King Engine Bearings’ High-Tech Approach To Bearing Design

The Israel based engineering team at King Engine Bearings has a unique and high-tech approach to how they begin the development of their engine bearings. They took over half a century of real world bearing design and combined it with the industry of tomorrow, the tech sector.

King’s team developed a software called ENSIM (Engine Simulation Software). With ENSIM, King’s “TechLab” has the ability to find the best bearing design for any engine by using complex simulations.

ENSIM is an integral part of King’s initial development of a bearing design, especially for the automotive performance and aviation market. A.J. Bether-Orchowski of King Engine Bearings explains “We developed ENSIM as an instrument capable of calculating loads, geometry, and material selection in a theoretical environment.”

Explaining what advantages this gives King’s team, Orchowski continues, “We can see how the design reacts to the hydrodynamic parameters of friction — minimum oil film thickness, oil temperature rise, power loss, oil flow rate, and pressure distribution. All of those parameters are necessary for material selection and for determination of bearing geometry.”

Having the ability to simulate this using ENSIM gives King’s team the ability to develop higher quality bearings for new and old engine designs at a faster pace than their competitors and introduce designs into the development and prototype phase sooner.

ENSIM is unique in just how truly sophisticated the software is. Orchowski explains that “The software is comprehensive and was built using complex calculations of bearing operation — Pressure vs. crankshaft angle, inertia forces on rotating and linear moving parts, a summary of force acting on each engine bearing vs. crankshaft angle, Hydrodynamic lubrication parameter calculations, and crush height optimization.”

King Engine Bearings’ geographical location also gives them a huge advantage in their ability to be ahead of the pack and ahead of the times. Orchowski explains “King’s factory, TechLab engineering team, and cultural demographic are based in Israel; and Israel’s number one export is technology.” He continues to explain that “When your company operations are based in a country that has an abundance of computer programmers, software engineers, and metallurgists we are able to develop technological and manufacturing efficiencies at their highest level.”

The development of the ENSIM software shows King Engine Bearings commitment to their customers and having their facilities in Israel proves that they are continuously searching for the highest quality bearing designs possible and are always keeping the industry on it’s toes.

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