JE Pistons Introduces First Off-the-Shelf Asymmetrical Pistons

Pistons have been a vital part of the inner workings of the combustion engine since the 19th Century, but with today’s demand put on race engines, old-school technology just isn’t going to cut it. That’s why JE Pistons has just introduced the first ever off-the-shelf asymmetrical pistons. Now you can get the same strength and weight reduction benefits as the professional-level racers for your weekend race car. Check out the unique design and benefits in the video above.

The new asymmetrical pistons from JE Pistons feature a larger skirt design on the major thrust side of the piston and a smaller skirt design on the minor thrust side. This allows the pistons to be stronger where the load is greatest while reducing the amount of material and surface area found on the piston where the load is lower. This allows for a reduction in weight and friction for the entire component.

Even with the new design, the asymmetrical pistons will not hinder the functionality of your oil squirters in any way. In fact, JE warns customers to be cautious of any piston design that blocks the squirters from spraying oil in the intended location or require the removal of the squirters.

In addition to the asymmetrical design, the new JE pistons also feature a contoured crown thickness based on the thermal and mechanical loads put on different areas of the crown. This design gives the piston a stronger tolerance to heat and pressure with a thicker membrane in the center where the stress is the greatest while reducing the thickness and weight of the crown in areas where the stress isn’t as high. An offset wrist pin on the major thrust side of the piston allows for near perfect balance of the component, while a shorter wrist pin reduces the piston’s weight even more. You’ll also find a smooth finish crown on all the new asymmetrical pistons by JE, reducing the likelihood of pre-ignition and hot spots for these race-ready components.

While many professional level race teams use asymmetrical pistons in their race engines to deal with the dissimilar loads put on the major and minor thrust sides of the piston, this design has not been seen as an aftermarket option for semi-professional or weekend racers before. Now, with JE Pistons’ new design, you can get the same advantages and benefits of asymmetrical pistons for your racing application. Since JE designs the asymmetrical pistons for many of the professional teams, you know you’re getting the same great quality components that the pros use for competition.

These asymmetrical pistons have been used by racers whose combinations range from 250 hp turbo four-cylinders to 2,000+ hp hard core drag racing vehicles.

The new aftermarket asymmetrical pistons from JE are available for virtually every four-cylinder engine on the market with custom pistons available for all applications. If you’re ready to get the added strength and lightweight design features of the asymmetrical piston, be sure to check out JE Piston’s website for ordering information.

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