Armstrong Race Engineering Casts New Customizable Dry Sump Oil Tanks

Armstrong Race Engineering, Inc. has been a heavy player in the dry sump industry for decades. Specializing in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of cast aluminum racing engine components, ARE has combined their years of experience and knowledge to now offer customizable dry sump oil tanks with a cast top and bottom.

“These are the most advanced dry sump tanks made,” claims Gary Armstrong, founder of ARE. Armstrong has included all the common ports used on dry sump oil tanks with this new design, eliminating the need for add-ons.

ARE now offers cast tops and bottoms for their six-inch diameter oil tanks. Tanks can be indexed and are available in any height. All common ports are included.

The tanks are made of a special aerospace aluminum alloy A356, and are heat treated to T-6. Top and bottom pieces are cast rather than fabricated like most tanks. According to Armstrong, this provides a stronger, more reliable piece.

“The dendritic structure offers castings that are stronger and more vibration resistant that billet,” he explains. “Billet aluminum, like wood, has a grain structure so it is only stronger in one direction. Castings offer a fluid shaped structure that does not create stress risers. That is why all Formula One dry sumps, Indy Car, and aerospace parts are made from castings.”

Overall weight is kept within 14-ounces of ARE’s fabricated tanks.

All outlets are four-axis CNC machined for AN fittings with Viton O-ring seals. The top side of the tank includes dual scavenge returns, vents, and an air return fitting for the patented Spintric air separator. A top mounted oil fill cap and a billet dip-stick make filling and checking oil levels a breeze.

The bottom includes ports for an oil heater and temperature sending unit. An oil supply and center drain plug round out the list of ports, making additional add-ons unnecessary. Any unused ports are capped with AN Viton plugs. Tops and bottoms are able to be indexed in order to fit your application and are easily disassembled for cleaning.

Inside seamless tube tank, baffles are designed to keep oil flowing even during the highest of G-forces. Tanks are only six-inches in diameter and are available in all common sizes. Custom heights can be special ordered through email or over the phone. CAD drawings are available on ARE’s website for dimensions.

Tank tops and bottoms are cast aluminum, but all fittings and parts are CNC machined. Batches of 50 to 100 are produced at one time making even special orders available within one week.

“Because the tops and bottoms are fully CNC machined, we make them 50 to 100 at a time and stock our common sizes 90% of the time.  A special height version should normally be available within a week,” adds Armstrong.

Tanks are also available for the Z06 Corvette designed with an offset oil cap and top mount configuration for an under fender retro-fit. ARE also offers a variety of cast alloy oil pans including kits for the Z06 and many other applications.

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