Comp Cams Conical Springs

Comp Cams Launches New Conical Valve Springs

Comp Cams launched their new Conical Valve Springs with a decreasing diameter shape that increases RPM limit and allows for a more aggressive camshaft, among other performance benefits. Check it out! Read More


ARP Expands Stainless Steel “Bulk” Fastener Lineup

ARP is now proud to offer "bulk" fasteners in handy 5-packs for those applications where custom components are needed. Check them out here! Read More


Flathead Rebuild Will Power Classic Graduation Present

Follow along the rebuild of an early '50s Ford Flathead that will eventually find a home under the hood of an F-100 pickup and surprise some lucky high school graduate. Check out the details. Read More


Video: Awe-Inspiring Lane And Bodley Corliss Scale Steam Engine

In a nod to days gone by, this scale version of a Lane and Bodley Corliss steam engine showcases meticulous craftsmanship and smooth operation. The engine in operation is fascinating - check it out! Read More


Dyno Video: Homebuilt 8,000 RPM 552ci Ford Cleveland-head V12

You may have seen this video of a garage-built Ford V12 on other sites, but only EngineLabs shows you how a Georgia-based hot rodder mated two small-blocks to create one wild-'n-crazy Ferrari fighter. Check it out! Read More


Video: Porsche Flat-Six 1/3 Scale Engine Makes Beautiful Music

We love scale engine builds, and perhaps none has a sweeter sound than this incredible flat-six Porsche 911 bullet that reportedly took 6,000 hours to build. Check it out! Read More


MSD Debuts Pro-Billet Distributor For Late Model And Modified Racing

MSD Performance's new Pro-Billet Distributor is designed with precision engineering. It's able to withstand rigorous racing thanks to additional width to prevent the chance of spark scatter. Check it out! Read More


Video: Mini Cooper S Engine Time-lapse Disassembly With Motorbreath

Time-lapse video and Metallica's Motorbreath come together in this quick-hit time-lapse engine disassembly video. Fifty seconds of fury, and the engine goes from fully-assembled to a pile of parts. Read More


Video: Borowski Builds Bill Milz A Darton-Sleeved 427 LS1

Road racing challenges not only the driver but also the vehicle's engine; this 427 ci LS1 bullet was built by Borowski for customer Bill Milz to replace a failed crate motor. Check out the dyno video inside! Read More


Video: 5.0-liter Ferrari V12 Sings Sweet Tunes on Dyno

It's probably the most powerful naturally aspirated Ferrari SOHC V12 running today. Take a look at the story to find out how much power it makes! Read More


VW Engine Designed for Aviation Powers This Lightweight Digger

Just about any engine can be adapted to a dragster, and here's an aviation-style VW engine in a 1,350-pound rail. Check out the story for more details. Read More


Video: Steve Morris Continues To Push Boundaries With ProCharged BBC

Steve Morris Engines shows off the near-1,500 hp, pump-fuel, ProCharged BBC bullet of Greg Czywczynski in this video. Check out the madness - this is a street engine making only 15 pounds of boost! Read More

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Toyota Adds Direct Injection Turbocharged Engine To Japanese Lineup

Today, Toyota debuted their new 8NR-FTS direct-injection, turbocharged gasoline engine to power the partially-redesigned Auris in Japan. The compact hatchback is derived from the Corolla. Could the engine come here? Read More

Champion Spark Plugs Crowns 2015 Search For A Champion Winner

Champion Spark Plugs is proud to announce their 2015 Search For A Champion contest winner, drag racer Carly Jo Ellingson. Learn more about the racer inside! Read More


Update: Twin Turbo V12 Dual-1JZ Project Humming Along

Don Groff's dual 1JZ, V12 twin-turbo project is rolling right along, and we've got the latest update inside. He's in the process of outfitting the chassis to handle the engine. Come on in and check it out! Read More


Video: The 28.5-liter, 4-Cylinder Beast Of Turin Roars To Life Again

We reported on the Beast of Turin back in December, and the Fiat S.76 land-speed-record machine is now complete - and running, as you'll see in this video. Lunacy at its finest - you need to see this! Read More


Edelbrock Offers Free Exclusive Gear With Select Intake Manifolds

As Edelbrock continues to improve and innovate performance parts for American muscle cars, they strive only to bring the best out your automobile. Click here to check out their latest limited-time promotion. Read More


Video: Mahle Motorsports And The Thing You Love To Hate – Circlips

Circlips are potentially the most frustrating and challenging engine component to install; Mahle Motorsports takes the time to walk us through the process in this quick-hit tech video. Check it out! Read More


Video: 582ci BBC From Prestige Cracks 800 hp With Custom Intake

Over 800 horsepower from a small-cam, pump gas, big-block Chevrolet with a pair of carburetors, pump gas, and a basic big-block? It's here, in this article. Come and check it out! Read More

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