eBay Find: ZL-1 Aluminum Engine Assembled With New Old Stock Parts

Rare to see a complete ZL1 come up for sale; this particular bullet was redone with NOS parts and carries an appropriate pricetag. Check it out! Read More


World’s Most Powerful Outboard Relies On Supercharged LSA V8

Weighing nearly 1,100 pounds, the world's most powerful outboard motor features a supercharged 6.2-liter LSA engine. Follow the link to learn more about this sophisticated but brutish outboard. Read More


Ford Uses 3D Printing Technology On EcoBoost Race Engine

3D printing technology helped Ford Racing develop a revised intake manifold for 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine in the Chip Ganassi Daytona Prototype that won the 24 Hours of Daytona this year. Find out more! Read More

2015 Ram ProMaster can be equipped with 3.6 liter Pentastar V-6

FCA’s Pentastar V-6 Engine Family Marks 5 Million Engines In May ’15

As the obvious workhorse in the Fiat Chrysler America stable, the Pentastar V-6 engine family just rolled their 5 millionth engine down the line in May '15. That's an achievement from the venerable V-6 engine line. Read More


A Failure Of One GT500’s 5.8-liter Trinity Engine

The 5.8-liter Trinity engine in the 2013/14 Shelby GT500 is impressive - until it fails. We venture some observations of this engine that has met its match in the power department. Check it out inside! Read More


Dyno Video: New Victory Motorcycle Engine Prepped For Pikes Peak

Here's the first look at a new V-twin engine that will power a custom Victory motorcycle at Pikes Peak next month. Not much is known about the liquid-cooled DOHC motor, but it sure sounds cool on the dyno. Read More


Editorial: GM, The DMCA and Copyrights – Do You Own Your Car?

Some think that GM is going too far by not wanting to allow enthusiasts to "tune" their cars. We have some thoughts on the subject, how about you? Read More


Can This Device Turn Regular Air Into Nitrous Oxide?

The manufacturer of Air2Nitrous says its new product will turn regular air into nitrous oxide, boosting power and fuel economy while lowering emissions? Fact or fiction? Read More


AEM Releases Flex Fuel Ethanol Content Sensor Kits

AEM's new Fuel Ethanol Content (Flex Fuel) Sensor Kits ensure optimum engine calibration for a performance vehicle's fuel ethanol content. Check them out! Read More


Video: Two-Stroke Engine Exposes Combustion Process To The World

This miniature two-stroke engine was built with a glass cylinder to showcase the combustion process. Watch the mixture fill the cylinder and become fire! Read More


Video: Nissan BDKA 2.6-liter Four Cylinder Screams On The Dyno

Check out this awesome four-cylinder Nissan engine as it reaches 8,000 rpm on the Les Collins Racing dyno. Music to the ears right here! Read More


Video: 3.0-liter Fondmetal V10 Formula 1 Cuts Loose On The Dyno

Want to hear a high-revving blast from the past? Check out this dyno video of a restored 3.0-liter Fondmetal V10 Formula 1 engine on the dyno. Read More

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Siemens Rolls Out a Game-Changing Electric Aircraft Engine

Siemens has introduced an electric aircraft engine with a power-to-weight ratio that could eventually make it viable for commercial aviation use. Check out some of the details inside! Read More


Video: Supercharged Porsche V8 Pulls Nearly 900 Horsepower

Porsche horsepower generally stimulates images of flat-6 turbo engines, but the iconic German automaker also produces V8s. Check out the Vortech supercharger on this 900-horsepower V8 built by 928 Motorsports. Read More


What Is A Real Completely Rebuilt DZ 302 Worth?

It might not be a hidden gem, but someone in the Charlotte, North Carolina, area has listed a real deal DZ 302 pulled from a '69 Camaro and asked the difficult question - What's it worth? Read More


eBay Find: 427 Cammer Ford Assembled From New Old Stock Parts

The mythical beast of an engine known as the Cammer is perhaps the crowning achievement of Ford's engineering effort in the 1960s. There's one available on eBay right now - how bad do you want it? Read More


Isky Racing Cams Introduces New EZ-Hydro Roller Lifters

Isky has introduced their new EZ-Hydro roller lifters that are the world's only needle-free hi-performance bushing hydraulic roller lifter, sure to handle whatever you can throw at them. Check them out here! Read More


Help Wanted – Power Automedia is Hiring!

If you've ever wanted to get into the world of automotive writing and photography, but never knew where to start, today is your day. We're looking for the right people to help expand our digital media empire... Read More


Volkswagen Shows Off Revamped 600hp W12 At Vienna Motor Symposium

At the Vienna Motor Symposium, Volkswagen showed off their new W12 engine, expected to power a wide range of the company's premium luxury offerings. Technology abounds in this mechanical marvel - check it out! Read More

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