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Koul Tools Simplifies Installation of Hose Fittings

Plumbing a performance vehicle can be a serious pain in the fingertips. Thanks to the guys at Koul Tools you can say goodbye to the band-aids! Read More


Tech: Inside Peterson Fluid Systems’ Remote Primer And Filter Mount

In addition to an in-depth look at Peterson Fluid Systems' Remote Filter Mount and Primer unit, we discuss all of the advantages of priming your engine before start-up, whether it's a street car or a race car. Read More


Carb’d Coyote Engine Project Goes Fuel Injected With AEM Infinity

We're blazing a path down new roads with our naturally-aspirated Coyote engine, and that means we get to test it at CPR Engine's dyno with AEM's Infinity engine management system as we look to break 600 hp NA. Read More


Quick Chat With Nitrous Fanatic Joe Lepone Jr.

Joe Lepone Jr. will squeeze almost 10 pounds of nitrous oxide through his big Pat Musi mountain motor on a single run. Learn more about this Pro Mod racer's love of the spray! Read More


Inside Blown Z’s Valvetrain With Jesel, Manton, PAC and Comp Cams

See how Jesel, Manton Pushrods, COMP Cams and PAC Racing Springs worked with Late Model Engines to get the valvetrain in Blown Z's 400ci LSX running right! Read More


Boosting With Altitude – How Elevation Affects Turbochargers

When getting ready to make a major purchase, it is important to do your research. Be aware, that some of that research may need to be adjusted due to altitude, temperature or a host of other variables. Read More


Pro Mod Engine: From Screw Blower to Twin Turbos

Converting a supercharged Pro Mod car to turbochargers presents its own set of unique challenges to the engine builder. Bothwell Motorsports shares its story of working with Turbos Direct to build a winner. Read More


Buyers Guide: Cool Pit Tools You Need At The Race Track

Join us as we take a look at several handy tools from four top manufacturers that will make your trips to the race track a more pleasant and productive one. Read More


Engine Gallery: Fast Bullets From The NMCA West Fontana Race

We walked through the pits at the NMCA West race Friday, checking out all the different engines. Here's a look at some of our favorites!! Read More


How It Works: Viscous Dampers, A.K.A. Harmonic Balancers

In this month’s edition of How It Works, we dive into dampers. See how engine harmonics is an issue that we should all be aware of, but most ignore. Read More


Tech Guide To SCE Head Gaskets

So you're building a new engine and it's time to pick head gaskets – how do you know what to choose? This guide will help...look inside! Read More


LT4 Engine in New Corvette Z06 Rated at 650 Horsepower

The most powerful engine ever offered in a GM production car will be the new LT4 engine rated at 650 horsepower and 650 lb-ft of peak torque. We have all the details! Read More


Concept One’s Ford FE Pulley System Installation

Concept One offers Ford FE owners the opportunity to add modern performance to engine's front drive system. Find out about serpentine belts and accessories that were not originally available for the FE engines here. Read More


LS Engine Oil Control – An In-Depth Look at Best Practices

Proper control of oil flow is a critical need in any performance engine. We cover the topic with experts from some of the industry's leading providers of LS engine oiling systems. Read More


Everything You Need To Know About V-Band Clamps

We talk to Race Parts Solutions about the science behind V-Band clamps. You will be surprised when you find out who actually invented these clamps, and how long they have been used - from military to spaceflight. Read More


Team Torque: Calibration is Key to Torque Wrench Accuracy

Most mechanics don't know when their torque wrench is out of calibration. Team Torque offers tips, tricks and advice on the proper maintenance and calibration of an engine builder's most valuable tool. Read More


TECH5: Electric Water Pump Advice From Davies Craig

Electric water pumps have long been favored with racers as they cut out parasitic drag on the engine and are easily controlled. This TECH5 column with Marty Staggs of Davies Craig explains many of the benefits. Read More

MG4_9735 (Custom)

Inside Vortech’s Redesigned Billet YSi Supercharger

Vortech has redesigned one of the company's mainstay products – the YSi racing supercharger – to take advantage of current-day manufacturing techniques and compressor efficiencies. Read all about it inside! Read More


Callaway HH V8: America’s Long Lost Indy 500 Engine

The last true independent engine builder to tackle a clean-sheet design for the Indy 500 was Reeves Callaway. Here's the story of a radical V8 that never hit the track but sure looked great on the dyno! Read More