The growth of camshaft technology has pushed the boundaries further and further on what an engine builder can do to make horsepower; it’s also created a need for stronger parts in the valvetrain. Lifters are a key part of what keeps a strong valvetrain going, so picking the correct set of lifters is vital to ensure your engine package lasts, and that’s where Howards Cams comes in. The Black Venom series of lifters from Howard’s are designed to stand up to the most extreme conditions possible while delivering great performance.

17554246_1164311507023989_951833979473160913_nTo guarantee the Black Venom lifters would fit the needs of racers who spin their engines very hard, Howards Cams went back to the drawing board to add some great features to their lifters. The Black Venom are combat-ready as soon as you open the box, according to Howards’ Brian Adix. “These tie-bar lifters were designed for punishing applications where you see high spring pressures, big rocker ratios, high RPMs, or any other extreme lifter load conditions. The load capacity of these .842-inch diameter Black Venom lifters is the greater than an Ultra-Max .936-inch diameter lifter.”


Howards Cams packed the Black Venom lifters with some great features from the start that make them a great choice for any project. The lifters have a diamond-like coating that helps with wear durability and reduce friction. The oil enters the lifter between the axle and wheel to create an oil wedge to keep the lifter lubricated no matter the load. The Black Venom lifters use a .300-inch tall body that allows the lifter to fit most engine block styles that are used in racing today.

Check out Howards Cams website to see more details on the Black Venom lifters, and all the different applications they’re available for.