Sleeve Talk: Melling Offers Custom Sleeves For Any Engine

If you plan on pushing your engine hard and need a set of sleeves for the block it’s important to nail your choice the first time. Melling can make selecting a sleeve simple with their large selection of off-the-shelf sleeves, along with their ability to produce custom sleeves for any application in a short amount of time.

To create their sleeves Melling uses a high-strength gray iron that has been centrifugally cast. This type of iron has a lower carbon level and is filled with chromium, copper, and nickel that is not only hard but also has a higher resistance to wear. These stout sleeves have a tensile strength of 45,000-50,000 psi, so they can survive some of the most extreme engine applications you can dream up.

Melling has scaled their sleeve operation in such a way that they can virtually fill any request and turn around a custom sleeve in two days, depending on the application. To streamline the process, Melling offers a PDF document that you can download and fill out with all of the sizing information for the sleeve you need. Melling can make a sleeve in nearly any size you need, up to an eight-inch bore, and the sleeves can have a wall thickness from 1/16-inch, all the way to a 1/8-inch.

Check out this video from Melling that covers all the different capabilities they have when it comes to sleeves. If you need some cylinder sleeves for a project make sure you visit Melling’s website to see all the options they offer.

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