Video: AEM Electronics’ AEMData Drag Race Template Computer Setup

AEM Performance Electronics‘ Infinity Engine Management System is finding a home in some of the quickest late-model race cars in the land. There are numerous examples of the product’s performance capabilities, such as this performance from Mustang racer Tony Hobson, where he was able to turn in a new personal best while using the company’s AEMData software to analyze the car’s on-track performance.

The company’s AQ-1 datalogging system is often used in conjunction with the Infinity; using the two systems in conjunction with one another allows the user to easily monitor their vehicle’s performance.

template1In this video narrated by AEM’s Lawson Mollica, we get a chance to walk through just how simple it is to download and setup the software to your computer. AEM’s engineers have built a setup wizard to walk you through the process of setting up the software.

Installing the Drag Race Template to your AEMData software is almost as simple as 1, 2, 3. Really–it is. Check out the video, follow along with Mollica’s steps, and it will be set up for you to use with your system, where you can add a log to it and view all of your data.

“The AQ has eight analog channels, four of which can be switched to digital, and you can also change any of the ones we have assigned in this template. You can also CANbus into it and potentially add many more channels. If you use our Infinity system in conjunction with the AQ-1, we deliver 128 channels via AEMnet, our CANbus protocol,” says Mollica.

The information is scrollable and zoomable; Mollica explains that even more channels can be added to the display than the preprogrammed items. The sheer volume of information the AQ-1 can record and display through the AEMData software is enough to keep even the most tech-oriented racers up at night, wondering what other parameters they should be logging to help improve their racing programs.

For more information on the complete line of AEM Performance Electronics products, check out their website.


An example of the display screen–traces for days! RPM, wideband readings, it’s all here.

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