SEMA 2014: Trans Dapt’s LS Engine Swap In A Box For 1964-67 A-Bodies

RE_29So much power, so little size–such is the greatness behind the LS series, the small-block engines from GM that changed everything we thought we knew about V8s. Since their inception, the ongoing challenge has always been to stick these units into just about any motor vehicle in existence, whether they go by air, sea, or land.

The LS Engine Swap In A Box shows components for the S-10 (left) and A-body (right) applications

The LS Engine Swap In A Box shows components for the S-10 (left) and A-body (right) applications

For that last category, Trans Dapt‘s parent company, Hedman Performance Group, has already seen a great deal of success with the small Chevy truck and SUV kit–the V8 Swap In A Box–which gave users a means to run an LS motor by coming complete with parts from Trans Dapt (engine mounts and hardware), Hamburger Performance (oil pan and gaskets), and Hedman’s Hedders (headers).

Here at the show, we chatted with vice president of marketing, Marc Lewis, who was able to clue us in on the latest addition to the VSIAB lineup, this time for the 1964-67 A-bodies. “A lot of issues come into play when you factor in crossmember clearances and other things, so we had to create a pan that would work around that, and that’s what we did,” said Lewis.

Now those old classic GM muscle cars like the Chevelle, Malibu, and GTO can have access to modern-day horsepower, torque, and fuel economy, all while staying out of harm’s way. “With our kit, the motor sits two inches above the crossmember, while our oil pain is shallow enough to not stick out past the crossmember, which keeps everything safe from dragging or being struck by an object,” said Lewis.

Needless to say, a kit this impressive is sure to make many a muscle car enthusiast happy. Find out more about it and Trans Dapt’s other products by phone or internet through the information provided below.

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