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Unique 2-stage Turbo Announced for Nissan Titan 5.0L Diesel

There's a little more insight into the 5.0-liter Cummins V8 diesel that will power the next-generation Nissan Titan. Here's a quick look at the 2-stage Holset M2 turbo! Read More


Aluminum BBC Street Engine Pumps Out Great Numbers On Dyno

Check out this stock-appearing big-block Chevrolet engine - the 1969 Corvette it's destined for has no idea what's coming. Dyno numbers and more information inside! Read More


School Of Automotive Machinists Places Fourth At Engine Masters

The School of Automotive Machinists placed fourth in this year's Engine Masters Challenge. The school educates engine builders who go on to work at some of the racing industry's leading shops. Read More


Randy Dorton Hendrick Engine Builder Showdown Winners Named

Assembly times keep getting faster in the Randy Dorton Hendrick Engine Builder Showdown as teams become more familiar with EFI and other complexities of the NASCAR engine. Find out who won! Read More


Video: Non-Intercooled BBC Makes 1,600+ Horsepower On SME Dyno

Steve Morris Engines is back on the dyno with yet another killer big-block Chevrolet supercharged engine; this one is slated for Ronnie Hobbs' '57 Corvette show/street/strip car. Big power ahead! Read More


Engine Dyno: Street VW Sounds and Looks Great!

VWs need love, too; and here's a dressed-up Type 1 built for the street with a nice, flat torque curve. Check out the action in the dyno video! Read More


Edelbrock Debuts Super Victor II Intake Manifolds For BBCs

Edelbrock has the goods for enthusiasts of the big block Chevy V8s. The new Super Victor II intake runners offer an additional 25 horsepower thanks to improvements to casting and overall design. Read More


Video: Time Lapse Fun With Porsche 3.3 Liter Turbo Engine

More time-lapse video, this time at the hands of two Mashmotors Ltd. technicians as they rebuild this 3.3L Porsche turbo engine. You don't see one of these every day! Read More


Video: Honda Reenters Formula One Wars With Turbocharged 1.6L V6

The Formula One wars are heating up, with Honda set to re-enter the fiercely-contested racing category in 2015 with this wicked new powerplant. Find out more about it inside! Read More


Videos: Ducati’s New Testastretta Desmodromic VVT Engine

Ducati's new Desmodromic Valve Timing engine borrows heavily from the automotive world to create a motorcycle engine with true variable valve timing. Check out these two videos for more! Read More


Mysterious Final Ride Set For Magneto Master Don Zig

The late Don Zig will take his final ride down the dragstrip this weekend, but details are being kept a secret. Find out why and learn a little more about this legendary magneto expert. Read More


Lingenfelter Launches GT9 HYD Roller Camshaft for LS Series Motors

The new GT9 HYD roller camshaft from Lingenfelter works on popular LS series engines to deliver powerful performance with a smooth idle. Read up on its stats here. Read More


Video: MAHLE Talks – Markings On Engine Bearings

Ever wonder what all those markings on the back of Clevite engine bearings mean? Watch this video as Bill McKnight, engine bearing guru at MAHLE-Clevite, explains all the stamped markings. Read More


Video: Time-Lapse Build Of Buick Grand National Engine

Check out this time-lapse of a stroked 4.1L Buick V6 in the process of assembly for OneBadGoat's '87 Grand National. Sweet vid! Read More


Dyno Flashback: Edelbrock Shows Off Clayton Model in 1948

Want to see the dyno used to record the first known test of a naturally aspirated engine to pull one horsepower per cubic inch? Check out this retrospect from Edelbrock! Read More


UPDATE: 2,000-plus Horsepower Pro Mod Six-Cylinder VQ35 Engine

The McGregor family out of New Zealand is back with their wicked VQ35 six-cylinder engine that's tuned by Shane T - with a big horsepower increase. You may remember this bullet from earlier this year. Read More


RTS Tooling’s Positive Supportive Ring Squaring Tool Saves Time

RTS Tooling introduces its new Positive Supportive Ring Squaring Tool to help simplify the ring gapping process. Across multiple makes and bore sizes, this tool does what you need, when you need it. Read More


WWII Turbosupercharger Tech Info In This Fascinating Vintage Film

You have to see this WW II documentary/training film that deconstructs the turbosupercharger found on B-17 and B-24 bombers. You'll love the animation, propaganda language and maybe learn a little. Check it out! Read More


Videos: Watch the Assembly of a Bentley V8 Torque Monster

Here are a couple videos that follow the assembly of a Bentley V8 engine that is based on a single-cam, two-valves-per-cylinder platform dating back to 1959. The engine makes 811 lb-ft of torque at just 1,750 rpm! Read More

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