Learning Power: SAM Tech Ranked As A Top Trade School In Houston

Having the ability to build and machine high-quality engines for racecars is something that takes a special skillset, and that comes from experience or education. For over 32 years the staff at the Houston, Texas-based School of Automotive Machinists & Technology (SAM Tech) has made it possible for aspiring gearheads to gain the knowledge and skills needed to work within the racing industry. Recently, SAM Tech was recognized as the top trade school in the Houston area for graduate salary and job placement by the Houston Chronicle.

When Judson and Linda Massingill started SAM Tech their goal was to fill the automotive performance industry with graduates who had the training and skills to make an impact. SAM Tech now offers multiple programs to help students learn to be expert engine machinists, how to work with EFI systems, and more. Graduates from SAM Tech work with top teams in motorsports and find homes with the biggest companies in the aftermarket industry.

SAM Tech Title IV recipients average a $51,150 salary per year after graduation, making them the top-ranked vocational school in the Houston area. The school also was ranked fifth overall among the colleges and universities in the Houston area, which is impressive considering the caliber of higher-learning institutions in the region. SAM Tech also has an outstanding graduate placement program to help students get their dream job right off the bat after graduation.

“This is a significant achievement for any institution, and confirms SAM Tech’s continued success in providing career-focused training that leads to promising careers,” SAM Tech Executive Director Linda Massingill stated.

If you’re interested in trying to get a job in the racing industry at any level make sure to check out the SAM Tech website to see all the programs they offer.

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