SEMA 2016: Engine Pro Offers LS Trunnion Upgrade & Billet Timing


When it comes to picking out internal parts for your LS, it’s important to select a company that you can really trust to provide you with the highest quality parts possible. And when it comes to quality parts, there are few that can rival Engine Pro. With that in mind, we headed over to their booth to see what was new for 2017.

Anyone who’s ever built a high performance LS is probably aware that the stock LS rockers can be somewhat problematic in that they have a needle bearing for their fulcrum. While this isn’t necessarily a problem in and of itself, it can become a serious one if the needle bearing comes apart and deposits their contents in your oil pan. That’s why Engine Pro has developed a full line of trunnion replacements that utilize solid bushings and fit the entire gamut of LS engines.


“Not only are the trunnion bearings replaced with solid bushings that help stabilize the valvetrain, they are grooved to help increase oil flow to the system,” said John Drysdale of Engine Pro. “They handle load a lot better as well, which helps with heavy-duty valvesprings; combine that with the decreased risk of dropping parts in your oil pan and you really can’t lose.”

And while you are upgrading the trunnions you might as well bolt on a billet timing set, which Engine Pro just so happens to offer as well. These ultra-strong cam and crank cogs, combined with a double roller setup, provide precise timing events and will take everything you can throw at them. They are pretty enough that it seems like a shame to hide them under a front cover, but knowing that they will stand the test of time has a certain beauty all its own; don’t you think?

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