Breathing Deep: AFR’s Mongoose LS3 Heads Move Big Air

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Making big power requires a set of cylinder heads that can flow plenty of air while still being ultra efficient, and the team at Air Flow Research (AFR) specialize in producing heads that can accomplish this. AFR was one of the first to provide an aftermarket head option for the LSX engines and they have stepped up again with their Mongoose LS3 cylinder head. This aluminum head is CARB-legal and can flow huge amounts of air to help any LS3 engine combination make a brutal amount of horsepower.

The Mongoose LS3 head features a 260 cc runner volume that is capable of flowing 384 cfm of air at .700-inches of lift. The intake and exhaust runners, along with the combustion chambers, are CNC-ported from AFR. The heads are designed to work on engines with a 4.000-inch or bigger bore and have up to 454 cubic-inches of displacement. AFR decided to use a quality virgin A356 aluminum casting with a 3/4-inch deck height to make the Mongoose LS4 heads stronger than the OEM heads so they can take virtually anything you throw at them.

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According to AFR’s Tim Torrecarion, this head is designed for those who want more power, but don’t want a set of all-out racing cylinder heads. “This head is geared toward the weekend warrior who doesn’t necessarily have a dedicated racecar. It’s a head that street/strip racers, autocross racers, or anybody else who just wants to make some power and stay CARB-legal can use. We will be following this head up with another that’s more race oriented in the future for those looking to make even more horsepower.”

Check out AFR’s website to get all the information on the Mongoose LS3 head and how it can help your car make some big power on the street.

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