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Video: Custom-Built Induction For A 354 Street Rod Hemi

Check out this wild intake manifold and throttle body design destined for use atop a 354 Hemi engine that will power a 1033 Dodge truck. It's a glimpse of custom engineering at its finest! Read More


Video: Performance Distributors On Motorhead Garage

The Motorhead Garage guys take a trip to Performance Distributors in Tennessee, where proprietor Steve Davis discusses some of the company's products. Read More


Homegrown Horsepower: Big-block Chevy Knocks Down 500-plus Horses

Check out the newest installment of Homegrown Horsepower - Nick Visciani's sweet 496-cube budget big-block Chevrolet that powers a 1969 Camaro Pro Touring machine. Over 500 horsepower and 500 foot-pounds of torque! Read More


Chevrolet HEI Distributor Casting Number Reference

Another quick reference guide for you to bookmark. This article helps document the casting numbers for GM HEI distributors for Chevy engines. Read More

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Ford EcoBoost Race Engine On Hot Winning Streak

Following a poor debut at the Daytona 24-hour race, Ford EcoBoost-powered Daytona Prototype cars won the next two races. Here's the inside story on the turnaround. Read More


Mazda’s SkyActiv-D Engine Performing Well Despite On-track Woes

Despite some early-season struggles with the new LMP2 cars, Mazda's SkyActiv-D compound turbo diesel engine is performing well. Here's an update on Mazda's move to the prototype class. Read More


Moroso Launches New Web-Site

Moroso recently launched their revamped web-site making it easier to shop for Moroso products for your street, or race car than ever before. It's more than just another shopping site, check out the new site. Read More


Is This the Only New Old Stock Rochester Fuel Injection Unit Left?

For someone looking to restore a carb-converted factory fuelie, even at almost $19 grand this Rochester mechanical fuel injection setup might be the investment of a lifetime... Read More


Toyota Employing Atkinson Cycle on New Gas Engine Line

Toyota says it will have 14 new engine variations by 2015, including some based on a 1.3-liter 4-cylinder that utilizes Atkinson-cycle technology. There's also a new 1.0-liter. Read More


Comp Cams Engine Builder Duel Set For Hot Rod Power Tour

Comp Cams, along with Snap-On Tools, is sponsoring the Engine Builder Duel at two locations on the Hot Rod Power Tour in June. Check out the story for all the details. Read More


Blown Big-block Built for the Street Pulls 1,000-Plus Horsepower

There are numerous ways to get 1,000 horsepower in a street engine, but here's the most imposing -- a big-block Chevy. Check out the dyno results of this Rat from Precision Race Engines! Read More


Video: Mark Nixon’s 670HP 3.5L Indy V8 Engine Tuned By Shane T

It's rare that an IndyCar engine makes it into the wild, but this 2002 3.5L GM piece owned by Mark Nixon and tuned by Shane T is slated for vintage racing. Check out the details inside! Read More


MyClassicGarage Inviting Votes To Pick Engine For Mustang Project

Want to help MyClassicGarage help select an engine for its latest Mustang project car? Check out the story to find out how, and you may also win this cool car!! Read More


Whipple Superchargers Set To Release New Coyote Twin-screw Blower

Whipple Superchargers is gearing up the design and testing on its 2015 5.0L Coyote application for Mustang and F-150 fitments. Read the exclusive information from Dustin Whipple inside! Read More


LME Introduces Large-plenum, Short-runner LS7 Billet Intake

Composite intake manifolds can be fragile under high boost levels. This new billet intake from Late Model Engines is designed to give LS7 engines plenty of air through a big plenum and short runners. Read More


Video: Pump Gas Pontiac Makes 558 Horsepower On The Dyno

Check out this sweet pump-gas Pontiac engine from the guys at Tin Indian Performance - it kicks out 558 horsepower and 583 lb-ft of torque on the dyno! Read More