Video: 10,000 RPM On The Dyno Can Brighten Anyone’s Day!

Gotta love how big-bore, short-stroke engines spin past 10,000 rpm, and this beauty from QMP Racing is no exception. Don't forget to turn up the volume on this 900-horsepower-plus small-block! Read More


What Every Enthusiast Should Know About Pump Gas and E85 Fuels

Before you put your car away for a long winter's nap, or start converting it over to run on E85 for its cheaper high-octane properties, there's a few things you should know to keep your fuel system fully operational Read More


Video: Mike Curcio Race Products Builds, Dynos 427 FE Pump Gas Motor

This pump-gas 427 Ford FE engine spun the dyno to respectable numbers - it'll be a stout street performer. Mike Curcio Race Products put the bullet together and invited us to check out the dyno sessions firsthand! Read More


900-horsepower Tundra V8 Featured in Camry ‘Sleeper’ Funny Car

We have details on the supercharged Toyota engine build found in the unique 'sleeper' Camry funny car that debuted at SEMA and now is at the LA Auto Show. Check out the story for more! Read More


Ford Offers Just a Little Insight Into The GT350’s New 5.2L V8

Not much is known about Ford's new 5.2-liter V8 scheduled for the 2016 Mustang GT350, but EngineLabs coaxed a little insight behind the design strategy that surrounds the unique flat-plane crankshaft. Read More


900-horsepower Laser-beam Engine Could Be Chevy’s Next Big-block!

As part of a Gran Turismo 6 concept for a futuristic interpretation of the famed Chaparral racecar, Chevy envisions a 900-horsepower laser-based engine to replace the venerable all-alloy big-block. Check it out! Read More


Eco-Motive Receives Patent For Dual-Fuel H-Motor Powerplant

A brand-new patent has just been issued to Eco-Motive for their all-new H dual-fuel powerplant. Find out more about this exciting energy-conserving technology inside! Read More


New Cadillac ATS-V Will Have 455-Horsepower Twin-turbo V6

Cadillac already has a twin-turbo V6 making 420 horsepower. The next version of this direct-injected engine will make at least 455 horsepower with 455 lb-ft peak torque when the ATS-V is released. Read More


SCE Releases High-Temp Graph Form Exhaust Gaskets

When you ask a lot of your motor, whatever is left stock will likely underperform. SCE's new high-temp graph form exhaust gaskets are up to the task, however, with state-of-the-art composite construction. Read More


Borowski Race Engines Builds Killer LS3 Nitrous Combo – With Video!

The team at Borowski Race Engines is at it again; this time with a nitroused LS3 powerplant making big power. They're using Holley's HP EFI system to control both the engine's fueling requirements and the nitrous. Read More


Mercedes F1 Engine Wins Powertrain Innovation of the Year Award

Mercedes-AMG captured the prestigious Powertrain Innovation of the Year award at the recent Professional MotorSport World Expo. No surprise there, but check out the story to see how Mercedes makes all that power! Read More


Video: Trick Flow Builds/Dynos 572 BBC For IHRA’s Top Class Champ

As part of the prize package for the 2014 IHRA Summit Super Series Top Class Championship, Trick Flow Specialties provides this awesome 572-cube big-block Chevy engine. Check out the dyno pull! Read More


AEM’s Infinity EMS Powers Carey Bales To Best ET; 1,300+ Horsepower

Four cylinders and north of 1,300 horsepower gets you seven second elapsed times. Learn more about Carey Bales' incredible AEM Infinity EMS-powered Honda S2000 engine inside! Read More


VW Uses Twin Turbos, Electric Supercharger in Hot 2.0-liter Diesel

Volkswagen isn't fooling around when it comes to diesel technology, showing off a 2.0-liter TDI 4-cylinder that pumps out 268 horsepower with twin turbos and an electric supercharger. Find out more. Read More

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eBay Find: Rare Numbers-Matching Barn Find 340 Six Pack Engine

The 1970 Mopar Six Pack engine has long been emulated by the aftermarket due to its scarcity - now you have the chance to own your very own example. eBay find ahead! Read More

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Legendary Engine Builder Ed Pink Presented Petersen Award At SEMA

Noted engine builder Ed Pink stepped on stage at the recent SEMA show to accept the Robert E. Petersen Lifetime Achievement award. It's yet another feather in the cap of the fellow called the "Old Master. Read More


GM Explains Crankshaft Micropolishing Operation for 5.3L EcoTec3 V8s

Micropolishing the crankshafts in the new 5.3-liter EcoTec3 V8 engines requires tolerances as thin as a human blood cell. Find out how GM meets these targets. Read More


Canton Racing Products Offering Superb Deals In Garage Sale

Canton Racing Products is offering a number of new and like-new oiling system and other high quality components in their limited-time (while supplies last) Garage Sale. Read More


Video: Stock-block Chevy Indy Car Engine Revives Glorious Memories

At one time almost 20 cars with stock-block engine, most of them Chevy's, entered the Indy 500. This engine on the dyno could have been one of them. Take a brief ride back to the glory days of stock-blocks at Indy! Read More

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