PRI 2017: Hot Rodders Of Tomorrow Introduce New Electrical Challenge

The Hot Rodders of Tomorrow program helps to excite the younger generations about anything automotive through their Engine Challenge programs. These events give students to get hands-on experience in building engines in a competitive environment. Now, students have a new knowledge building exercise with the Electrical Challenge that is being contested at all Hot Rodders of Tomorrow events in 2017.

The new Electrical Challenge from the Hot Rodders of Tomorrow organization is all about furthering the education of the students. Since so much on cars is now computerized from the engine to the chassis, The Hot Rodders of Tomorrow leadership thought that the students at the high school level were missing the basics of electronic function. The new Electric challenge has both a hands-on section and a written test to make things a challenge for the students.

Greg Parker from the Hot Rodders of Tomorrow explains just what the new Electrical Challenge entails.

“We worked with Megatech on putting together the training and creating a board for the students to work with. The students have to make a basic circuit in the system, make the flashers work correctly, we have the coil and ignition setup, along with other systems. We have the kids wire up circuits to make them work based on a provided diagram. The Megatech team can put shorts or dead wires in the system and we can make relays not function right or have too much draw. For the students, this challenge is a basic how-to lesson in troubleshooting, wiring, and how to use a multimeter.

The Electrical Challenge made its debut at the SEMA show in Las Vegas and will continue to be used at all Hot Rodders of Tomorrow events in 2017.


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