A one-owner dyno that’s spun engines driven by Mario Andretti, Al Unser and Keke Rosberg is now up for sale on eBay.

Legendary engine builder Ryan Falconer is downsizing after moving his operation from the Laguna Seca area to Arizona, and he’s selling a Heenan-Froude G490 dyno with DEPAC controls. With its solid cast-iron foundation and customized controls, this dyno would still be a valuable addition to any engine shop. Asking price on the eBay listing is $16,000.

Falconer purchased this dyno direct from the manufacturer in 1972, and it was in service through the first quarter of 2011 at Falconer’s shop. He says it has a 14,000 rpm limit and can handle up to 1,000 horsepower and 1,200 lb-ft of peak torque. A Toledo direct torque scale is included with the package.

Falconer burst into the motorsport scene after he built the winning Ford engine in Graham Hill’s 1966 Indy 500 Lola. He’s worked for numerous IndyCar teams over the years, especially with Cosworth engines, and he’s tested a few Formula 1 DFV engines. 

Falconer formed a close relationship with GM, helping develop the Formula 5000 engine, the 60-degree V6 off-road engine and the 90-degree V6 that Danny Ongaias and Sal Bundy drove in GTP competition.

“That engine started out at 600 horsepower and we took it to 1,200,” remembers Falconer.

Falconer also used the dyno to develop his famed V12 engine that starts at $65,000 and a unique DOHC inline-6-cylinder engine that starts at $45,000. Now at 72, he works mostly on special high-end projects, like converting IRL race engines for street rods. You can view the eBay listing here.