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Tech: Boost And Vacuum – Finding Hidden Horsepower

Got a supercharged or turbocharged racecar and need a performance advantage? Look no further than improving your engine's crankcase with a vacuum control system. Read More


An Inside Look At ROUSH/Ford Racing’s 2015 Mustang TVS Supercharger

The 2015 Mustang's debut has Ford Racing Performance Parts and Roush Performance teaming up to offer a TVS supercharger system for the car. We have inside information on its development. Read More


Valvetrain Tech: Lash Is Much More Than Just A Little Gap

While setting valve lash may seem like a tedious chore, that little gap between the rocker and valve tip plays a critical role in engine durability, performance and design. Learn more in this deep-dive tech article. Read More


1,000 HP LSX376-B15 Part 3: Cammed Up and Kicking Ass

In the concluding chapter of our supercharged LSX376 trilogy, we see how much more power and torque we can squeeze from our combo with just a camshaft swap... Read More


Induction Solutions Touts Benefits Of Single-Stage Nitrous Systems

One of the trends in drag racing is the popular X275 class, and there are some nitrous users grabbing plenty of trophies with just a single stage. We talk to Induction Solutions about this hot power movement. Read More


More Details Emerge On Ford’s 5.2L Mustang V8 Engine – Photos Here!

At the North American International Auto Show, Ford Motor Company had a cutaway display of the new 5.2L flat-plane V8 engine slated for the new GT350. Check out more details and a huge photo gallery inside! Read More

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Top Ten LSX Race Engine Build Tips From Late Model Engines

The LS engine experts at Late Model Engines were kind enough to share their top ten engine building secrets with us; come on inside and learn what it takes to put together a competitive LS race engine. Check it out! Read More

2015 Nissan Titan XD Cummins 5.0L V8 Turbo Diesel

A Look At What The 5.0-Liter Cummins Is Made Of!

Now that the redesigned 2016 Nissan Titan has been debuted, we have information on the new 5.0-Liter Cummins. Find out what it has and what it can do here. Read More


An Inside Look At The Ram 1500 3.0L EcoDiesel

An in-depth look at FCA’s EcoDiesel. This 3.0L diesel has been turning a lot of heads and other manufacturers are trying to play catch up. Find out why there is so much excitement around this little diesel. Read More

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The Thumbprint: Planning An Engine Build For Success

Building an engine is a tough task whether it's your first or the latest in a long lineup. We talk about a few of the things to consider during the process in this installment of The Thumbprint. Read More


In-depth Look At What Puts ARP Up On Top

Bolts and nuts are what keep the world together. Follow along as we take an in-depth look at ARP fasteners. They have been a leading edge fastener company for decades and there is a reason for that. Read More

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Homegrown Horsepower: Reviving This 261 Stovebolt Is A Labor of Love

In the latest installment of Homegrown Horsepower, Ryan MacNeil put together this sweet 261 cube Stovebolt straight six for his Chevy pickup project. There's much more to the story - come in and check it out! Read More


Shocking: Performance Distributors’ SOS Coils On Our CTS-V Coupe

Our hot rod CTS-V feels more refined thanks to Performance Distributors' SOS coil packs - check out how simple and straightforward the install was, and see how much power the car made! Read More


TECH5: ARP Offers Advice on Fastener Finishes, Lifecycles And More

Experts at Automotive Racing Products (ARP) address topics about performance fasteners, such as tool steel, different finishes and the lifecycle of select bolts. Check out the story for all the details. Read More


Homegrown Horsepower: Custom Inline Six Dragster Engine Turns Heads

In the latest installment of Homegrown Horsepower, NHRA racer Ron Bohn invites us into his home garage to discuss what it takes to put together a 10,000 rpm-capable inline six-cylinder engine to make over 500 hp. Read More


Valve Seats: Will 50- or 55-degree Angles Work For Your Engine?

Very few race engines run a 45-degree valve seat anymore, but that doesn't mean a 50- or 55-degree seat works on the street. Experts weigh in on selecting the right valve-seat angle for your engine. Read More


Ilmor 396 ARCA Engine Saves Money, Lays Off Engine Builders

Rising costs prompted ARCA to offer a spec or "control" engine to help teams save money. But this option also kills jobs for engine builders. Here's a look at the 700-horsepower Ilmor 396. Give us your opinion. Read More


Closer Look at Goodwin Competition’s 1,700 HP, 650ci Marine Engine

Goodwin Competition is expanding the market for its 5-inch-bore-space, all-billet design by adapting the V8 to the marine market. Check out the details on this 650ci bullet that can deliver 1,700 horsepower all day. Read More


An In-Depth Look At Valve Spring Technology With Manley Performance

There's more to a valve spring than a twisted piece of steel - much more. Manley Performance explains some of the finer points about valvespring construction, and uncovers performance advantages as well. Read More