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Dyno Video: Homebuilt 8,000 RPM 552ci Ford Cleveland-head V12

You may have seen this video of a garage-built Ford V12 on other sites, but only EngineLabs shows you how a Georgia-based hot rodder mated two small-blocks to create one wild-'n-crazy Ferrari fighter. Check it out! Read More


Install: Huge Power Gains With Banks Power Water/Methanol Injection!

We get the opportunity to cool our EGT’s and add more power with the help from the Banks Power Double-Shot water methanol Injection Kit. See how easy it is and how much power we added. Read More


Interview With Edelbrock On All-New Dual-Quad Gen II HEMI Intake

Edelbrock has designed a new, dual-quad intake for your Gen II HEMI that can increase its power. Check out our interview with Edelbrock's resident Mopar guy, August Cederstrand, inside. Read More


Project Respect: Our 3rd Gen Camaro Goes On ‘Roids With A New Engine

Project Respect was hurting under the hood, and it wasn't living up to its potential. We turned to Tri Star for a Dart SHP build that put this Camaro back on the road earning the respect it deserves with over 500HP. Read More


TECH5: Fragola Shows How to Save Weight, Eliminate Gas Fumes

Can you save more than 10 pounds of weight in a race vehicle just by switching hoses and fittings? Fragola answers that question and more in the latest TECH5 column. Read More


Camaro Engines Through The Years – The First Generation

We take a definitive look at Camaro engines through the years, starting with the first generation Camaro models from 1967 through 1969. A total of 15 engines were available during this era. Read More


Master Machinist Ron Bement’s 1/3 Scale Offy, Flathead, And Ardun

Master Machinist and member of The Colorado Model Engineering Society, Ron Bement, introduces us to his world of 1/3 and 1/4 scale creations. Check out how he got his start and learn about his old drag racing days. Read More


EFI Tuning Considerations With Noted Tuner Shane Tecklenburg

Calibrating a fuel-injected engine can be broken down into steps to ensure the greatest rate of success. Well-known tuner Shane Tecklenburg shares his race-proven thoughts with EngineLabs. Read More


Concept One Kits Simplify Supercharger Installs On LS Engines

Piecing together an accessory drive for a new or salvaged motor is often frustrating, especially when you throw a supercharger into the setup. Concept One takes all the hassle out of the project with these kits. Read More


The Thumbprint: Pro Stock Needs Production-Based Engines To Survive

NHRA's Pro Stock class is facing an existential crisis - has the time come for the Big Show to do a full reset? Has the naturally-aspirated big-block lost its appeal? This edition of The Thumbprint has more. Read More


Ford Modular Engine Building Tips With L&M Engines

We recently spent the day at L&M Engines in Pennsylvania, builders of some of the world's quickest and fastest Ford Modular engines. Check out some of their top Modular engine building tips in this article! Read More

MG4_9735 (Custom)

Inside Vortech’s Redesigned Billet YSi Supercharger

Vortech has redesigned one of the company's mainstay products – the YSi racing supercharger – to take advantage of current-day manufacturing techniques and compressor efficiencies. Read all about it inside! Read More


What’s Next? Dart’s LS Next: A Platform For Ample Amounts Of Boost

In this latest installment on a 440 cubic inch LSX drag racing engine, we take a look inside Dart Machinery's cutting edge new LS Next engine block, from the main designs to the deck and oiling layout. Read More


An Inside Look At The 6.7 Power Stroke Including 2015 Updates

An In-depth look at Ford’s 6.7 Power Stroke. Where it started, what parts were used, the improvements made and the updates for 2015 year. This is Ford's first in-house diesel for the Super Duty and it is amazing. Read More


MSD Keeping Eye on Top Fuel Speeds With New Power Grid System

MSD's digital timing controls played a major role in keeping Top Fuel dragster speeds in check. Here's an EngineLabs in-depth look at the newest Power Grid for the nitro classes. Read More


Video: Steve Morris-built Blown 615ci BBC Cracks 3,000 Horsepower

Steve Morris Engines was recently commissioned to build what has become an exquisite display of horsepower and torque that not only looks absolutely insane - it has the dyno numbers to match its appearance. Read More


The 2015 Race And Performance Expo From St. Charles, Illinois

Set in St. Charles, Illinois, the Race and Performance Expo is an event that every grass roots racer and enthusiast should have on their calendar. Offering access to the industry's best minds and hottest new parts. Read More


Shop Tour: Headgames Motorworks Focuses On Induction Components

The guys and girls at Headgames Motorworks are known for their race-winning cylinder heads. Recently they invited us in for a tour of their surgically-clean facility where champions are born. Check it out! Read More


Video: Familiar-looking 427ci Ford Windsor Compares Carb & EFI

We were drawn to this video because the 427 Ford from Prestige Motorsports is similar to an EngineLabs project and the shop compared both carburetor and EFI on the dyno. Check out the results. Read More