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1,000 HP LSX376-B15 Part 2: Supercharged and On the Dyno

Today, we'll look at the key component that will provide the boost for our journey to a thousand horsepower and beyond; a Whipple supercharger. Read More


Ford Offers Just a Little Insight Into The GT350’s New 5.2L V8

Not much is known about Ford's new 5.2-liter V8 scheduled for the 2016 Mustang GT350, but EngineLabs coaxed a little insight behind the design strategy that surrounds the unique flat-plane crankshaft. Read More


Borowski Race Engines Builds Killer LS3 Nitrous Combo – With Video!

The team at Borowski Race Engines is at it again; this time with a nitroused LS3 powerplant making big power. They're using Holley's HP EFI system to control both the engine's fueling requirements and the nitrous. Read More


AEM’s Infinity EMS Powers Carey Bales To Best ET; 1,300+ Horsepower

Four cylinders and north of 1,300 horsepower gets you seven second elapsed times. Learn more about Carey Bales' incredible AEM Infinity EMS-powered Honda S2000 engine inside! Read More


SEMA 2014: PRW’s New Billet Water Pump, Valve Covers, Engine Dampers

Check out PRW's all-new lineup of engine dampers, new billet aluminum high-flow water pumps, and more. Company representative Scott Stutler discusses the parts in this video from SEMA 2014. Read More


SEMA 2014 Top 50 Engines Pictorial

The 2014 iteration of the SEMA show is over and EngineLabs has assembled a sweet gallery of the top 50 engines we saw while roaming the show's massive halls. Check out this awesome pictorial! Read More


Inside the Butler-MacMaster Engine Shop

Butler-MacMaster Performance is a 10,000-square-foot shop in Maine that specializes in sealed racing crate engines but can also handle restorations, marine and industrial jobs. Find out more inside! Read More


SEMA 2014: Davies Craig New EWP Fan And Digital Controllers

Davies Craig rolled out three new products at the SEMA show, even winning an award for one of them. If you're looking for an innovative solution to upgrade your cooling system, you need to check these out. Read More

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SEMA 2014: Edelbrock Debuts Jeep 4.0L Cylinder Head, V6 Blower

Jeep owners will rejoice when learning of the new Edelbrock 4.0L Performer cylinder head and V6 E-Force supercharger available for Wranglers. Check out the story for all the details and a video. Read More


SEMA 2014: Wiseco Adds Armor Plating, New Pro TruStreet Pistons

The addition of optional Armor Plating to Wiseco's piston lowers piston crown temperatures, reduces the chance for detonation, and prevents microwelding of the piston rings. Read More


SEMA 2014: Quick Fuel Unveils 500 cfm Two-barrel For Racers

Dirt track and circle track racers will appreciate the performance features in Quick Fuel's new 500 cfm two-barrel carburetors. Check out the details inside. Read More


SEMA 2014: Milodon’s Oil Pans Designed For Better Performance

Controlling the oil in your engine isn't picking out the least expensive oil pan and slapping it on the bottom end. Milodon has a number of features built into their products to assist in making horsepower. Read More


SEMA 2014: SCAT Crankshafts’ New SBC And Stroker Modular Forgings

SCAT Crankshafts has a couple of new crankshaft forgings on display this week; owners of supercharged small-block Chevrolet powerplants and Ford Modular owners should take note. Read More


SEMA 2014: Honda’s HPD Showcases Karting to IndyCar Engines

Whether it's karting or IndyCar racing, Honda Performance Development seems to have an engine for that racing class. Most of the company's race engines, from 3ci up to 3.5-liter were on display at SEMA. Read More


SEMA 2014: GM Debuts 2.0L Turbo-4 Crate Engine for RWD Applications

Sandrails and just about any lightweight rear-wheel-drive application should take a hard look at this new turbocharged Ecotec crate engine from Chevy Performance. It offers 275 horsepower in a very compact package. Read More


Borowski Built 388 Cube Vortech-Blown E85 LS Next Engine, With Video

Check out the sweet LS1-headed street-going engine of Rich Jovanovich. Put together by the team at Borowski Race Engines, it knocked down well north of 1,100 horsepower on the dyno! Read More


How To Assess A Used Engine Block And Step-By-Step Machining Process

With Project Tiger's Eye well underway we teamed up with L&R Engines to assess our newly acquired 350 small-block. They took us behind the scenes of their facility and answered questions on the machining process. Read More


Olds With 4 Quadrajet Carbs: Madness or Hot Rodding At Its Finest?

Yes, four Quadrajet carbs on a 425ci Olds engine seems a little excessive, but is this hot rodding! Or is it madness? EngineLabs looks back on the incredible QuadQuad project, and there are videos! Read More


The Thumbprint: Everyone Has To Start Somewhere

In this installment of The Thumbprint, we discuss some of the recent advancements in engine technology, and how EngineLabs is uniquely positioned to share the wealth of information we've accumulated. Read More