Get Connected With Custom Connecting Rods From Saenz Performance

Every engine build has its own unique features and characteristics that require a certain level of custom craftsmanship. Internally, the connecting rods are a key component of the engine that needs to be specific to the build in size and sometimes require a one-off part to be used. Saenz Performance has the ability to provide customers at all levels with connecting rods to fit their needs, from the most standard all the way to a full custom unit.

Saenz Performance was founded by Eduardo Saenz when he opted to start a dedicated company to provide connecting rods and gearboxes to racers around the world. That has grown into a company that provides everything from custom and exotic parts to off-the-shelf solutions for racers everywhere. The company now concentrates mostly on connecting rods that include their Custom Series, Performance Series, and the S-Series rods.

The passion to provide performance products that guided Saenz to found Saenz Performance is still a major part of the company, according to Ignacio Saenz Lancuba.

“We like to offer only the best to our clients; we work with them in every aspect of their build so they can get what they’re really looking for. We cover every area of the market, from budget-minded customers to professional race operations. We try to teach the customer about our products as much as possible so they can feel comfortable choosing us — plus we guarantee full support even after the product has been delivered. We care about the customer’s performance and what’s even more important to us is we care about their engine project.”

To provide the best possible service to their clients, Saenz Performance has a staff of representatives that understand what high-performance customers need when it comes to connecting rods. They take the time to analyze each build and make sure the customer gets the best rod possible, whether it’s a full custom unit, to one of their products that’s in stock and ready to ship.

Check out the Saenz Performance website to see all of their connecting rod solutions that can be used in your next build.

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