Did you know that the 3M Company is 115 years old and makes practically everything under the sun?

Chemicals are a big part of the equation and we’ve had a can of 3M Adhesive Remover on the shelf for years.  It’s a venerable staple around the garage, perfect for clean-ups and removing stubborn residue of a myriad of surfaces.

3M High Power Brake Cleaner is another garage stalwart and when we stopped by the gigantic, St.Paul-based conglomerate’s booth at SEMA, their new earth-friendly versions of an old favorite was the star of the show.

Volatile off-gassing compounds–VOCs– are a big bug-a-boo these days. California, Utah, Delaware, and New Hampshire are leading the green wave allowing just 10% of the harmful fumes to escape during application.

In response, 3M has introduced three levels of brake cleaner for different parts of the country. The lowest version–10% VOCs–is for the four aforementioned states run by greenies with jackboots and patchouli oil.

Next up is the 45% off-gassing version for less stringent states–which are increasingly migrating to the tougher requirement–and bringing up the rear is the regular, full-on version.

We talked with 3M rep Kevin Ansell and he told us regardless of what version you purchase, you get an improved performance with a proprietary formula that cleans better and requires less product.

Just think of how clean your new suspension and brake components will be! Check out 3M’s website for all the latest details and where you can buy the new, greener High Power Brake Cleaner.