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Tested: Holley Sniper EFI Coyote 5.0 Intake Manifold

Holley and UPR Products team up to put a new 5.0 intake manifold to the test, and develop a complete installation package. Follow along as UPR's Steve Gelles installs and tests one at Power By The Hour. Read More


Why The Second-Gen Coyote Engine Trumps The First

Planning your next Coyote engine swap project? You're going to want to know the differences between the first and second generation Coyote engine, and we've got all of the details straight from Ford here. Read More

EJ25 Semi-Closed Deck Block

Supporting Your Cylinders – Open, Semi-Closed, Or Closed Deck?

You've more than likely heard the terms open, semi-closed, and closed deck before. But, do you know how to identify what design you have, the advantages of each design, and what works best for your application? Read More

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Exclusive: Inside The New Billet Coyote Block By MMR

We take an exclusive inside look at the first ever billet Coyote block from MMR and JMP Racing Products. Check out this new piece of modular bling. Read More


Louie Senter, Celebration Of A Life Well Lived

Legendary speed merchant Louie Senter's life was celebrated by family and friends last Saturday at the NHRA Museum in Pomona, California. See the icons that gathered to honor the man that energized high performance. Read More


Choose The Right Proform Street Or Race Class Carburetor

When Viau Motorsports needed a pair of carbs for their nostalgia Hemi car, Proform Parts' new Black Race Series carburetors were just the ticket. Proform tells us how to choose a dual-quad setup. Read More


Polopolus Engines – Deconstructing The Flat Six

Dean Polopolus has been transforming the overhead-cam design of the classic Porsche 911 flat-six into a four-cylinder package for decades. These exotic engines require special engineering, and power some mean cars. Read More


Picking Up 50hp from Comp Cams’ CR Series Cams On a Coyote

We install a set of Comp Cams' new CR Series camshafts on our $9,999 budget Coyote build. Check out how it's done and the power we made! Read More

Ringland Failure Knock

Detonation – What Causes It And How To Control It Using EFI

It goes by several names, knock, pinging, detonation, etc., most of the terms can make the event seem innocuous. Truthfully, under moderate to high loads consistent knock counts can cause catastrophic engine failure Read More


7 GM LS & LT Crate Engines You Should Consider For Your Next Build

Junkyard builds can be awesome, but sometimes you don’t want the hassle, or inherit risk, of resurrecting previously-loved LS engines. We show you seven LS and LT crate engines you should consider. Read More

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Exclusive Tech: Inside ARP’s Custom Fasteners

Whether duplicating a rare head stud from a vintage engine or helping a 10,000-HP nitro engine survive, ARP can customize fasteners for any engine need. Read More


Big-Block Crate Engines, Big Power Shipped To Your Door

Finding big power for your classic Chevy is as easy as checking out this guide. We found six top-notch builders that can deliver the big-block crate engine you need, to your door. All you need to do is choose. Read More

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Compounding Boost In A Hayabusa Land Speed Engine

Building a land speed motorcycle is a scary prospect at any speed, add compound turbochargers and over 560 horsepower and you have a Hayabusa monster. Read More


The 427ci Big-Block: Comparing L88, ZL1, ZZ427 Engines

The 427 cubic-inch big-block has been an icon of Chevrolet power since 1967. We take a closer look at its history, and compare the L88, ZL1, and the modern day ZZ427. Check out part one of three right here! Read More


LS3 VS Coyote Budget Shootout Results: The Winner Is…

The wait is over - we're ready to dish the dirt about how the Coyote fared on the dyno for the LS3 versus Coyote engine shootout. Here's all the details on how much power the Ford motor makes and where it makes it. Read More

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Understanding Engine Harmonics And Vibrations With Fluidampr

Engine vibrations and harmonics happen regardless of how well the rotating assembly is balanced. Fluidampr takes us through some of the science. Read More


Lighting The Fires: Pertronix Adds Spark To Mustang Restoration

For some, the look under the hood needs to reflect all the performance products they can install. For others, keeping the stock look is important, but they don't have to sacrifice performance with Pertronix. Read More

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Video: Aussie V12 LS Engine Hits U.S. Shores

A set of petrolhead brothers, Matt and Shane Corish from Australia, hatched an ambitious plan to construct a V12 LS engine on a production scale. Read More

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LiquidPiston Demonstrates X Mini Engine on Go-kart

A tiny rotary engine made enough power to replace a go-kart engine in the first demonstration of LiquidPiston's X Mini engine. Check it out all the details. Read More