If You Liked It Then You Shoulda Put A Total Seal Piston Ring On It

If the sound that piston rings make is music to your ears, then this video will really rock your world. We found Total Seal Piston Ring’s video on “identifying ring material by the sound it makes“ as one of those tech tips that you didn’t know about, but should.

In a rapid, but clear explanation, seasoned professional Ed Law shows how anyone can easily separate a bag full of piston rings into top, and middle rings, just by the sound it makes. Law begins by playing a tune on a ductile iron top ring. The audio picks up a higher pitched “ring” to the piston ring, which is the give-away that it is a ductile iron top ring.

Law continues by explaining that most second rings, that are not napier designed, are cast iron. Napier design rings can be cast or ductile iron but are easily identified by sight due to their “hook” or “claw” looking cross-section. The non-napier second rings make a very flat “thud” when the ring is dropped onto a surface. The oil control rings are very easily identified by sight, so Law doesn’t waste time explaining how to identify those.

Total Seal Piston Rings cover almost every type and application of combustion engine piston known to man. From conventional to the gapless rings that they have become known for, Total Seal rings are involved in grassroots racing to almost every car in Formula One. For more information about their products or find out where to purchase their piston rings, visit them online at Total Seal Piston Rings.

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