Goodson Releases Engine Pre-Lube Tank


New from Goodson – the engine pre-lube tank. This tank has a 10-quart capacity, plenty for most engines, and has a corrosion-resistant aluminum tank with a built-in pressure gauge. See more details below.

Official Release:

When starting a newly rebuilt engine it is vitally important to have the oiling system pre-lubed and pressurized. This reduces wear on the internal components and prevents possible failure from oil not getting to critical components right away.

Back in the old days, all engines had a distributor. You may ask why is it important to know they had a distributor? What does this have to do with oiling an engine? Well back in the day that was how we pre-lubed the oiling system.

The distributor shaft drives the oil pump. Before installing the distributor we would put an oil pre-lube shaft in the engine and engage the oil pump, running it with a drill until we get oil pressure and oil is coming out of all the push rods. While doing this we would rotate the engine by hand several times to make sure oil gets to all moving parts and fills the oil galleries.

Pressurizing the oil system prevents a dry start when you start the engine.

Today, very few cars come with a distributor. New technology and electronics make engines more efficient and eliminate the distributor. So how are you supposed to pre-lube the engine without the distributor?

Goodson has solved this problem with the Engine Pre-Lube Tank.


  • 10 quart capacity is big enough for all but monster engines
  • Aluminum tank is corrosion resistant and eliminates contamination from rust
  • Filler hose measures 1-3/4″ diameter – you can pour oil right from the bottle – no funnel needed
  • Complete with 1/4″ dia. x 8’L hose, 1/4″ fitting, 1/8″ fitting and an LS1 fitting
  • Built-in pressure gauge shows the actual tank pressure – no guesswork
  • Pop-off pressure release valve eliminates the risk of over-pressurization
  • Patent-pending filler cap design allows you to safely release any residual tank pressure after draining.
  • New, improved ON/OFF ball valve features a stainless steel ball and heavy duty lever to hold up under daily use

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