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Inside Steve Morris New Vortech Supercharger Upgrades

The new line of supercharger brackets and ProVolute bells from Steve Morris Engines ensure a variety of routes for their customers to find additional power. Read More


Tech: LS3 vs Coyote Budget Engine Shootout: Building The Coyote

In the second installment of our modern small block budget shootout, we're taking a look at the Coyote 5.0. While it makes similar power to LS3 out of the box, how it gets there is significantly different. Read More

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GM Picks 10 Greatest Chevy Race Engines

GM picked Chevy's 10 greatest race engines as part of opening activities for the new Powertrain Performance and Racing Center. Is your favorite on the list? Read More


Tech: LS3 Versus Coyote Budget Engine Shootout — Building the LS3

Our head to head budget build-off between Chevy's 6.2-liter LS3 and Ford's Coyote 5.0 is underway! Today we take a closer look at what components we're using to put together the LS engine. Read More

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Exclusive: Inside the Rolex 24 Engines & Wild DeltaWing Turbo

There was great racing in the Rolex 24, and EngineLabs has looked at many of the engines in that race. Now we have a peek at the DeltaWing turbo 4-cylinder. Read More


Video: Inside Ray Barton’s Drag Pak 354 Gen 3 Hemi Build for NHRA

Dyno video of supercharged 354 Gen III Hemi out of 2015 Drag Pak Challenger at Barton Racing Engines. The engine is getting a power boost in preparation for the 2016 NHRA Factory Showdown Series. Check details here! Read More

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Amazing Video: Jon Kaase Tests Airflow Dynamics With His Finger

Jon Kaase modified a tunnel-ram intake manifold so he could stick his finger in a runner while the engine was running. Find out what he discovered!! Read More


F1’s Engine Changes Spur Debate and Litigation for 2016 and Beyond

To address the problems facing both cash-strapped teams and the underwhelmed fan, the FIA has announced several changes to better F1's spectacle. Layout of the exhaust system and engine costs have been reconsidered. Read More


Urban Legend Verified: KC Maxx Rebuilding GM Prototype LS V10

Discarded and sold as scrap, this LS V10 prototype engine was discovered by the crew at KC Maxx and VC Fabrication. The team there set out on a mission to revive this piece of history and test it in a car. Read More


Al-Anabi Custom V6 Powers Outlaw 10.5 Corvette To New World Record

Moe Atat and Team AAP laid claim to the Outlaw 10.5 ET World Record during Round 1 of the Arabian Drag Racing League at Qatar Racing Club singing the tune of a 3.91 at 198mph. Read More

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New Mazda Turbo-4 Replaces SkyActiv-D In Prototype Racers

Mazda is switching to a turbo 4-cylinder gas engine for its IMSA prototype cars this season, replacing the SkyActiv-D diesel. Details on the MZ-2.0T that Mazda has released include a rating of 570 horsepower. Read More


2015 Coyote Aluminator Crate Engine Nearly Cracks 1,000 Horsepower

Professional Formula Drift driver Justin Pawlak is gearing up for the 2016 season by engine dyno testing his newest engine combination - a 2015 Aluminator Coyote Crate engine with a Roush supercharger. Read More


Big Horsepower Stroker EcoBoost Build With DeadHook Motorsports

Looking for big EcoBoost horsepower? Then you need to check out what the guys at DeadHook Motorsports are doing. More in this in-depth review of one of their stroker builds. Read More

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Video: Crazy Small-block Chevy With Reversed Intake Ports

One look and you know there's something truly special about this Chevy small-block. Check out the story to learn more about these unique cylinder heads. Read More


Tech: Informative Overview of Timing Chain Design and Application

The experts at Cloyes help digest the different types of timing chain sets including details of the company's Z-Chain design. There's also insight on the relationship of center distance and chain deflection. Read More


Gulping For Air: ProCharger’s New Bellmouth Air Inlet

We take a closer look at ProCharger's new billet aluminum bellmouth air inlet, designed for improve airflow and performance for their hardcore drag racing superchargers. Read More

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TECH QUICKIE: Camshaft Lobe Separation Angle And Power Relationship

Erson Cams, Doug Patton of Pro Line Race Engines, and Chuck Lawrence of Jon Kaase Racing Engines cover a few talking points on a camshaft's lobe separation angle, or LSA, and how it affects the power curve. Read More


LSX Drag Radial Engine Build Part 1: The Short Block

Join us as we take an in-depth look at the build-up of 436 cubic-inch, Dart LS Next-based, supercharged bullet that's destined to power a west-coast based 275 Drag Radial Camaro. Read More


Tech Deep Dive: Air Flow Research Bullitt Cylinder Heads For BBF

Identifying potential improvements to the big-block Ford cylinder head led Air Flow Research to develop their all-new Bullitt line of cylinder heads for the platform. We've got independent flow bench results here. Read More