Got Ignition Issues? Performance Distributor’s Website Can Help

2016-03-23_14-10-02When it comes to ignition issues that can plague your classic, don’t you wish there was a place you could go to get answers? Hey, this is the Internet, and by checking out Performance Distributors, you can find the answers you need.

If you check out the Professional Tips page, you will find a wealth of information at your fingertips. Just to give you a head’s up, if on a rare occasion, you do have an issue with one of their parts and have a question or encounter a problem not covered on the Professional Tips page, you can email them via the website and get even more help.


Does your distributor have excessive gear wear? This web page can help you diagnose the problem.

Let’s say you have a distributor gear that has abnormal wear and you’re not sure why. This page explains how that can occur, and the proper measures you need to take in order to correct the issue. The Tips page also explains how to properly fit a distributor into your engine, and processes like adding shims and correcting cam walk.

Another ignition issue that can really frustrate people is when there is no ignition spark. This can be caused by many things, and if you are experiencing a no spark problem with your new DUI distributor, they Tips page gives a plethora of information to help you check and test the installation, connections, and components of the unit so that you can get your engine running.

Even if you suspect an electronic part to be defective, they outline steps that will allow you to test the coil inside the cap, the magnetic pick up coil, and the module. Like we said, this page covers almost everything about ignition issues.


shimsHeck, they even answer the question about the phenomena of improper crankcase ventilation that allows oil to enter the distributor. Finally, the Tips page even gets into distributor installation processes that are sometimes overlooked.


The Tips page even explains how to check coils.

So, the next time you are experiencing issues with your ignition, check out the Performance Distributor’s Professional Tips page to get the answers you need, so you can get your car firing on all cylinders.

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