Al-Anabi Custom V6 Powers Outlaw 10.5 Corvette To New World Record

Yes, you read that correctly, a V6.

Several years ago, Al-Anabi Performance and Alan Johnson Performance Engineering (AJPE) secretly worked together on building a V6 engine. In common terms, a 481X engine with the front two cylinders cut off to form a V6 base with all the same internals tucked nice and neat in the billet exterior. A few months ago, one of these engines found it’s way to Pro Line Racing in Ball Ground, GA to be installed into the frame rails of a Chevrolet Corvette, destined for overseas competition in the ADRL (Arabian Drag Racing League).


The “KH Series V6” was installed at PLR headquarters along the FuelTech FT500 system and more to have the car race ready when it arrived at Qatar Racing Club (QRC).

The Jerry Bickel built Chevrolet Corvette arrived at PLR ready for assembly by the trained professionals that call the Georgia based facility home. Along with the AJPE/Al-Anabi custom V6 powerplant, the new FuelTech FT500 engine management system was installed to keep the engine happy and tuned correctly. Billet Atomizer sent in a set of their game-changing 700 injectors to provide adequate fuel to the KH Series V6 engine, along with a pair of 98mm Precision turbochargers to slam boost into the engine.

After complete assembly at PLR, the crew flew the car overseas along with master tuner Steve Petty to iron the car out in pre-race testing for the first ADRL event of the season at the Qatar Racing Club in Doha. Moe Atat was dubbed the driver of this beast, and with Petty on site, the possibility of big numbers were in the back of everyone’s mind. As pre-race testing wrapped up, the car made a few good A-to-B consistent laps to have the team feeling good rolling into the race day. But nobody was guessing world records.

PLR supertuner Steve Petty found something in the data before Rd. 2 of Eliminations - sending Atat and AAP into the Outlaw 10.5 record books.

PLR supertuner Steve Petty found something in the data before Rd. 2 of Eliminations – sending Atat and AAP into the Outlaw 10.5 record books.

In the second round of eliminations, the stars aligned and Atat wheeled the deal to a new Outlaw 10.5 world record to the tune of 3.91 seconds at over 198 miles per hour! This run claimed the world record back for the Qatar Racing Club, which held the previous number by Dave Hance and Todd Tutterow in seasons past. AAP won the event and sits atop the point after Round 1 of 5. The question that is on everyone’s mind now is if can the record be lowered even more, even to the 3.80s, before the end of the Arabian Drag Racing League season wraps up.

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