Precision Turbo Introduces HPL with Boosted Technology Synthetic Oil

Precision Turbo and Engine is proud to introduce a new line of lubricants specifically designed for high performance engines, including turbocharged and supercharged engines. Check it out here! Read More


Video: Prestige Gains HP On 572 Hemi with Holley Dual-Quad EFI Kit

Prestige Motorsports builds another 572 cubic-inch Hemi, this time featuring Holley's Terminator dual-quad EFI. We compare the numbers three-ways with dual carbs and individual stack injection. Dyno results here! Read More


AEM Introduces X-Series Wideband UEGO Air/Fuel Ratio Controllers

New from AEM – X-Series Wideband UEGO air/fuel ratio controllers. These devices promise rapid response times when put to the test as you tune your motor. Check 'em out! Read More


Video: A Short And Sweet Piston History Lesson From Costa Mesa R&D

John Edwards from Costa Mesa R&D details some of the most interesting and unique piston features from the internal combustion engine. This is must-see TV! Read More


Engine Pro Gives Away New Racing Engine To One Good Racer

One longtime racer outlasted the rest of a hand-picked field to take home a race engine valued at $17,000 in a recent event held at US131 Motorsports Park. Find out the details inside. Read More

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Hemi Engine Honored by British Drag Racers

Mopar and the iconic Hemi engine were given the Global Achievement Award by British Drag Racing Hall of Fame. Read the story to find out whose wife's name is engraved on each award. Read More


BluePrint Engines Launches 400ci Engine Line With Cast Iron Block

New from BluePrint Engines – 400ci V8 engines with new cast iron blocks. These motors take up where GM left off in 1980 by using precision CNC-machined iron blocks as a foundation. Check 'em out! Read More

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Can F1 Technology Save The Internal Combustion Engine?

A team of Formula 1 engineers is trying to extract enough efficiency out of a 3-cylinder engine to make it competitive with electrics and hybrids. Find out more about this unique project. Read More


Want To Build Your Own Voodoo Engine? Now’s Your Chance!

With the first Shelby GT350s barely beginning to be delivered, we're already getting wind that the Shelby's Voodoo V8 will be available to piece together from Ford. Who will be the first to build and swap one? Read More

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Mahle Aftermarket Names Paul Nelson Champion Technician

Paul Nelson's passion for teaching engine building and machine operations has earned him the fifth annual Mahle Aftermarket Champion Technician award. Learn more about this award. Read More

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Record-setting Team ARP Early Favorite In Engine Building Contest

Team ARP from Fort Valley, Georgia, set a new record while qualifying for the Hot Rodders of Tomorrow Engine Challenge Championship. Check out the story to see how fast they built their SBC engine. Read More


DeatschWerks Releases HDEV1700 High Flow Fuel Injector

New from DeatschWerks – the HDEV1700 high flow fuel injector. It has drop-in fitment for many applications using the Bosch HDEV5 injector platform, including the Ford EcoBoost engines. Check it out! Read More


Video: One Of The Oldest Otto-Langen Engines Makes 1/2 Horsepower

The engine in this video is the third-oldest gas engine in the world that's still operational. The 1867 Otto-Langen engine is a predecessor to the later four-cycle design. Check it out! Read More


The 26th Advanced Engineering Technology Conference Is Almost Here

The date for the Advanced Engineering Technology Conference is approaching, and seats are filling up quickly. The information presented can take a lifetime to acquire otherwise. We'll be there -- will you? Read More


Video: 2016 5.0-liter Cobra Jet Engine Validation Testing

Check out the sights and sounds of Ford's 2016 Cobra Jet engine program in action! The company performed validation testing to provide racers with a serious competition package. Read More


Video: On-Board A High-Revving LT-5-Powered Opel Kadett Hill Climber

Norbert Vornholt's '76 Opel Kadett C-Coupe, driven by Holger Hovemann, competes in German hill climb events. A 350 cubic-inch LT5 engine powers the ride at over 8,000 RPM. Click to ride on-board this screamer! Read More


Manley Performance Celebrates 50 Years In the Biz

50 years is a long time to be in business; the folks at Manley Performance say they're just getting started. More on the longtime performance parts manufacturer inside! Read More

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Video: 4,000+ HP Streetable BBC From SME For Karl Chamberlin

Two tons of real, measured horsepower on the dyno is the result of this 670ci big-block Chevy monster from Steve Morris Engines. A pair of turbos make huge power on the dyno. Check out the details inside! Read More

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Inside the 2,500-horsepower BBC in the World’s Baddest Camaro

Texan Mike Keisling wants to go 250 mph in the standing mile, so he asked Tom Nelson to help build the baddest COPO Camaro and stuff a 632ci BBC under the hood. We take a peek at the twin-turbo beast. Read More

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