Video: MSD Explains How to Choose the Right Ford Distributor Gear

If you want to avoid having to rebuild your engine prematurely, you know the importance of choosing the right Ford gear for the distributor on your race vehicle. But with more than one option to choose from, how can you be certain you’re choosing the right one? Well, that’s where MSD comes in. With their new video on choosing the right Ford gear for you MSD distributor above, you can be certain you’re taking the right steps necessary to give your race car the proper setup.

One of the determining factors of which type of distributor gear your vehicle came with from the factory is the model year of the vehicle. Prior to 1986, many vehicles made use of cast iron distributor gears whereas many model years after 1986 that had hydraulic lifter camshafts made use of steel distributor gears. If your car has a billet racing camshaft, you might also be looking at a special bronze gear.

MSD stresses the importance of calling your camshaft manufacturer and asking them which type of Ford gear they recommend to avoid any problems down the road. If you don’t know what type of camshaft you have, MSD suggests running a bronze gear as the safest bet.

No one wants to rebuild their engine out of the blue due to damages caused by a mismatched Ford gear, but by following the few steps laid out in the MSD video, you can avoid any issues. For a list of MSD Ford gear options, visit their website here.

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