GSC Power Division’s 7000 Series Cams Raise The Bar For Imports

Nitride CoatingGSC Power Division set out to develop an affordably priced camshaft for the Japanese import market that would continue to outperform their competitors in both performance and design while also setting the bar for quality, in-house R&D that other camshaft manufacturers have yet to follow in this market. Greg Caloudas of GSC Power Division explains, “We wanted to do something different that would set us apart from other camshaft manufacturers.” GSC’s solution — design the first off-the-shelf billet cams for the Japanese import market, GSC’s 7000 series camshafts.

Billet CamsCaloudas explained the heart behind their choice to develop a billet core camshaft, “We knew that we really needed to make a camshaft that was capable of handling the stresses of what our customers put our products throughCustomers are now doubling, tripling, or even quadrupling the horsepower of their OEM engine on the OEM valve train design that was not engineered to withstand these levels. With newer engine technology such as variable valve timing, a cast or assembled camshaft at those levels is in extreme danger of failure.”

GSC took material selection very seriously, Caloudas states, “We use a proprietary variant of forged chromoly steel. The specified alloy has higher than normal fatigue and torsional strength limits. Our billet camshafts then undergo a plasma nitriding process to get the case depth and surface hardness we require. We then post-oxidize all of the camshafts, giving them a low friction protective coating on the entire surface.”

Caloudas explained that the only way GSC could guarantee the success and quality of their billet cams was to bring the entire manufacturing process in house. “Controlling the entire manufacturing processes has allowed us to make design changes to reduce the added weight of the larger profiles and denser billet material,” he explained. Bringing the manufacturing process in house has also allowed GSC to keep the consumer price of the 7000 series down, Caloudas continues “We are able to produce a higher quality piece at about the same cost as our previous cast cams due to machining advances and our streamlined production process.”

GSC has invested in some of the best CNC equipment available and uses multi axis CNC turning centers with custom tooling. Caloudas elaborates, “These advanced machines allow us to cut down on the number of operators required. What used to take 5-6 machines can now be done with a single machine operated by one skilled CNC operator. In order to grind fast and precise enough we use CNC Masterless cam programs and grinders using cubic boron nitrate grinding wheels to produce near perfect lobes at speeds not capable by traditional aluminum oxide grinders.”

GSC Power Division have proven themselves as a market leader. Pushing the boundaries by using processes unheard of in their market and keeping their competitors behind them, constantly pushing industry development forward.

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