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According to GM engineer Pavel Yakovich, the Chevy V-8 is a “thing of the past.”

Hang on to your hats kids, GM just announced it will be replacing its famed LT1 V8 across the board with a “Twin 4 Cylinder” inline engine.


Queen Mary has spoken.

According to a GM press release, “With fuel economy regulations looming, Mary Barra, CEO of GM has decreed all V8 engines will be dropped from GM’s lineup and from this day forward, the “Twin 4 Cylinder” engine will become the workhorse motor powering everything from trucks to the Corvette and Camaro…”

According to GM Powertrain engineer, Pavel Yakovich, “The ‘Twin 4 Cylinder’ engine debuts a shared a common crankshaft, with cylinder pairs in the opposed engine banks sharing a common crank throw for simplicity and ease of manufacture.

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The radical design features two banks with four cylinders each.

By arranging the two inline engines at a 90 degree angle relative to each other, the balance issues typical of high performance 4 cylinder designs are avoided, and no balance shafts are necessary for smooth operation.
For improved fuel economy, this engine design also touts the ability to completely deactivate one of the two engines under light load.”

With the such a radical departure from GM’s decades old blueprint, the company expects a revolt, but is confident that once buyers get to learn the “Twin 4 Cylinder” design benefits they will resume tattooing Chevy Bowties on their bare bottoms.

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Radical new GM engine…