You can tell early on in this video that something’s not feeling right. This cool looking yet struggling Ford Cosworth V6 just doesn’t sound energetic, but its handlers keep pressing throttle.

The shop is in Finland, and the Hooters-sponsored Capri RS 2600 looks like an old European Touring Car now set up for autocross or club racing. It’s hooked up to a Rototest chassis dyno that features absorbers taking measurements at each wheel hub. Our guess is that the sharply detailed engine is a Cosworth FBE 24-valve V6 at around 3.0 liters. 

After a few painful dyno pulls, something inside the engine decides to retire. The pan is pulled and there’s plenty of shrapnel available for the postmortem analysis.

Hopefully the team can rebuild as that is one nice engine that deserves more time on the track.