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Project 428 Pony Jet: Squeezing High Revs From a Street Windsor

Project 428 Pony Jet strives to answer that enduring question of what makes a great street engine. Follow along this big-inch Ford Windsor build and see our high-revving, high-powered response! Read More


Cloyes’ Hex-A-Just Timing Set Install On A 2-valve Modular Engine

MPR Racing Engines installs a full Cloyes Hex-A-Just timing set on this Ford 2-valve Modular engine. Tips and tricks inside, as well as a full product rundown! Read More


BOSS 302 Upgrades: Ford Racing Cobra Jet Manifold Kit and Cams

Ford Racing takes naturally aspirated BOSS 302 horsepower to the next level with a cam and intake upgrade. Strong power gains while retaining the BOSS' attitude and street manners make these parts hard to beat. Read More


Testing The First Big-Block Chevy, An Interview With Bill Howell

Peek inside as we take a step back in time, interviewing Bill Howell who worked on the very first big-block Chevy engines. See how Chevrolet tested and designed the motors, and what problems they had to overcome! Read More


The Anatomy of a Full Race Radial 275 Induction System

Follow along as veteran 275 Drag Radial racer D.J. Reid builds a LSX engine for his '68 supercharged Camaro. Here he sets up the Mozez heads from Mast Motorsports with Pettis Performance. Read More


Video: Quick Fuel Technology’s Quick Fuel Injection Conversion

This video shows us how simple it is to convert to a Quick Fuel Injection system on a classic musclecar. The new kit from Quick Fuel Technology helps to increase performance and fuel economy in a bolt-on kit. Read More


Big Power Numbers from GM’s LSX454R, but Reliability is the Focus

The LSX454R is rated at 770 horsepower and built to power a drag racer for two years before any major refresh. Check out the details on GM's most powerful crate engine. Read More


TECH5: Competition Benefits of World Products Raised-cam SBC Block

The standard small-block Chevy cylinder block does have limitations. Jack McInnis of PBM-Erson-World Products offers details of the Mohawk II "Raised Cam" block and how racers can benefit. Read More


Testing VMP’s New Gen II TVS Supercharger System

VMP Tuning's GEN II housing design for their 2.3 liter supercharger is a breakthrough that has Coyote and GT500 engines producing more power at the same boost levels as before. We get an inside look right here. Read More


Basic Musclecar Ignition System Upgrades

A bare bones guide to upgrading ignition systems from the basics of switching from points to an ignitor style system all the way through systems that involve a new distributor, coil, and control box. Read More


ProCharger Variable Ratio i-1 Supercharger on Our Project 5th Gen

ProCharger's i-1 programmable-ratio supercharger technology is changing the performance industry with power on demand. We install one on our 5th Gen Camaro and head to the track. Read More


Inside TVS Supercharger Technology

Eaton's Twin Vortices Series rotor pack has proven its worth in both original equipment and aftermarket applications. We delve into some of the aftermarket's solutions using this incredible supercharger technology. Read More


Corvette Racing Still Winning With Gen IV LS7, But New LT1 Coming

The winning Corvette C7.R shares numerous performance strategies with the 2015 Corvette Z06, but the next-generation LT1 engine isn't one of those mutual ties. EngineLabs looks at the car's LS7-based 5.5-liter V8. Read More


PRW Rocker Arms Buyer’s Guide – Tech Tips Included!

Valvetrain stability is critical in a performance engine, whether it's designed for street-style horsepower or heads-up racing. PRW offers some setup tips along with an overview of their products. Read More


ATI, Fluidampr and TCI Clear Up Damper Confusion

Three different damper manufacturers with three different damper designs, but all agree that dampers are necessary to maximize power and ensure engine longevity. Read more on this critical engine topic. Read More


An In Depth Look At Mahle’s Extreme Duty Diesel Monotherm Piston

We take a deep dive into MAHLE Motorsports’ Monotherm pistons. These steel pistons are designed to handle the most extreme performance applications for extended durations. Find out more here! Read More


EFR Series: BorgWarner’s Latest in Turbo Technology

When one of the world’s largest turbocharger manufacturers decides to start with a clean sheet and design a turbocharger for the aftermarket; you end up with one of the most dynamic turbocharger offers available. Read More


How It’s Made: Lunati Crankshafts

The crankshaft is the centerpiece of any high-performance engine build. Learn what sets a true performance crank apart from factory components. Read More


SRT Engineer Explains How Hellcat Hemi Pulls 707 Horsepower

Just how did the Challenger SRT squeeze 707 horsepower out of a 6.2-liter Hemi engine? We asked that very question to the car's chief engineer, Gregg Black. Check out his answers! Read More