Video: URE Makes 1,012 Streetable Horsepower on Single Carb

“He wanted to have more horsepower than God ever intended!”

That was the mantra from an Australian customer that motivated Phoenix-based United Racing Engines to build a 632ci big-block Chevy that makes more than 1,012 horsepower with pump gas, a single carb and a hydraulic roller camshaft.

URE’s 907-horsepower 632ci big-block Chevy

URE already offers a similar engine that pulls 907 horsepower on the dyno. Adding another 100 ponies requires a little extra hogging on the cylinder heads and a more aggressive camshaft.

“We just redirected where the power goes,” explains URE’s Lee Carson. “The 907 motor makes its power around 2,800 to 6,000 rpm. The other engine starts at 4,000 and goes up from there.”

The engine starts with a Dart Big M tall-deck block. Internals include Scat forged-steel crank and rods and Arias pistons. URE uses a custom-grind solid roller camshaft but adapts short-travel hydraulic lifters.

“They only move about .020, which is basically the lash,” says Carson.

Compression ratio is 11:1, which is okay in Australia for street engines as premium fuel down under is rated at 98 octane.

“Their fuel is much more forgiving,” adds Carson.

The AFR heads flow 456 cfm on the 907 engine. A different CNC program opens the intakes well over 460 cfm to “take advantage of the higher valve lift.” Finally, the 1,450 cfm carb from Quick Fuel Technology is retuned to take advantage of the extra breathing and mounted on top of an Edelbrock Super Victor intake.

Carson admits the market for such a powerful engine isn’t huge, and it isn’t an inexpensive engine to build. But it will stand out. “You’ll be the only one at the car show,” he laughs.

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