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TECH5: Tips & Tricks For Builders From Engine Pro

In this latest TECH5 column, find out more about the unique Nitro Black valves from Engine Pro, and discover how a Tootsie Roll just might save the day at the track! Read More


Tech: Armstrong Race Engineering’s Spintric Clears The Air

Removing the air from your competition engine's dry sump oiling system is a good thing; we cover the finer points of ARE's Spintric and how it can help you. More details inside! Read More


Terminator, HP, Dominator – A Look at the Holley EFI Family

Whether you want to convert a classic musclecar from carburation to EFI, run a six-second drag car, or anything in between, Holley offers a fuel injection solution. Read More


US Automakers Denied For 2015 Engine of the Year–Why?

With the exception of Ford's EcoBoost and the vicious Hellcat Hemi, US automakers didn't fare well at the 2015 International Engine of the Year awards. EngineLabs asks the competition's chairman the reasons why? Read More


Gotta Have It! We Get Our Hands On Those Really Cool Engine Rings

What did you get your dad for Father's Day? A tie? A coupon for a steak dinner? How about a gift certificate for some tools? Well, if you missed these cool engine rings, you have plenty of time for a Christmas gift. Read More


Possible Link Between Thefts at Buck, Eagle Race Engine Shops

Hooded thieves stole eight race engines, including this 865ci Pro Mod bullet, and high-end components worth nearly a half million dollars from Buck Racing Engines and Eagle Racing Engines. EngineLabs has the facts! Read More


Tech: Five Tips On Building A Set Of Bad-Ass Race Headers

Building a killer set of race headers doesn't have to be as challenging as it might appear. Here are some tips from the guys at Burns Stainless and REF Unlimited to help simplify the process. Read More


Guest Column: Fluidampr’s Brian LeBarron On FR-S/BRZ/WRX Dampers

In this EngineLabs-exclusive article, Fluidampr's Brian LeBarron invites us to follow along as they develop a damper for the FR-S and BRZ engines with the help of the teams at Turn14 Distribution and R/T Tuning. Read More


Video: 10th Annual Edelbrock Car Show Takes Over Torrance

The 10th annual Edelbrock carshow was held on May 2, 2015 with some of the best show cars in the Southwest making the trip to Torrance, California. Check out our view of the show here, and see the gallery of cars. Read More


Video: Blue Performance’s 680ci ‘Secret Weapon’ Pulling Truck Engine

Blue Performance's B441-head, 680 cubic inch, methanol-injected big block Ford makes monster power and torque. It's designed for sled pulling in the team's Secret Weapon Mod 4X4 pulling truck. Check it out inside! Read More


Tech: Experts Weigh In On The Nuances Of Nitrous Oxide

Technology advancements are the driving force behind improvements in nitrous oxide-equipped engine performance. Our experts cover some of the finer points of system operation and engine developments. Read More


Observing The History Of The JEGS Product Catalog

Jeg Coughlin Sr. was a racer with a dream. A gear head with a knack for business, he started a company that grew into a giant as the years have pressed on. Click here as we look into the history of the JEGS catalog. Read More


Ford Releases Final Details On The GT350’s Insane 5.2-Liter Engine

The moment Ford fanatics have been waiting for has arrived. The final details are here on the Shelby GT350's 5.2-liter V8, and they are impressive to say the least. Read More

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COPO Tricks: Patterson Blueprints A Killer LS3 For NHRA Stock Racing

Building an engine for Stock Eliminator racing requires strict attention to detail, especially clearances and tolerances. Patterson Racing shows how its shop addresses these issues with this unique COPO project. Read More

Napier Deltic Diesel Thumb-1

Significant Engines In History: How The Napier Deltic Diesel Works

Triangle shape block, opposed piston, two stroke, three crank, “small, and lightweight” engine that changes the face of diesel forever. Check out the 88 plus liter Napier Deltic engine! Read More


Plastic Race Engine Returns as Polimotor 2 Project Underway

Is the world ready for another plastic race engine? The Polimotor 4-cylinder made headlines as well as a podium finish in the '80s. Now its original designer is building the Polimotor 2 with plans to race in 2016. Read More


A Failure Of One GT500’s 5.8-liter Trinity Engine

The 5.8-liter Trinity engine in the 2013/14 Shelby GT500 is impressive - until it fails. We venture some observations of this engine that has met its match in the power department. Check it out inside! Read More


Tech: We Dyno Test MSD’s Airforce LS Intake Manifold At LME

The LS engine's present-day position as the go-to for many enthusiast projects has the aftermarket rushing to fill the performance parts void. Check out MSD's Atomic Airforce manifold in this dyno test. Read More

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Holding The Load For The Long Haul, Choosing The Right Studs

Upgrading head studs has become the norm for most of us. The issue that comes into play is which studs to use? At what point is it better to run the best stud vs a good stud. We reached out to ARP to get the answer. Read More