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Improving Cylinder Head Flow With SuperFlow

Getting the best flow characteristics out of cylinder heads takes know-how. With the P-D valve from RTS Tooling SuperFlow helps us take out the guesswork. Read More


Performance Exhaust System Design And Theory

Exhaust system design is more complicated than running a few tubes. Look into the fluid dynamics involved in generating scavenging and avoiding restriction. Read More


Superchargers In The Desert – LT4 Trophy Truck At Danzio Performance

Danzio Performance is a key player in the desert racing engine world. Building engines for everything from Trophy Trucks to limited buggies they always have something interesting in the shop. Read More

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Five Crate Engine Choices To Save You Time And Money

Is your ride in need of an engine? If you're not interested in looking for a rebuildable core, finding someone to rebuild it, and then waiting for it, you have an option. Actually, five of them. Find out more. Read More


Taking The Guesswork Out With Fuel Injector Clinic

We spoke with the experts at Fuel Injector Clinic about the most common questions for replacing and upgrading fuel injectors. FIC's Jens Van Holten takes the speculation out of fuel system modifications. Read More


Tech: Choosing The Proper Bearings For Your Engine

If you are planning to rebuild the engine in your ride, are you sure you know which engine bearings you need? We get some insight from King Bearings to help you make an informed decision. Now, get building! Read More


Thompson Performance: Simple Bolt-On Proves Better Throttle Response

If you want the most out of your carburetor and the most out of your dollar, then the Thompson Performance Powerblast Plate is for you. Check out how this small, simple, part offers huge gains in throttle response. Read More


Hemi For The Water: Amphibious Motorsports

Building a Hemi for a Lucas Oil Drag Boat series Pro-Mod is a serious task. We had a look into the evolution of one teams powerplant program. Read More


Choosing The Right Fabricated LS Oil Pan: What You Need To Know

If you're building an engine that differs significantly from its stock configuration, the stock oiling system might not be right for the job. Here are some things to consider when selecting oil system components. Read More


Dyno Testing Four Popular LS3 Bolt-On Intake Manifolds

We're putting our engine build from the Coyote vs LS3 Budget Shootout on the dyno and testing a trio of aftermarket intakes to see how they stack up against the stock manifold on this street-friendly LS3. Read More


Street Engine Build: 416ci Mopar Pulls 475 Horsepower

Follow along as a small-block Mopar is stroked to 416ci and given a cam that offers plenty of power and vacuum for the street. Read More


Cooling Versus Performance: What You Need To Know About Water Pumps

Mechanical water pumps aren't the only game in town these days, but there are a few things to consider before making the jump to an electrical unit. Read advice from the experts inside! Read More


From The Big And Bad To The Small And Tame, MSD Gets It Started

It's blatantly obvious that the starter motor is important to the engine. However, what stands a truly high-performance starter motor apart from OE? Check it out as we explore MSD's line of heavy-duty starters. Read More

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Head Gasket Tech: Pros & Cons of MLS and Copper

For high-performance engines, the choice in head gaskets comes down to copper or MLS. Both have a place in the market but which is right for you? Read More


Developing Porsche’s Greatest F1 Engine

In the mid-'80s, Porsche and McLaren partnered to produce an F1 car powered by a compact, 1.5-liter turbo V6 that led to three drivers' titles and 25 wins with a mix of power, economy and reliability on its side. Read More


Update: LS3 vs Coyote Budget Shootout; LS3 Dyno Results Are In!

It's been a long time coming, but we're finally ready to reveal how our LS3 fared on the dyno for the LS3 versus Coyote engine shootout. Here's all the details on how much power the LS3 makes and where it makes it. Read More

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Falconer Engines: Exotic Power From Indy To The Skies And Beyond!

Ryan Falconer has developed engines for nearly every form of motorsports from IndyCars, to powerboats and aircraft his exotic engines are worth a look! Read More


Racing Alloys: Metallurgy You Need To Go Fast

An understanding of basic metallurgy will help homebrew fabricators and race car builders make the best decisions. Take a look at some of the key alloys. Read More


Pulsejet Engines Gone Wild! With Robert Maddox

Pulsejet engines have limited usage today but Bob Maddox has the technology cornered for creative thrust-powered vehicles. We have a look at his engines. Read More