Diamond Unleashes 2,000 HP Capable LS Races Series Pistons

Creating high amounts of horsepower can be extremely harsh on the internal components of an engine, and when you start climbing towards the 2,000-horsepower level the stresses are only magnified. If you don’t have key rotating assembly parts like pistons that can take the abuse, catastrophic engine failure could be on the horizon. Diamond Pistons is here to help fight failure in the LS-based engine world with their LS Race Series Pistons that can support up to 2,000 horsepower.

It has been well documented the amount of power that can be created with an LS engine, so it only made sense for Diamond to find a way to help racers take their combinations to the next level. Evan Perkins from Diamond Pistons explains the thought process behind the development of these stout slugs.

“With more and more LS racers making high, quadruple-digit horsepower, the Diamond team saw a need for a shelf-stock LS piston that could handle serious horsepower out-of-the-box. Previously, those applications would have demanded a custom piston. Developing the LS2K as a stocking part cut down lead times tremendously from a custom, and we have all popular bore sizes, compression heights, and valve pocket configurations covered.”

Diamond put some real thought into these pistons to make sure they had what high-performance junkies would need. The pistons feature a fully-strutted forging, lateral gas ports, valve pockets for different heads, Trend wrist pins, and quality rings. The pistons are designed to work best with power-adder applications with a .230-inch crown and .280-inch top ring land, so they can take on large amounts of cylinder pressure.

If you’re in need of some strong pistons for you LS-based engine build, make sure you check the LS2K pistons right here on the Diamond Pistons website. You can also learn more about how the pistons are made right here.

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