Nitrous Express Releases Universal And 4500 Series Burst Panels

New from Nitrous Express – their burst panels for 4500 series flanges and universal applications. These panels are a cost effective way to prevent damage to intake components in the event of a nitrous backfire. See more details below.

Official Release:

Nitrous Express Burst panels allow pressure relief upon the occurrence of a backfire. These are very cost effective insurance to protect carburetors, throttle bodies, and intake manifolds. There is no need to replace a burst panel after a backfire as the spring loaded and O-ring equipped plates automatically reset and reseal after use.

The universal panels have a 1.5 inch hole that allows quick venting of excessive pressure. They feature an o-ring seal on the manifold sealing surface, which allows them to be easily added to almost any intake manifold.

The 4500 series Carb plate has 4 spring loaded burst panels which allow maximum venting on every side of the plate. Any 4500 series carburetor gasket can be used to seal plate to the carburetor and intake manifold.


  • Billet Aluminum Construction
  • O-Ring Seal
  • Springs automatically reset after a backfire

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