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Video: AEM’s AEMdata Analysis Software Now Has Video Encoding

AEM's AEMdata analysis software has a cool new feature that makes it even better to use than before – video encoding. Users can now overlay their logged data on third party video taken at the track. Read More


How Much Power Does Coyote VCT Account For? AEM Answers The Question

How much of a horsepower and torque difference does the VCT system make on a Coyote engine? AEM answers those questions when they test their Infinity control system with and without VCT on a stock Coyote engine. Read More


Motovicity Unveils Contingency Program For Shop Cars

Does your shop campaign a race car? If so, Motovicity's contingency program allows shops campaigning their own vehicles an opportunity to earn credits on their Motovicity account based on finishing position. Read More


Video: Book Racing’s Aussie Pro Stock Small Block Mopars Crank It Up

Check out this pair of Aussie Pro Stock 400 cubic-inch bullets winding up the Book Racing Enterprises dyno. The sound of big power from small cubes - with no power-adder - is music to our ears! Read More


Edelbrock’s 10th Annual Car Show To Feature Hot Rods And Festivities

As Edelbrock continues to innovate and supply car enthusiasts with high-performance products, their 10th annual car show is around the corner. With festivities for all ages it's an event no enthusiast should miss. Read More

Video: Engine Build Seen 8X Quicker As Techs Dance Around Engine

Check out this eight-times-faster engine build that took place at the recent Battle of the Techs competition at the World of Wheels show in Calgary. Read More


Video: ACCEL IT Series Nationwide Hunt for Cars to Upgrade

The ACCEL Performance Group's exciting new wed-based video series, ACCEL IT, will feature vehicles from around the country getting an ACCEL performance product upgrade. See how you could be next! Read More


Video: Dyno Joe’s NMRA Coyote Mod Bullet Hammers Holbrook’s Dyno

Dyno Joe Cram has taken a serious step up with his NMRA Coyote Modified racer this offseason, employing the services of noted engine builder Chris Holbrook for a new engine to propel him to the top of the class. Read More


Mr. Gasket Releases Headlock Header Bolts

Exhaust leaks are everyone's enemy. New from Mr. Gasket are Headlock Header Bolts, eliminating lock washers and header exhaust leaks. Headlock Bolts feature 24 sharp teeth locking the bolt to your header flange. Read More

Edelbrock SB Sweepstakes-2

Win A 520 HP Edelbrock Enforcer Blown And Built SB Chevy 350!

If you ever wanted a blown and built 520 HP Small-Block Chevy V8 to drop into your car or truck, Edelbrock is about to give you a chance to win one. Check it out inside! Read More


Video: Steve Morris-built Blown 615ci BBC Cracks 3,000 Horsepower

Steve Morris Engines was recently commissioned to build what has become an exquisite display of horsepower and torque that not only looks absolutely insane - it has the dyno numbers to match its appearance. Read More


Video: RoushYates Assembles FR9 Engine; Also Wins 100th Cup Race

RoushYates Engines released a video showing the assembly of a FR9 engine bound for a Ford team running in the Daytona 500. Wonder if it was the same engine that gave RoushYates its 100th NASCAR Cup victory? Read More


Design Engineering Inc. Debuts Titanium Spark Plug Wire Covers

DEI has released its V8 Titanium Protect-A-Wire Kit to save your spark plug wires from the heat. It's made from titanium to protect your wires from high temps. Details inside. Read More


Video: Koul Tools Offers Tips For Using EZ-On Hose Press

The Koul Tools EZ-On Hose Press offers simplified installation of those frustrating hose ends. In this video, inventor Dick Raczuk covers installation tips gained from in-field use of the product.. Read More

Chevrolet-powered racecars in the 2015 Verizon IndyCar Series will feature new Chevy-developed aero packages for road courses and short oval competition.

Chevy Makes Slight Change to 2015 IndyCar V6 To Support New Aero Kit

Chevy showed off its new IndyCar road-racing aero kit for the 2015 season and explained the changes needed to adapt a tighter engine cover. We also take a look at what's under the cover. Read More


Naiser Racing Shows Off New X275 Turbo Motor for Team Deez

There's a popular X275 racer switching from big-block nitrous to small-block turbo. Find out the car and learn more about the Jeff Naiser-built bullet! Read More


Video: A Look At Scat Crankshafts’ Manufacturing Process

This neat behind-the-scenes look at Scat Crankshafts' facility follows through the machining processes to make many of their products. Check it out! Read More


Video: Survival Motorsports And 482 Cubic Inches Of FE Fury

Check out this hot 482 cubic inch Ford FE engine winding up the Survival Motorsports dynamometer. Survival's Barry Rabotnick designed the engine to offer big torque numbers and be easy on the owner at the gas pump. Read More


AFR’S New Big Block Ford “Bullitt” CNC Ported Cylinder Heads

No V8 should be restricted in its time of need for fuel and air. It's time to open your Big Block Ford up and put some Air Flow Research CNC Ported heads on. They're flow tested and ready to run. Check 'em out! Read More

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