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Marking Your Territory-How Digitizing Has Made The Combustion Space

JE Pistons goes to great lengths to develop custom racing pistons to suit your application. 3D scanning and digitizing is one of the key techniques.Read More

LSPI Cylinder Pressure

Video: How Lugging Will Destroy Your Engine

Every human behind the wheel of a vehicle propelled by an internal combustion engine has experienced some form of engine lugging at one time or another.Read More


Making Big Nitrous Oxide Power In The Modern Pro Mod World

Making big power with nitrous at the Pro Mod level has changed dramatically over the years . We talk to Brandon Switzer of Switzer Dyanmics and Wayne Davis from Speedtech to learn more about these impressive system.Read More

FIC Graph

Clearing Up The Confusion In Modern Fuel Injector Technology

Gearheads have been left confused with an aftermarket flooded by high impedance and low impedance injectors and no idea which one is right for their car.Read More

Billet intake 6

The Latest Trends in Custom Billet & Sheetmetal Intake Manifolds

During our discussions we talk to Wilson Manifolds and Steve Morris about the reasons why you would consider going with a custom fabricated or CNC intake.Read More

Project 428 Ponyjet Dyno

Quick Lift – What It Is And How It Works With Crane Cams

We spoke with Allan Bechtloff of Crane Cams to get a quick history on their "Quick-Lift" Gold Race series rocker arms and how it was discovered.Read More


Steam Holes, The Cooling Mod For 400-based Chevy Small-blocks

400 ci small-blocks utilize siamese's cylinder walls create air pockets in the cooling jackets when a 350 head is used, this mod corrects this problem. Read More


Clearing Up Mod Motor Misconceptions With John Mihovetz

John Mihovetz's racing portfolio makes him the ideal candidate to rifle through the common misconceptions that surround the coveted mod motor platform.Read More


Danzio Performance Looks To Dethrone Katech’s 700 Hp LT1

Danzio Performance is a front-runner in all thing direct injected, with their expertise Chris Muzio plans to dethrone Katech's 700 hp LT1.Read More

DOHC Engine Phaser

Spooling Up – Tuning DOHC Variable Valve Timing For Boost

Variable valve timing and its relationship to turbo performance is generally misunderstood. We cover VVT's key effects and the benefits on a turbo engine, using Mitsubishi's MIVEC Turbo 4B11T engine as an example.Read More

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Cummins Models Turbine Wheel Explosions To Test Housing Containment

Cummins is using computer modeling and FEA to simulate a turbine wheel bursting. The goal is to design housings that contain all the pieces.Read More

CS1160 Front

TECH5: Insight Into Timing Gear Sets With Nornda

This week we had the opportunity to sit down with Marty Staggs, the U.S. representative of Norada. Today's topic is the focused on timing components and different ways to dial in your timing.Read More


Tested: Holley Sniper EFI Coyote 5.0 Intake Manifold

Holley and UPR Products team up to put a new 5.0 intake manifold to the test, and develop a complete installation package. Follow along as UPR's Steve Gelles installs and tests one at Power By The Hour.Read More


Why The Second-Gen Coyote Engine Trumps The First

Planning your next Coyote engine swap project? You're going to want to know the differences between the first and second generation Coyote engine, and we've got all of the details straight from Ford here.Read More

EJ25 Semi-Closed Deck Block

Supporting Your Cylinders – Open, Semi-Closed, Or Closed Deck?

You've more than likely heard the terms open, semi-closed, and closed deck before. But, do you know how to identify what design you have, the advantages of each design, and what works best for your application?Read More

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 8.40.31 AM copy

Exclusive: Inside The New Billet Coyote Block By MMR

We take an exclusive inside look at the first ever billet Coyote block from MMR and JMP Racing Products. Check out this new piece of modular bling. Read More


Louie Senter, Celebration Of A Life Well Lived

Legendary speed merchant Louie Senter's life was celebrated by family and friends last Saturday at the NHRA Museum in Pomona, California. See the icons that gathered to honor the man that energized high performance.Read More


Choose The Right Proform Street Or Race Class Carburetor

When Viau Motorsports needed a pair of carbs for their nostalgia Hemi car, Proform Parts' new Black Race Series carburetors were just the ticket. Proform tells us how to choose a dual-quad setup.Read More


Polopolus Engines – Deconstructing The Flat Six

Dean Polopolus has been transforming the overhead-cam design of the classic Porsche 911 flat-six into a four-cylinder package for decades. These exotic engines require special engineering, and power some mean cars. Read More