Did You Know? Joe Gibbs Driven Talks About Old Engines and New Oils

Joe Gibbs Driven technical section spends a lot of time explaining the how’s and why’s of selecting engine lubrication. Photo from Joe Gibbs Driven

The ongoing discussion over using today’s lubricants in older classic engines has almost every engine builder and oil formulator weighing in on the subject. 

Did you know that the Joe Gibbs Driven website features a extensive tech section dedicated to answering consumer questions by using articles written by engine building professionals?

The recent “New oils and old cars don’t mix” article, written by Mark D. Sarine, owner of the Engine Rebuilders Warehouse in Dania Beach, Florida, examines the ability of new oil formulations to protect older engine technology.  

According to Sarine, “If you have a classic car or race car, I highly recommend using the Joe Gibbs brand oils. We have seen a dramatic reduction in camshaft problems when our engine builders started using the Joe Gibbs brand oils.”

What makes Sarine’s statement seem more credible than most of the endorsements for motor oils is that Sarine makes a living selling engine parts.

“We like selling engine parts, but I hate seeing good parts go bad – Especially when they don’t have to,” says Sarine.

The bottom line to Sarine’s tech article involved the well known reduction of Zinc DialkylDithioPhosphate (ZDDP) in current engine oils. While he does not specify which Driven oil is best for older engines, we can tell you that there are different options in the Driven line:

HR-1 Conventional 15W-50 – Works well in big block muscle cars and blown street rods. Good for engines with original seals. Good for loose bearing clearances.

HR-3 Synthetic 15W-50 – The perfect choice for modified “old school” muscle cars. Excellent protection for big blocks and looser clearance engines. Ideal for long stroke and/or high compression engines.

HR-4 Synthetic 10W-30 – The ultimate in street/strip protection – Excellent start-up protection and the high temperature stability of a synthetic. Great choice for street/strip bracket racers.

Given the nature of Joe Gibbs Driven, and the solid performance of the race teams that helped to develop the lubrication program, a visit to the “Driven” tech center website is well worth the time. 

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