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Compounding Boost In A Hayabusa Land Speed Engine

Building a land speed motorcycle is a scary prospect at any speed, add compound turbochargers and over 560 horsepower and you a Hayabusa monster. Read More


The 427ci Big-Block: Comparing L88, ZL1, ZZ427 Engines

The 427 cubic-inch big-block has been an icon of Chevrolet power since 1967. We take a closer look at its history, and compare the L88, ZL1, and the modern day ZZ427. Check out part one of three right here! Read More


LS3 VS Coyote Budget Shootout Results: The Winner Is…

The wait is over - we're ready to dish the dirt about how the Coyote fared on the dyno for the LS3 versus Coyote engine shootout. Here's all the details on how much power the Ford motor makes and where it makes it. Read More

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Understanding Engine Harmonics And Vibrations With Fluidampr

Engine vibrations and harmonics happen regardless of how well the rotating assembly is balanced. Fluidampr takes us through some of the science. Read More


Lighting The Fires: Pertronix Adds Spark To Mustang Restoration

For some, the look under the hood needs to reflect all the performance products they can install. For others, keeping the stock look is important, but they don't have to sacrifice performance with Pertronix. Read More

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Video: Aussie V12 LS Engine Hits U.S. Shores

A set of petrolhead brothers, Matt and Shane Corish from Australia, hatched an ambitious plan to construct a V12 LS engine on a production scale. Read More

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LiquidPiston Demonstrates X Mini Engine on Go-kart

A tiny rotary engine made enough power to replace a go-kart engine in the first demonstration of LiquidPiston's X Mini engine. Check it out all the details. Read More


Building A Lighter JE Big-Block Chevy Piston

JE Pistons goes to great lengths to balance stiffness, and weight. See their latest big block Chevy design that makes the best of materials and design. Read More

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Finding a Competitive Edge With Total Seal’s Total Conform Rings

Piston ring design may seem straightforward at first glance, but during engine operation, the situation changes a lot. Conventional rings leave a lot of efficiency on the table, but Total Conform rings don't. Read More


Project Geronimo: Put A New Spin On It … Cheap!

Going from the old cartridge oil filters in the remote canister oil systems of the late 50s/early 60s to a modern spin on filter is not only efficient, but it is economical. We did our conversion for under 30 bucks! Read More


Secrets Of Sealed EcoTec Engines With Danzio Performance

The popularity of the GM EcoTec engine among desert racers has exploded with sealed engine class racing. Danzio Performance took us through some tricks. Read More


Chevrolet Performance’s Pack Of COPO Crate Engines

Chevrolet Performance allows you the opportunity to pluck any one of theses four COPO Camaro NHRA-spec crate engines out of their catalog or website. Read More

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Huge Gallery: 2016 Edelbrock Car Show Plus Our Top Picks

The 11th Annual Edelbrock Car Show brought out plenty of SoCal enthusiasts to see classics of many varieties, all while benefiting Rev'ved Up 4 Kids. Read More


F1 Tech: What Is Turbulent Jet Ignition?

Turbulent Jet Ignition, or TJI, is sparking a big discussion in Formula 1 these days. Here's what we know about this unique combustion dynamic. Read More

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Video: Turbocharger Wastegate Basics

A wastegate is a pneumatic actuator that is mounted as close to the turbine housing inlet as possible and is connected to a vacuum line that can reference boost pressure. Read More

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Tech: Rebuild Or Buy New, The Great Cylinder Head Debate

When it comes to engine breathing, the cylinder heads are the "switch" that allow it to inhale and exhale. When the heads need rebuilt, should you rebuild or get a set of aftermarket units. We breakdown the choices. Read More

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Video: FAST LSX Interchangeable Runner Dyno Testing

FAST is changing the game for LSX intake manifolds with interchangeable runners. Now you can tune your powerband with 3 lengths of runner, or mix and match! Read More


Pump Gas Pontiac Pushes 2 Hp Per Inch!

This DCI Automotive Pontiac 455 makes nearly 2 horsepower per cubic inch, naturally aspirated on pump gas. With some more tweaking we hope for even more! Read More


Valve Spring Tech: Overview Of Valve Spring Design, Dynamics

Valve springs operate in an extremely violent environment. We take a look at the designs available for valvetrain control, advancements in material, and the importance of natural frequency. All the latest tech here! Read More