Video: Engine Pro’s High Performance Nitro Black R Series Pushrods

With the increased performance capabilities of modern racing engines, making sure you have quality parts is important. Having a solid valvetrain plays a key role in keeping a motor running at its best, and good pushrods are the backbone in that system. The top-tier pushrods from Engine Pro fall under the Nitro Black R Series. These parts are what you want if big and reliable power are on the agenda for your engine.

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The more rigid and stronger a pushrod is, the better it will hold up to the abuse a race engine can deliver. The Nitro Black R Series use 4130 chrome moly tubing as their base to give them a one-piece design and this makes them exceptionally stout. These pushrods receive a carbon nitride treatment that bumps their Rockwell “C” scale hardness to the 60-62 level.

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The 5116 Series Nitro Black R pushrods are 5/16-inch in diameter. A thicker wall allows for these pushrods to be very strong in situations where there isn’t enough clearance for a bigger diameter unit. On the rocker arm end a .210 radius ball was used to allow bigger lift cam applications additional clearance to avoid interference issues. The pushrods in this series use .116-inch sized wall chrome moly tubing and are available from 6.000 to 10.000 lengths.

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The 3121S and 3141S Nitro Black 1R Series pushrods are the 3/8-inch diameter offerings from Engine Pro. These pushrods use a .120 wall (3121S) and .140 wall (3141S) sized chrome moly tubing to give them the same strength as the 5116 series. A .210 radial ball end is also standard on the 3/8-inch pushrods to give the engine builder just as many options for rocker arms.

Check out this video from Engine Pro that goes into even more detail about these impressive Nitro Black R Series pushrods.

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