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A Failure Of One GT500’s 5.8-liter Trinity Engine

The 5.8-liter Trinity engine in the 2013/14 Shelby GT500 is impressive - until it fails. We venture some observations of this engine that has met its match in the power department. Check it out inside! Read More


Tech: We Dyno Test MSD’s Airforce LS Intake Manifold At LME

The LS engine's present-day position as the go-to for many enthusiast projects has the aftermarket rushing to fill the performance parts void. Check out MSD's Atomic Airforce manifold in this dyno test. Read More


Tech: Dart’s LS Next2 Engine Block Offers Serious Power Handling

Building on the success of their original LS Next block, Dart has returned with the new LS Next2, designed to handle even more power. Check out the features – and an engine build preview – inside! Read More


An EngineLabs Exclusive: The Gen III LT5 That Never Was, Alive Again

EngineLabs is proud to present this exclusive article on the GEN III LT5 engine that never made it into production in the C4 ZR-1. It's back - and alive, thanks to an enterprising engineer from Lingenfelter. Read More


Exploring the Tuning World of EFILive

In search of a powerful, easy-to-use tuning tool for our LS project cars, we turned to New Zealand's EFILive for a complete datalogging and calibration solution. Read More


10th Annual Edelbrock Car Show Takes Over Torrance

The 10th annual Edelbrock carshow was held on May 2, 2015 with some of the best show cars in the Southwest making the trip to Torrance, California. Check out our view of the show here, and see the gallery of cars. Read More


Engine Tech: Basic EFI Tuning Advice From Brian Macy

The EFI Store's Brian Macy guides us through trick tips to refocusing on basic tasks when switching to electronic fuel injection to solve engine issues and make more horsepower. Read More


Pro Stock Engines: What’s The Secret To Those Big Power Numbers?

Pro Stock teams will release few details on their engine programs; however, there are some trends that expose some of the ways this highly sophisticated class of racing makes all that power. Read More

Coyote Road Race Complete

Livernois Motorsports Builds 600-RWHP NA Coyote For Road Racing

Building an engine for endurance racing takes many little tricks of the trade in order to prolong longevity while achieving high performance, Check out this Coyote build from Livernois Motorsports! Read More


Optimized Racing Oil Blends From Valvoline Pro-V Racing

Maintaining a race engine to permit peak performance on race day can come down to something as deceptively complicated as the engine oil; Valvoline's new Pro-V Racing line of oils and lubricants help do just that. Read More


Video: Steve Morris Tunes Up Wild Bill’s 2,500+HP SBF On The Dyno

Wild Bill Devine is poised to make his racing return with a new twin-turbocharged bullet from Steve Morris Engines. The engine is currently in development at SME, where Morris is developing a new camshaft and more. Read More


Celebrate 4/26 Hemi Day With Record-setting Monster Truck Engine

It's 4/26 or National Hemi Day, so EngineLabs looks inside one of the year's record-setting elephant motors: a 565ci beast that powers the worlds fastest monster truck! Read More


Proposed Restriction Would Make It Illegal To Modify Your Own Car

A lobbying group that's working on behalf of some of the biggest names in the auto industry wants to remove the ability for you to access your car's ECU, saying that such access "leads to disastrous consequences". Read More


Photo Gallery: 125 Hot Engines From Knott’s Berry Fabulous Ford Show

Whether you're looking for detailing ideas or engine-swap possibilities, check out this huge 125-pic engine gallery from the Fabulous Fords Forever Show at Knott's Berry Farm. Read More


Dyno Video: Homebuilt 8,000 RPM 552ci Ford Cleveland-head V12

You may have seen this video of a garage-built Ford V12 on other sites, but only EngineLabs shows you how a Georgia-based hot rodder mated two small-blocks to create one wild-'n-crazy Ferrari fighter. Check it out! Read More


Install: Huge Power Gains With Banks Power Water/Methanol Injection!

We get the opportunity to cool our EGT’s and add more power with the help from the Banks Power Double-Shot water methanol Injection Kit. See how easy it is and how much power we added. Read More


Interview With Edelbrock On All-New Dual-Quad Gen II HEMI Intake

Edelbrock has designed a new, dual-quad intake for your Gen II HEMI that can increase its power. Check out our interview with Edelbrock's resident Mopar guy, August Cederstrand, inside. Read More


Project Respect: Our 3rd Gen Camaro Goes On ‘Roids With A New Engine

Project Respect was hurting under the hood, and it wasn't living up to its potential. We turned to Tri Star for a Dart SHP build that put this Camaro back on the road earning the respect it deserves with over 500HP. Read More


TECH5: Fragola Shows How to Save Weight, Eliminate Gas Fumes

Can you save more than 10 pounds of weight in a race vehicle just by switching hoses and fittings? Fragola answers that question and more in the latest TECH5 column. Read More