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Watch a ’70s Ferrari Formula 1 Flat-12 Engine Belch Fire on the Dyno

No downsized turbo here! Just 12 cylinders of Ferrari power screaming and belching fire on the dyno. Check out the details of this vintage 180-degree 12-cylinder Formula 1 engine that’s still racing!

Video: Dyno Testing the Wicked-looking Carbon XR Intake Manifold

Performance Design has released a video of its unique Carbon XR cross-ram intake manifold on the dyno at Lingenfelter Performance. Check the story details on the manifold and the power numbers.

Building a C5 for Autocross and Open Track, Part 1: Engine Upgrades

We’ve got a C5 Corvette that’s slated to be an open track/autocross machine after receiving upgrades in the Power Automedia shop. Check out the first round of modifications inside!

UPDATE: Exotic 12-rotor Rotary Engine Hits 815 lb-ft At 3,300 RPM!

Here’s a 12-rotor rotary engine with a unique Y design that features three banks of four rotors each. Under full boost, it’s estimated that this 960ci engine could produce over 5,000 horsepower.

Carbureted Cobra Jet Coyote Part 3: The Long Block And Testing

We finish construction of our Carb Coyote Cobra Jet engine, and strap it to the dyno for testing and tuning. Find out the details of what went into this nearly 600 hp naturally aspirated engine, and what we learned.

Vortech and Duttweiler Test A Supercharged Coyote Engine

Vortech and legendary engine builder Ken Duttweiler team up to see what a stock Coyote engine will do on the engine dyno when equipped with an out of the box Vortech V3-Si supercharger system. Big power ensues.

Edelbrock E-Force Stage 2 Supercharger For Coyote Mustangs

We install Edelbrock’s E-Force Stage 2 supercharger system for 2011+ Mustangs and put it to the test on the dyno and at the drag strip.

IDP And MPD Team Up To Build A 980 Horsepower 6.4 (Fuel Only)

On fuel only, Stewart Ingraham’s 6.4 Power Stroke built by Maryland Performance Diesel and tuned by Innovative Diesel Performance lays down 980 horsepower. Check out this video showing how smooth and well it runs.

Video: 434ci Small-block Just Getting Started at 2,100 Horsepower!

Here’s a 434ci twin-turbo small-block that has yet to reach its full potential but is already pumping out more than 2,100 horsepower on just 16 pounds of boost. Read more about this dyno shaker!

SEMA 2013: ProCharger’s i-1 Supercharger Is First Of Its Kind

Check out ProCharger’s awesome new i-1 supercharger system. With programmable boost and easy to use PC interface, this supercharger is great for modded and stock vehicles alike.

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