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TECH QUICKIE: What is a ‘3/4 Race’ Camshaft?

The term "3/4 race" camshaft was introduced in the '50s and is a forerunner to today's multitude of street-performance grinds. Learn more about this iconic expression. Read More

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Warren Johnson Selling Historic Carbs; Also Talks EFI in Pro Stock

Pro Stock legend Warren Johnson says he plans to sell off his extensive carburetor collection as he transitions to EFI. There's a lot of history in those carbs, and we've got details. Read More


Reviving An Oldie But Goodie: Sinbad’s SBC Enforcer Nova Engine

Hungry for more power, Mark Storjohann; aka Sinbad, was looking for untapped potential from his third-generation Chevy Nova mill. Click here to check out what Edelbrock did to help him achieve a huge power increase. Read More

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Holley, Teams Offer Insight Into New Pro Stock EFI Rules

NHRA has clarified much of its new EFI mandate for Pro Stock teams in 2016. We talk to Holley and Elite Motorsports, and tuner Shane Tecklenburg for analysis. Read More


Project Blank Slate: LS EZ-EFI 2.0 Self-Learning EFI For LS Engines

Self learning EFI systems were thought to be limited to use on engines around 500 horses. We challenge that a self-learning EFI system could support an engine with over 700hp. Enter the FAST EZ-EFI 2. Read More


Preview: LS3 vs Coyote Budget Engine Shootout–Update To The Update!

The Coyote and LS3 are two of the key components of the reemerging musclecar era. They are separated by only a few horsepower in factory form-if we built budget versions of both, who would win? Inside are the rules. Read More


Jegs Essential Garage Tools You Need for Your Home Garage or Shop

This list of tools will make working on your project car so much more enjoyable, you may never want to go back in the house. We check out what we think are the most essential home garage tools from Jegs. Read More

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Tech: Turning Up The Boost With Steve Morris And The ProVolute

Looking to step up the performance of your centrifugal supercharger? Then this article is for you – check out SME's full range of performance enhancements! Read More


Chevy Colorado now with Duramax Power!

The 2016 Chevrolet Colorado will offer buyers the choice of a 2.8-liter Duramax, and a number of exciting improvements. Read More


Mark Duber’s BES Built NMRA Renegade Retrofit 5.8 GT500 Engine Build

The BirdDoc and his 2013 GT500 are re-geared and pumped up for NMRA Renegade racing with a new BES built 5.8, and several other changes to his setup including Holley Dominator EFI and a TH400 transmission. Read More


Understanding Compressor Maps – Sizing A Turbocharger

If you are into turbocharger performance then this is a must for you. Understanding compressor maps is one of the things you should know to pick the best turbocharger for your application. Check it out here. Read More


In-depth Tech: Valuable Tips For Selecting The Right Crankshaft

Cast, forged, billet? Experts from Bryant, Callies, Eagle, Lunati and Scat offer tips and advice on selecting a crankshaft for your engine. Read More


Video: Intricate Home-built Scale V8 Engine Is Simply Marvelous

The level of detail in this garage-built, quarter scale engine simply must be seen to be appreciated. Fuel injected with four cams? Genius level stuff here. Read More

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A True Budget Junkyard LS Swap

What's the cheapest that you can swap in a modern LS engine and transmission into your ride? We took that challenge and found out to the penny how much it costs inside! Read More


Engine Build: Creating A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

We dive into a 6.0-liter Power Stroke to create an awesome daily driven combination that can lay the smack down at the track. From problem to tear down, part selection and assembly, we have it all! Read More


Tech: A Deep Dive Into The All New Pro1 LS3 Head From Dart

Richard Maskin and Dart Machinery have set their focus on the LS engine platform; this all-new Pro1 LS3 aluminum cylinder head is their next step towards domination. Details and testing results inside! Read More


TECH5: Tips & Tricks For Builders From Engine Pro

In this latest TECH5 column, find out more about the unique Nitro Black valves from Engine Pro, and discover how a Tootsie Roll just might save the day at the track! Read More


Tech: Armstrong Race Engineering’s Spintric Clears The Air

Removing the air from your competition engine's dry sump oiling system is a good thing; we cover the finer points of ARE's Spintric and how it can help you. More details inside! Read More


Terminator, HP, Dominator – A Look at the Holley EFI Family

Whether you want to convert a classic musclecar from carburation to EFI, run a six-second drag car, or anything in between, Holley offers a fuel injection solution. Read More