Using lessons learned from developing formulas for race engines, Joe Gibbs Driven Racing Oil is developing a line of transmission and gear lubricants.

Key to the expanded line of lubricants is building formulas from advanced synthetic base stocks known as mPAO. These base stocks offer a viscosity index about twice that of conventional oil and about 33 percent better than typical synthetics based on regular PAO base stocks.

“The same benefits found in the race oils apply to other compounds,” says Driven’s Lake Speed Jr. “You can use a lighter fluid yet maintain protection with better efficiency.”

Driven’s 75W-110 Gear Oil can reduce operating temperatures in the rear end up to 15 degrees. It can be used in all types rear ends and is available by the case, in 2.5-gallon jugs or 54-gallon drums.

Other lubricants offered by Driven with the new technology include the MTF manual transmission fluid and PSF power steering fluid. The MTF is designed to improve cooling and reduce parasitic losses. The PSF is a full synthetic formula that provides thermal stability to help prevent a pressure drop when temperatures increase. It also offers high-temperature foam resistance for better cooling.

Driven’s XP line of synthetic race oils is available in a variety of viscosity ratings and formulated for different bearing clearances.They are designed for high-rpm and hotter running engines. They can be blended with each other for specific purposes, and they are compatible with high-octane fuels and methanol. Some XP oils are blended for use in aluminum engines. Consult the tech specifications to determine the proper XP oil for specific applications.