PRI 2017: Get Your Data With Innovate Motorsports MTS Link System

Keeping any high-performance machine running at its best requires a lot of data, and collecting that data can be a daunting task. To help make that data acquisition easier, Innovate Motorsports developed their MTS Link products that allows specific sensors to be controlled and monitored so they can feed their data into any ECU.

MTS Link products are able to work with ECUs that use either a CAN or analog interface. What makes the MTS ecosystem so versatile is the fact it’s modular, so you can build a system to fit your needs and works the system already in your vehicle. The MTS controller can work with specific Innovate sensors so you don’t even need the entire system to monitor your data.

According to Felipe Saez from Innovate Motorsports, the MTS products offer users multiple options for their data acquisition needs. “The various MTS sensors can be used to fill in gaps in the acquisition process. So, if you don’t have an ethanol content controller in your ECU that’s where this system can help you out. You can use the 0-150 PSI sensor for oil pressure or fuel pressure, and the temperature sensor to monitor water or  transmission temperatures.”

The MTS Link products are available in a kit with the controller and sensor of your choice in one package. Individual Innovate Motorsports sensors can be wired into the system with signal, power, and ground to send data to any ECU. If you already are using other Innovate products, the system can be connected with their one wire connection to make the process even easier.

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