SEMA 2017: Stout Small-Block Ford Built For Big Power

World Products uses high-tech foundry tooling and casting processes to create and iron block that is nearly as strong as a compacted graphite iron block, but is more affordable. These 351W blocks are available in 8.2- and 9.5-inch deck heights.

If you are building a big-power push-rod Ford engine, a solid foundation is crucial. When it comes to blocks, the stock hardware can only be pushed so far before bad things start to happen. That’s why World Products produces its robust, Man ’O War line of Ford 351 Windsor small-blocks that have been improved by modern machining processes.

This block features thicker bulkheads, an upgraded oiling system, and it is the only production block with six head bolts. That means power-adder applications can run compatible cylinder heads to greatly improve sealing in those tough environments. However, the biggest improvement is how the block is created.

“The single biggest thing is that we upgraded the alloy. Instead of the typical 30,000-psi iron stuff that all the aftermarket uses, this is a 40,000-psi,” Jack McInnis, marketing director at Erson Cams-World Products-PBM Performance said. “So, it’s almost as strong as a compacted-graphite iron block, but a CGI block costs so much more because it is so much more difficult to machine.”

Moreover, the World Products Man ’O War blocks use a modern casting process that eliminates the chance for core shift, which results in consistent blocks, which make it easier on engine builders as well.

If you are looking to build a max-effort small-block Ford, you can learn more about these blocks on the World Products site here.

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