PRI 2017: Stay Lubricated With New Oils From VP Racing Fuels

A lubricated engine is a happy engine, and VP Racing Fuels line of lubricants is all about making sure all is well under the hood of your high-performance vehicle. VP has developed a line of Professional Grade and Hi-Performance grade oils designed to work in the high-stress environment of racing. Each of these oils have features and additives that keep your engine running at peak performance on the street or on the strip.

The VP Racing Pro Grade racing oil is filled with multiple anti-wear additives along with high levels of Zinc and Phosphorus to enhance its performance.

If that wasn’t enough, Richard Glady from VP Racing Lubricants provides more information about this powerful lubricant. “We also have added to the Pro Grad oil a unique friction modifier which significantly reduces fluid to fluid friction and metal to fluid friction. What this does is lower the operating temperature, and increase horsepower without causing additional wear to the engine.”

For those looking for extra performance and protection from their oil in a street/strip application, they can use the Hi-Performance oil from VP. This synthetic blend oil works well in small block racing engines as well as your standard high-performance mill. The oil provides both high temperature and high shear protection, along with viscosity modifiers that improve engine operation.

The VP Racing Lubricants Pro Grade and Hi-Performance grade oils are available in several different weights and will assist your engine in making more power while preventing wear. You can learn more about both of these oils on the VP Racing website right here.

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