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Tech: Building A Bulletproof 427 LS With Manley To Make Big Power

Building a supercharged LS engine to make monster power and live in an everyday-driven scenario isn't as difficult as it may seem. Check out Hank Manley's machine inside! Read More

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TECH QUICKIE: EFI Alternate to Dedicated Supercharger Carbs

Carburetors dedicated for Roots-style superchargers are an easy fuel system for blown applications. Now there's an easy EFI solution. Check out this tech quickie for more info! Read More


Preview: Steve Morris-built Vortech-Boosted SBC For Project Evil 8.5

Our newest engine project features a Steve Morris-built small-block Chevy pumped up by a Vortech XB-105 supercharger. An all-aluminum Brodix block-and-head combination provides the foundation. Read More

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Photo Gallery: EngineLabs Picks 125 Hot Engines From SEMA 2015

Here's our largest engine gallery ever! Look for detailing or dress-up ideas from these 125 engines found on the SEMA floor at this year's show. Lots of horsepower. Lots of black. Read More


SEMA 2015: Ford Performance Uncages The 2.3-Liter EcoBeast

Ford introduces a fortified version of the EcoBoost 2.3-liter at SEMA, dubbed the EcoBeast, this crate short-block is designed for high boost and high horsepower application. Read More

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SEMA 2015: Ford Offers Details On Next-Gen 3.5L EcoBoost

The 3.5-liter EcoBoost is the oldest and last of the EcoBoost line to get a makeover. We learn more about this new model that will power the Ford GT supercar and the racecar that will return to Le Mans next year. Read More


Project Escalation – A 700 Horsepower Pump Gas LS Build With FFRE

What started as a plan for more torque ended up as a complete engine build for this pump gas LS concoction. Check out the details of how Fast Forward Racing Engine brought the project to life here! Read More


Rocking The Valves: A Look At T&D’s Shaft Mount Rocker Arms

We take a closer look at T&D Machine Products and their shaft mount rocker arms going into our boosted, 440 cubic-inch LSX engine. Read More

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Tech: Block Preparation And CNC Machining With CNC-Motorsports

Properly machining an engine block is the most critical part of the process of building a new engine; without a solid foundation to work from your efforts are for naught. CNC-Motorsports shows us how it's done. Read More


Papa Kook: A Retrospective Of A Visionary And A Legend

In August we lost a pioneer in the performance exhaust industry most affectionately known by many as "Papa Kook." We sit down with his family and learn more about the history behind the legend. Read More


Head History – The Evolution of Factory SBC Cylinder Heads To Gen IV

We take a look at some of the best factory GM cylinder heads from the 1950s to today to see how far technology has come. Entire books have been written on this subject but in our limited space we highlight the best. Read More


Edelbrock Intakes: Design To Installation

When we wanted to know more about intakes, so we went to Edelbrock, a company that has been designing intake manifolds since 1938. We got an inside look of how a manifold goes from concept to car. Read more here. Read More


Keeping Fuel Flowing Through Our Injectors With RC Engineering

We recently took a trip to RC Engineering in Torrance, California to follow our injectors through their standard injector cleaning service, and it was pretty awesome. Take a look! Read More

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SEMA Ignited, The Party After The Show, Is Back And Better Than Ever

If you've ever wanted to go to the SEMA show but couldn't, or if you've needed a good reason to go, check out SEMA Ignited. The Show after the show! Read more here for a promotional discount to the event. Read More

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The Head To Toe Billet LS Next2 Engine Build With Late Model Engines

The latest and greatest in LS race engine development is on full display in this in-depth article on the state-of-the-art Dart LS Next2 billet engine block buildup. Come on in for the full details! Read More

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Understanding The Basic Theory Behind Subaru’s Stout Boxer Engines

Subaru has been designing flat, Boxer engines since the 1960s. Check out the theory behind Boxer engines, their benefits, tuning advantages, and why Subaru continues to evolve these reliable hard-hitting engines. Read More

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First Look at Bisimoto Building 700 HP Hyundai For SEMA

Don't think that Bisimoto Engineering is cloning last year's 2.4-liter Theta II for this year's new Hyundai SEMA project. We've the details on just how different this turbo-4 is being set up. Read More


Tech: Piston Material Selection With Mahle Motorsports

Different strokes for different folks—Mahle Motorsports covers the details of picking the piston material for an engine build. 4032 and 2618 alloy do different things well, and each one has its place. Check it out Read More

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Tech: Fast Forward And Diamond Pistons Set Up This GT-R Build To Win

The Nissan GT-R is one of the most impressive engine platforms on the market. Follow along with Fast Forward Race Engines as they screw together a short-block with custom Diamond Pistons for TopSpeed Racing. Read More