CFE’s Biggest Small-Block In The World Now On The Water!

You might remember our previous coverage of CFE Racing‘s 600ci small-block Chevy platform. Well, we figured it was about time we revisited this beast after catching wind that New Zealand-based Jet Sprint champion Peter Caughey stuffed the biggest small-block in the world into the back of his SuperBoat in an attempt to further his current series lead.

“We believe in this small-block platform, and it gives us a lighter package than a big-block,” says Caughey. “Having a high power-to-weight ratio is hugely important in our sport, as maneuverability really counts when you go through over 30 corners in as little as 45 seconds.”

The block started life as a CFE billet 570 engine, which was then bored and stroked by TrackSport Engines in Auckland, New Zealand, before finally being fitted with a custom Bryant crankshaft. Fuel injection is managed by a custom billet alloy Engler injection manifold, while spark is timed through an MSD Pro Mag 12 lightweight distributor and Motec engine management system.

“Our old motor was an engineering marvel, and this new motor we feel has lifted the standard. There are lots of little details that we’ve done, which all took a lot of effort by the Sprintec team,” states Caughey.

Caughey’s 1,000+ horsepower 600ci “Mega Monster” made its debut at round five of the Altherm New Zealand Jetsprint Championship, and this methanol-fed engine’s power delivery proved to have a steep learning curve for Caughey, where he barely managed to hold onto his series lead with a fourth place finish for the weekend.

Will Caughey be able to wrangle in the power enough to hold on to his first place lead? We’ll just have to wait and see after the final round of the Jet Sprint championship on April 15th. For a full list of available parts for your build, be sure to check out the CFE Racing website for more info.

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