If there was one engine that seemed to dominate the SEMA show, it was the LS. It was in everything, including (obviously) new GM cars, but also, street rods, classic muscle cars, and off-road vehicles. The LS has taken over the world. Mahle Motorsport has realized this, and brought a couple of different pistons to the event to make their point.

Positioned around the rotating assemblies and the soon-to-be-released engine gaskets, Mahle Motorsports brought out the latest additions to their PowerPak line of pistons. These new piston kits are now available for you guys building boost assisted 5.3-liter LS engines. These new slugs are machined on Mahle’s 2618-alloy slipper skirt forgings to exacting tolerances, and they include gas ports.

“This 2618 alloy has a greater resistance to detonation than a 4032 alloy. The 2618 softens at a much faster rate, allowing the piston to distort more rapidly. This makes it better suited for boosted applications,” said Trey McFarland.

Sitting next to the 5.3-liter pistons was the new PowerPak piston for boosted GM LSA / LS3 / LS9 engines. Basically, if you’re building a boosted LS engine, Mahle has the bore fillers for you. They are machined to exact tolerances from Mahle’s 2618-alloy slipper skirt forgings too, and are triple coated for reduced drag and wear, and increased performance. Kits include Mahle’s new HV385 coated all steel 1.0mm, 1.0mm, 2.0mm ring set.