SEMA 2014: Q&A With Powermaster–New Products And Future Release

IMG_9567We stopped by Powermaster, crafters of quality American-made alternators, and shared some Q&A with Sales Manager, Brady Basner, to see what was new for 2015. With all the various functions in your vehicle taxing your battery right from start-up, a stout alternator is an integral part and the essential workhorse of your charging system.

Power Automedia: Tell Us About Your Featured New Product For 2015.

Brady Basner: “This year we’re showcasing our brand new Model A PowerGEN. It’s a 90-amp one-wire alternator for the ’28-’31 Model As. With over four million built, and well over one million still on the road today we needed to provide a product for this application. We’ve created a 12-volt, 90-amp as well as a six-volt, positive ground 60-amp alternator.”


Powermaster added an adjustable arm on the Model A PowerGEN to help tension the belt. According to Basner, “With the belt and original generators, all you did was tighten the bottom through the bolt. Being an alternator, the belt needs to be a little tighter. To make sure the belt stays tight we added this subtle arm. It’s not something that you can really see when it’s bolted up to the block so again, it’s nice and subtle.”

PAM: Have there been any changes or improvements made to any of your products that you’re highlighting?

Basner: “We recently refined the look of our one-wire Chrysler alternator. This alternator is commonly referred to as the square back alternator, because where the diodes come in, it literally has a square back. There’s no space to put a regulator inside of these alternators, so when we’d create these we’d have to affix the regulator to the back. It was as clean as we could make it, but it was still kind of hokey-looking.”

“Our guys have been working, and as a recent improvement to this product, have machined the inside of the case to make this a true internally-regulated one-wire alternator. The green field wire is the only thing that you see now. The rest of the wiring is channeled through the machined casing to make for a really neat piece.”

PAM: What is the next product that Powermaster is currently planning and developing?

Basner: “The big thing that we want to have by the PRI show is an adjustable regulator for Ford applications where you can dial the voltage between 13 and about 19 volts. There’s hundreds of guys out on the drag strip with Fox-body Mustangs that we feel could really use this product. What this is good for are those people running 16, or even 14-volt batteries for instance. We want to offer this as our Ford-upgrade style alternator.”

For more information visit for more information and to view the company’s full line of products.IMG_9560

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