Running a high-performance or racing engine on E85 is a great way to fill an engines octane needs while keeping fuel costs down. The Ford 4.6 liter powerplant is a motor that is still used today by many blue oval fans and can run on E85 with the correct fuel system in place. To assist in making sure the fuel system is complete, Canton Racing Products developed their 25-902 fuel filter for the 4.6-liter engine that works with E85 to eliminate wide open throttle stuttering issues.

A fuel filter isn’t something that sits high on the list of things to address for any racer, but it can become a huge choke point in a fuel system. Since E85 isn’t as energy dense as other fuels, it requires about 30 percent more fuel for your engine than your standard petroleum-based product. An OEM fuel filter won’t be able to handle that extra fuel flow requirement, especially when you’re making over 600 horsepower at the crank.

The 25-902 fuel filter was developed by Canton after customers running E85 with their 4.6-liter engines were having issues at wide open throttle when their engines would begin to stutter. “When talking to the customer we determined that his fuel filter was restricting the flow enough to reduce fuel delivery at the top end, causing it to lean out. We put together the filter using some pieces from existing fuel filter we already had and sent it out. The customer called about a week later saying that it solved the problem under WOT,” says Canton’s Jeff Behuniak about the birth of the 25-902 filter.

The 25-902 is capable of flowing 95 GPH of fuel, so it can support up to 1,000 horsepower on gas, or up to 800 horsepower on E85. This filter is designed to work with all the OEM brackets and hose connectors and will work with aftermarket fuel system parts, as well.

If you are in need of moving some serious fuel through your 4.6 liter engine make sure to check out Canton’s website for all the details on the 25-902 fuel filter.