Isky Cams Introduces New LS Engine Solid And Hydraulic Roller Cams

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When General Motors unleashed the LS engine platform they changed the face of high-performance engines with a fresh platform for racers, and gave aftermarket companies ample opportunities to develop new products. Isky Racing Cams have been helping racers make power for decades so it’s no surprise they’ve jumped into the LS performance market with their camshafts. The new LS-specific hydraulic roller Hydro-Max and solid roller Rad-Max camshafts are Isky’s latest offerings to gearheads to add some muscle to their LSX-powered machines.

Each of these new camshafts from Isky were designed to have the maximum lift area available to help the camshaft provide the most power possible. The cam profiles were developed to use Isky’s EZ-Roll Hydro and EX-Roll Max lifters that have a needle-free design as well.

According to Nolan Jamora from Isky, the new camshafts are able to make power no matter what combination you are using.

“These cams have a large lift area that takes advantage of the lifter, so it can follow the entire profile of the cam–and they make a lot of torque. Each cam is available in a wide variety of grinds for just about any combination and power adders out there,” Jamora says.

To help make picking your new LS camshaft even easier, Isky offers both the Hydro-Max and Rad-Max in a complete cam kit.

“With our complete kits, you get the cam, lifters, springs, pushrods, and retainers, which are designed to match the profile of the camshaft. If you already have high-quality springs you can get just the cam and lifters, so it’s really a one-stop shop for adding power to your LS-based engine,” Jamora explains.

Make sure you check out the Isky website to see all the different Hydro-Max and Rad-Max camshaft profiles that are available.

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