Owner Notes Performance Increase With D.U.I. And Live Wires Install


As the owner of everycarshow.com, North Carolina resident – and transplanted Pennsylvanian – Randy Hofer has a vested interest in a hot-rod that performs well and looks good.

His ’65 Sting Ray coupe was built by Street Vizions in Pottstown, PA, and is designed to go from A to B with the quickness while looking sharp. It relies on a stock Mark IV big-block that’s been punched out .060-inch. An Eagle Forged crankshaft Speed-Pro forged steel connecting rods combine with a set of Speed-Pro pistons to put the engine’s final displacement at 440 cubic inches. Larger 2.19-inch intake and 1.88-inch exhaust valves have been employed in the Mark IV oval-port cast-iron cylinder heads, while an Erson cam and lifters provide the airflow motivation. On top, an Edelbrock Torker II intake manifold and Holley SS830 carburetor feed the beast.

A healthy powerplant, right? But no matter what, Hofer couldn’t get the engine to rev over 5,000 rpm no matter what he tried – and that’s where Steve Davis and Performance Distributors come into the picture.

20150421_204648_001“Nothing else worked,” says Hofer. “It just wouldn’t run. There wasn’t enough voltage to keep the engine where it needed to be. It’s not a radical engine – it’s only 10.5:1 compression.”

Once he installed the company’s Davis Unified Ignition distributor and Live Wires from Performance Distributors, the car came alive. The D.U.I. was a simple hookup – one wire and the built-in 50,000-volt coil and Dyna Module worked right out of the box.

There wasn’t any work required on his end except a few minutes spent informing the Performance Distributors team about the specifications of the engine, whereupon they set up a custom distributor advance curve based on that information.

“The distributor and wires are foolproof – they just work,” says Hofer. It’s a night and day difference. All I know is that these parts went in, and the car’s a running machine now – it’ll take whatever I give it.”

See a complete gallery of Randy’s Corvette frame-off build here.

For more information on the complete line of products from Performance Distributors, check out their website.

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