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SCE Offers Custom Cut Head Gasket Designs For Dry Deck Engines

Dry-decking a race engine provides many benefits, but finding head gaskets can be a challenge. SCE offers true custom-made head gaskets - find out more inside! Read More


Project BlownZ’s Cooling System Gets Upgraded With Davies Craig

Project BlownZ gets upgraded with a cooling system fix from the guys at Davies Craig, Peterson Fluid Systems, and Russell Performance. Check out how this simple upgrade improved our race day performance. Read More


Precision, Made-To-Order Dry Sump Systems From Dailey Engineering

Controlling the oil flow in a racing engine is worth horsepower, and lots of it. We discuss oiling strategies with Dailey Engineering. Read More


Mysterious Final Ride Set For Magneto Master Don Zig

The late Don Zig will take his final ride down the dragstrip this weekend, but details are being kept a secret. Find out why and learn a little more about this legendary magneto expert. Read More


Wild E. Coyote Eats E85 On The Dyno, 826.3 Horsepower Is The Result

In the final installment of our Project Wild E. Coyote, our 2011 Mustang GT gets its new engine installed, and tuned to run on E85, the results are big power and impressive performance for the street and track. Read More


Thin Piston Ring Technology Provides Large Benefits In Performance

Through advances in OEM technology, MAHLE Motorsports has developed thin piston rings that provide large benefits for race and street applications. Can they help your program? Find out more inside! Read More


ProCharger Launches New RaceDrive Gear Drive For F-1X-12 Blower

Following up on the original F-3 RaceDrive, ProCharger has recently unveiled their new gear drive for the new F-1X-12 supercharger, which has drawn plenty of interest from dragster and bracket racing competitors. Read More


Useful Tips for Installing Oil Pans The Right Way

With the help of Moroso, EngineLabs has compiled a list of handy tips and tricks for installing oil pans on wet-sump systems the right way. Check out this great advice! Read More


High-revving Supercharger Key to LT4’s Impressive Power Curve

Sporting 650 horsepower, the new LT4 engine for the 2015 Corvette Z06 boasts a compact, high-revving supercharger that maintains an unbelievable torque curve. EngineLabs has all the details inside. Read More

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Counterfeit Automotive Parts: Knock It Off

What can it hurt if you buy a cheap counterfeit car part? As it turns out... it can hurt more than you realize. Counterfeit parts are merely a money grab, and this could be the funds behind some terrorist events. Read More

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An Intro To The Thumbprint – EngineLabs Has A New Editor!

EngineLabs has a brand-new Editor-In-Chief in the form of industry veteran and longtime/former EngineLabs Technical Editor Jason Reiss. Read his opening editorial on the direction of EngineLabs inside! Read More


A Deep Dive Into FAST’s XFI Sportsman EFI On Biting The Bullitt

The new XFI Sportsman EFI system from FAST provides an engine tuning solution for enthusiasts and racers alike. We installed one onto Biting the Bullitt – check out the details on the system inside! Read More


Granatelli eBay Engine Listing Revives Glorious Land-speed Memories

Back in the early '80s, Vince Granatelli built a Camaro for himself and a Caprice for his father, Andy. Both cars went over 200 mph. Now, a backup engine for the Camaro is for sale on eBay. We have all the details. Read More


Valve Cover 101: All About Valve Covers

With one of the most basic engine parts being valve covers, it may surprise you how many different options there are and their various purposes. Read More


SAM Racing May Try Variable Cam Timing in Engine Masters

SAM Racing may try variable valve timing with its 2014 entry in the Engine Masters. The Ford Mod motors are no longer legal, and EngineLabs has the inside scoop on the SAM team's plans to win back the title! Read More


Video: 600 Cubic Inch Supercharged Engine Makes 1,818 HP On Pump Gas

Over 1,800 horsepower at 6,900 rpm and pump fuel in the tank. Steve Morris built a bad-to-the-bone supercharged big-block Chevy for powerboat racing - and the boat gets TWO of these. Check it out! Read More


Ford Racing’s 429 Ninja Power For NHRA Factory Stock Showdown

Ford Racing's newest entry into the NHRA's Factory Stock wars comes with their Ninja engine program, based around an aluminum engine block, NASCAR cylinder head technology, and Chris Holbrook's expertise. Read More


Inside the Fabrication of a Unique 10-stack EFI Intake Manifold

Some time ago EngineLabs had a couple 'spy shots' showing an unusual 10-stack intake manifold on a dyno engine. We now have more information on that incredible fabrication and the hot rod it powers. Check it out! Read More


10 Useful Engine & Shop Tools From ProForm

Right tool for the right job is common but faithful maxim often quoted when something goes wrong in the shop. Here are 10 tools from Profrom that keep the work flowing smooth and productive! Read More