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Video: COMP Cams Explains Common Valvetrain Terminology

We all love the sound of a beefy, high-lift camshaft. However, do you understand the terminology behind the sound? COMP cams is here to help with this great video explaining in detail some of the basic terminology that goes along with their off-the-shelf and custom grind camshafts!Read More

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Video – GM Performance Parts ZZ502/502 Deluxe

Need a ready to rock big block for the street or strip? Check out this vid from GM Performance Parts of their ZZ502/502 Deluxe crate motor. Fully assembled and tested, this 502 HP Rat is full of go fast goodies and backed by a GM warranty and it can be at your door in a few days! God Bless America.Read More


Dart Engine Powers World’s Fastest Piston Engine Car

The current record for a wheel-driven ground vehicle required a turbine engine. The Speed Demon plans on driving past that mark with a Dart-based piston engine, and they'll be at Bonneville this year.Read More

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Video: How Hedman Hedders Are Made

Ever wonder how exhaust headers are born? Well this informative and well-produced video from Hedman Headers shows us how long lengths of tubular steel are transformed into power-increasing exhaust pretzels. Read More


Video: Tour the Full Edelbrock Facility with Christi Edelbrock

While many of us have Edelbrock components on our vehicles, there is much more to the brand than the finished product. Check out a behind the scenes look at how all the performance products you love are created at the Torrance, California Edelbrock manufacturing facilities in this video. Read More


Video: The Chevy Small-Block – Where It Is and Where It’s Going

Introduced in 1955, the Chevrolet small-block engine has become legendary. Some fifty-seven years after its debut the simple eight-cylinder is still the main powerhouse used in the Chevy vehicle lineup. Check out how just how far the small-block has come over the years in this video.Read More


Video: MSD Explains How to Choose the Right Ford Distributor Gear

If you want to avoid having to rebuild your engine prematurely, you know the importance of choosing the right Ford gear for the distributor on your race vehicle. But with more than one option to choose from, how can you be certain you’re choosing the right one? Well, that’s where MSD comes in. Read More


JE Pistons Introduces First Off-the-Shelf Asymmetrical Pistons

Pistons have been a vital part of the inner workings of the combustion engine since the 19th Century, but with today’s demand put on race engines, old-school technology just isn’t going to cut it. That’s why JE Pistons has just introduced the first ever off-the-shelf asymmetrical pistons. Read More

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Powermaster Shows How To Shim a GM Starter

Our friends at Powermaster Performance have produced a video on one of the least covered, but extremely important tech tips, that will help preserve the life of a starter and flywheel on your SBC engines. Check it out here.Read More


Video: COMP Cams Explains VVT and Phaser Limiter Technology

For over 35 years, COMP Cams has been dedicated to bringing their customers products that improve the performance of their vehicles, as well as the very latest technology and superior customer service. With that comes the Technology Explained videos. Check out the latest one talking about VVT and Phaser Limiters. Read More


Video: Honing The Engine Block For The Camaro ZL1

Honing the engine block of a Camaro ZL1 motor is a more intensive process than you might think. This video breaks down exactly how GM engineers keep the high horsepower LSA cylinder block from warping while they do the machine work. Read More


Video: How To Install COMP Cams LS Rocker Arm Trunion Upgrade Kit

COMP Cams Trunion Rocker Arm Upgrade Kit is a great low cost solution for getting rid of the stock loose needle bearings in stock LS rockers, and moving you up to more durable caged Trunion style bearings. In this video, COMP gives us a step-by-step guide to installing their Trunion upgrade kit on stock rockers...Read More


Part 1: Testing MSD’s Atomic EFI In a Big-Block Chevy

When MSD let the world know that they were rolling out a new electronic fuel injection system, we couldn't wait to get our hot little hands on one. We had the perfect car to test out the system and see if we could bring the car into the Atomic age. Check out our install and testing of MSD's Atomic EFI kit here.Read More