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Patent Filing Hints Of New Mazda Turbo Rotary

Mazda has filed patent papers that indicate a new turbo rotary is in the works. Check out the details and look over the car it may power someday. Read More


Superchargers In The Desert – LT4 Trophy Truck At Danzio Performance

Danzio Performance is a key player in the desert racing engine world. Building engines for everything from Trophy Trucks to limited buggies they always have something interesting in the shop. Read More

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New Engines Boast Advanced Camless, Turbo and Diesel Technologies

Three new engines were unveiled in recent weeks, showcasing new ideas in camless, turbocharging and diesel technologies. Which is your favorite? Read More

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Video: The World’s Smallest CO2 Powered V12 Engine

With only 100 made, you will have to look deep into the model engine and model plane market to get your hands on the world's smallest CO2 powered V12 engine. Read More

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World’s Smallest Engine Is A Single Atom

Scientists have downsized an engine to a single atom. It's not very efficient but it works. Check out how much power it makes. Read More

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Precision Turbo Launches 1,300 Horsepower GEN2 PT7675 CEA Turbo

Precision Turbo And Engine has just released its much anticipated GEN2 PT7675 CEA turbocharger that is capable of supporting up to 1,300 horsepower. Check it out! Read More


Armstrong Race Engineering Casts New Customizable Dry Sump Oil Tanks

Get the details on Armstrong Race Engineering's new cast aluminum dry sump oil tanks. We cover all the features including ports and height options with some input from ARE's Gary Armstrong. Pics and details here! Read More


Video: Delving Into BMW’s Most Powerful F1 Engine

The BMW M12 started life as a modest 1500cc engine powering a family sedan. Few imagined that 20 years later, it would grow into a 1,300 horsepower monster. Read More


Video: Nelson Racing Twin Turbo 632ci BBC “Street Engine”

Cherry red glowing headers accent this 632ci twin turbo BBC in a street friendly build that is capable of 2,500 horsepower. Read More

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Exploring Volumetric Efficiency With AEM

AEM's Volumetric efficiency-based tuning makes best use of an engine's parts combo by delivering the right amount of fuel at the right point in the curve. Read More


A FAST EZ-EFI Full-Color Handheld Upgrade That You’ll Want To Do

Owners of the first gen EZ-EFI can now upgrade to a full-color, touch screen handheld with added features and diagnostics. We upgraded ours in a matter of minutes and it was well worth the upgrade. Read More


Hemi For The Water: Amphibious Motorsports

Building a Hemi for a Lucas Oil Drag Boat series Pro-Mod is a serious task. We had a look into the evolution of one teams powerplant program. Read More


DeatschWerks Launches DWR1000 Adjustable Fuel Regulator

DeatschWerks now offers the DWR1000 adjustable fuel pressure regulator. It's designed mainly for ethanol compatibility, and uses materials suited for E85 like stainless steel, anodized aluminum, and nitrile. Read More

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Video: Story of How RoushYates Engines Was Formed

A new video tells the story of rivals Jack Roush and Robert Yates forming RoushYates Engines, then sitting on the front row at Daytona first time out. Read More


C&R Racing Breaks The Mold On Aluminum Radiator Modules

Aluminum radiators have been around for over a 100 years. C&R shares new technology that allows for increased strength, higher pressures, and greater durability with its extruded tube radiator design. Read More


Video: Taming a 1,300-HP Turbo F1 Monster

With only four cylinders displacing 1.5 liters, the BMW M12 powering this car delivered its immense power in the least progressive, most spectacular way. Read More


Congressman Meets With Summit Racing, Pledges To Fight EPA Proposal

In our fight against the EPA's regulation, we've recruited a powerful ally in the form of Congressman Tim Ryan. It's good to have friends in high places, and we're hoping that it pays off. Read More

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6-Point or 12-Point? The Case For ARP’s 12-Point Fasteners

Mechanics often wonder why there are 6-point and 12-point fasteners, many times starting a debate about the pros and cons of each. We make a case for ARP Fasteners' 12-point fasteners as the best. Read More


Breaking News: EPA Withdraws Racecar Regulation From Proposal

You spoke out, you signed the petition, and your voice was heard. SEMA President and CEO Chris Kersting released the good news yesterday that the EPA withdraws wording that would affect the aftermarket and racing. Read More

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