Flathead with Offy heads. Imports, diesel, motorocycles and other performance applications also received new part numbers.

ARP offers fasteners for motorcycles, diesel engines and more.

“Also the new FE20,” adds Raschke. “We have all the hardware for that platform.”

In addition to head- and main-stud kits, ARP offers complete accessory bolt packages in either black oxide or stainless finish.

“These kits will help you put the engine together, make it run and make it look good,” says Raschke.

ARP has also been expanding its inventory of individual hardware pieces to better fill the needs of custom builders and unique applications. The company has one of the largest lists of nuts, washers and other products — both general and special purpose — to help with custom or routine projects.

ARP has an extensive inventory of individual washers, nuts, bolts and more. The company also stresses the importance of using the right fastener lubricant, such as ARP Ultra-Torque.

“We have them in both standard and metric,” adds Raschke, noting that ARP offers fastener bulk bins for clean shop organization.

ARP is also reminding engine builders to use Ultra-Torque lubricant to ensure proper installation and preload.