TorqStorm breathes new life into the Chrysler Slant Six

These days, a six-cylinder engine in a muscle car is generally considered the “economy” option. However, back in the 1960s and ‘70s, there was an inline six-cylinder engine that was pushing the performance boundaries of the day. Not necessarily through absolute power, but rather through its insane durability and the way it took to being modified. The Chrysler “Slant Six” engine has graced a number of “Top Engines of All Time” lists and is still popular enough that the aftermarket is still developing parts for it. Enter TorqStorm.

TorqStorm superchargers are known for their simple, reliable operation and affordable price point. Now, they have released a new centrifugal supercharger kit for the Chrysler Slant Six engine. With the robust construction of the Slant Six, a 100-150 horsepower gain is easily achieved with completely street useable supercharger specs, with the blower itself ideally suited up to 6,500 engine-rpm.

At the heart of the kit is TorqStorm’s billet supercharger unit. No slouch when it comes to performance, the compressor wheel is machined from billet, with an inducer diameter of 76.2mm, and an exducer diameter of 114.3mm, with a maximum impeller speed of 80,000 rpm, which moves over 1,250 cubic foot of air per minute. The billet cover features a 3.5-inch air inlet and 3.00-inch scroll outlet. Additionally, the compressor cover is mounted with a V-band connection, which allows it to be infinitely clocked, if you choose to add an intercooler, or otherwise stray from the original installation design.

The TorqStorm supercharger uses billet impeller wheels that measure 76.2mm at the inducer and 114.3mm at the exducer. Spinning at up to 80,000 rpm, they can produce over 1,250 cfm of airflow.

The supercharger’s transmission housing is also made from billet aluminum and features a straight-cut tool-steel gearset. A self-contained oiling system not only makes for an easy installation but allows you to run a dedicated supercharger oil, separate from your engine’s oil system.

The supercharger kit comes with the supercharger unit itself, ¾-inch-thick mounting bracketry, an automatic belt tensioner, 8-inch crank pulley, a 52mm blow-off valve, and all the required plumbing and mounting hardware, including TorqStorm’s new blow-through carburetor hat, making installation an easy and straight-forward affair for applications that are not intercooled. Designed to allow the use of the OEM water pump and alternator, along with the limited lifetime warranty, makes the TorqStorm a viable option for anything powered by a Slant Six, further solidifying the platform’s place in history.

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