PRI 2017: Bullet Racing Cams Strikes With New Black Mamba Lifters

When it comes time to really start spinning an engine hard, having a strong backbone of valve train parts is crucial. To make sure everything is moving as it should, Bullet Racing Cams developed their Black Mamba lifter so they can deal with all the punishment an engine can deal out.

The Black Mamba lifters are available in both tie-bar and keyway styles to accommodate different engine applications and sizes. To add some serious strength to the lifter, Bullet Racing Cams went with a bushing instead of a bearing that rides on a heavy-duty axle. Full-time pressurized oiling is used to keep the lifter wheel lubricated while it’s in contact with the push rod. A diamond-like coating on the lifter is used for durability and helps reduce friction with the Black Mamba. The lifters are also totally rebuildable so they will have a long life cycle.

John Partridge from Bullet Racing Cams explains why the Black Mamba is a lifter racers should look at to use in their engine. “Most high-performance engines are heavy-duty applications where there’s a lot of stress on the valve train. The valve spring pressures we use now are higher, along with stronger push rods that all can contribute to the premature wear of failure of the lifter. So by making the lifter stronger, it will give better performance over a longer time for the engine.”

The Black Mamba tie-bar lifters are a direct drop in unit, while the keyway style will require the correct machining to get the bushing and lifter to fit.

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