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Homegrown Horsepower – Want Your Engine Project Featured? Look Here!

Check out this announcement for all the details on EL's new feature, Homegrown Horsepower. Find out how to have your engine project showcased on EngineLabs! Read More


Video: Custom-Built Induction For A 354 Street Rod Hemi

Check out this wild intake manifold and throttle body design destined for use atop a 354 Hemi engine that will power a '33 Dodge truck. It's a glimpse of custom engineering at its finest! Read More


TECH5: Billy Godbold of COMP Cams Explains Conical Springs

There's some serious technology behind the new conical spring design from COMP Cams, and Billy Godbold has all the inside details in the latest TECH5 column. Read More


TECH: Flowmaster’s Mufflers Meet Supercharged Pro Mods

With the help of Flowmaster and their tried-and-true Scavenger race mufflers, West coast Pro Modified racer John Scialpi passed the Auto Club Dragway's stringent sound decibel requirement. Read More


Installing Moroso’s Air/Oil Separator On Project Silver Bullet

With big power and boost at our command we take steps to ensure oil doesn't make its way into the intake our Project Silver Bullet by installing one of Moroso's Air/Oil Separators. Read More


Late-model Lubrication – Should You Run Higher Viscosity Oil?

Are you running the correct viscosity oil in your high-performance engine? Lake Speed Jr. of Driven Racing Oils covers the factors to consider before you pour cheap, "fuel economy" oil into your boosted powerplant. Read More


Shop Tour: See How Probe Industries Manufactures Its Premium Pistons

Follow along and see how Probe Industries manufactures pistons in its Torrance, California, facility. The company offers two series of pistons, and both are fully machined to meet most engine builders' needs. Read More


Tech Video: New Street Demon Carburetor Makes Installation Simple

Removing the difficulty from adjusting a carburetor, the new Street Demon proves to be a true, ready-to-run installation. The new looks and high tech design make the carburetor look cool again. Read More

1-The Finished Product

Blown Z: LME Assembles Super-stout 400ci LSX For New ProCharger

Part of a winter rebuild for Blown Z included a new 400ci LSX engine built by Late Model Engines to support a bigger ProCharger supercharger. Check out all the details that make up this very stout engine. Read More

013 (Custom)

A Look at Pace Performance’s Extensive Lineup of LS Crate Engines

The team at Pace Performance has assembled a massive lineup of LS crate engines and engine/transmission packages from mild to wild to satisfy the most critical buyer. Check 'em out! Read More


Red Victor 3 Engine Build – World’s Quickest Street-legal Car

Andy Frost's Red Victor 3 Vauxhall is billed as the world's quickest street-legal car. EngineLabs goes inside the engine with builder Marc Lamude - check out the early details on this assembly! Read More


Entry Level, Self-Tuning EFI Showdown

Want to take advantage of EFI but are afraid of complicated tables of equations and expensive equipment? Now you can with self tuning EFI systems. If you are wondering which one is right for you, read more here. Read More


Watch a ’70s Ferrari Formula 1 Flat-12 Engine Belch Fire on the Dyno

No downsized turbo here! Just 12 cylinders of Ferrari power screaming and belching fire on the dyno. Check out the details of this vintage 180-degree 12-cylinder Formula 1 engine that's still racing! Read More


GM Unveils New Line of Ecotec 3- and 4-cylinder Engines

GM unveiled its newest family of engines -- a line of 3- and 4-cylinder Ecotec powerplants for use in small cars and crossovers. Some models are turbocharged, and GM expects to build 2.5 million units annually. Read More


A Look At ‘Bullhorns’ As We Build A Custom Set Of Headers With Kooks

We dive into what a set of bullhorns are and what they accomplish as we build a set of custom headers for our Project BlownZ Camaro with PMR Race Cars and the team at Kooks Custom Headers. Read More


Homegrown Horsepower: Ryan Carufel’s Pontiac 455 Tri-Power

EngineLabs is launching a new feature titled Homegrown Horsepower. Check out this sweet first-time engine build of a Pontiac 455 Tri-Power. It made 384 horsepower and 500 lb-ft peak torque on the dyno! Read More


Video: Dyno Testing the Wicked-looking Carbon XR Intake Manifold

Performance Design has released a video of its unique Carbon XR cross-ram intake manifold on the dyno at Lingenfelter Performance. Check the story details on the manifold and the power numbers. Read More

emc rockers

Engine Tech: Understanding Valvetrain Geometry and Getting It Right!

Today's lesson is geometry...that is, valvetrain geometry. Experts from the School of Automotive Machinists offer tips and tricks to ensure proper alignment of all valvetrain components. Read More


Choosing The Right Fuel Injector For Your Mustang With DeatschWerks

Selecting the right injectors for your modified Mustang is critical to reliable power and drivability. Deatschwerks takes us through how they get their customers the right injectors for their application. Read More