PRI 2017: Dailey Engineering Introduces New Wet Sump Oil Pump

Dailey Engineering is all about solving problems for their customers when it comes to pumping oil into an engine. Recently, one of their clients came to them with a need for a pump that combined the function of one of their oil pumps with a vacuum pump. Less than two weeks later Dailey Engineering created the new pump and debuted it at PRI 2017 ready to move plenty of oil and create some serious vacuum.

The Wet Sump Oil Pump from Dailey Engineering has an optional accessory drive attached that uses a Star vacuum pump. The oil pump itself features shafts that are made from heat treated alloy steel and use ball bearings that have Teflon bushings to help minimize friction. The aluminum rotors are designed to reduce weight and are made from 7075 T6511 billet material to maintain constant clearances inside the pump even at high temperatures.

According to Bill Dailey, this pump is ideal for drag racing and other high-performance applications. “The Wet Sump Pump is an external sump pump as opposed to an internal wet sump pump that makes oil pressure for the motor. This multi-use pump adds the ability to make crankcase vacuum to create more power in the motor. The Star vacuum pump is added because it’s a dry pump that doesn’t need oil to make it seal.”

Racers will also like the smaller footprint the Dailey West Sump Oil Pump has since it will reduce the space needed for mounting on most applications. The pumps are also compatible with standard AN style fittings. You can learn more about Dailey Engineering’s pumps right here on their website.

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