Custom JE Pistons Offer A Wide Variety Of Options

So you want to build a new engine and be different from the crowd–in effect, you are straying from the typical small-block Chevy or Ford, or LS build, and you need custom pistons to make your internal pieces mesh together like a fine Swiss watch. This means you might be using a crankshaft with a different stroke and/or a longer connecting rod, or you want custom pistons with a specific ring package for lower drag and ultimately higher performance. We could go on and on about the different options which are available, but the folks at JE Pistons have put together this quick-hit video just for you.

With a wide variety of specific features which can be chosen during the specification process of a piston order, it’s critical to talk to one of JE’s experts to design the right set of custom pistons for your build. JE’s Sean Crawford runs through the list of options in the video above. These include a number of available options from changing the ring land thickness for power-adder capability, to the types of coatings used, whether a piston will be a full-round skirt or a slipper-style skirt, and if the piston will require dual pin oilers for improved high-rpm oiling.

One item in particular which is critical to know is the deck height of your block. With this dimension–in conjunction with the crankshaft throw and connecting rod length–you can calculate the height of the piston above the wristpin bore. If you get it right, you’ll achieve the correct compression ratio to achieve your goals. But if you get it wrong, you run the risk of smashing a piston crown into the underside of a cylinder head, and nobody wants that. With the help of JE’s engineering staff, you can get the right pistons for your build.

Check out the video to learn more!

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